Sport climbing in the Tamhini Valley

I started climbing in 2000. I was around 8 years old and basically got into this field
because of my mom and dad. Both of them are climbers. I’ve seen my dad climbs for all these years and he’s pretty strong on rocks. And I’ve always wanted to compete with him but the technical knowledge
he has is a lot. And that’s the big thing
we always fight on because, I know something else,
he knows something else. When my dad and a few friends
came down to plus valley to both this route and
they couldn’t complete it that time, and I always wanted to climb this. Just a few days back, we were talking about
this route Dnyaneshwari and he said that this route
is very technical, you need to have
a lot of technical knowledge. Then there’s a lot of rope work involved because we have to rapple
300-400 ft with loose rocks and this was the chance
that I could prove him that I am technically strong. There is a huge difference
between sports climbing and climbing Sahyadri mountains. Loose rocks is a big problem in this range Another problem, which is not technical
but practical, is honeybees nest. You have to gain some sort of experience
for this kind of climbing. We debate on this topic many times. You only learn once you go there, about the problems you might encounter. This route teaches you a lot
while you are climbing. The mountain face never thinks of you
as a beginner or expert. The moment you touch a rock
for a climb, you are climber. I feel proud when people refer me
as Tuhin’s Father. My son is continuing
what I began as a climber and being known because
of him makes me proud. Bolting new lines and then climbing
gives me pleasure and it’s a happiness I can’t explain.

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