Sport Air Filter + Intake + Exhaust — Seat Leon Tuning — Part 2

Sport Air Filter + Intake + Exhaust — Seat Leon Tuning — Part 2

Hi. We’ll continue the mods for this engine. Today we’ll install a pod filter and a stainless steel intake system and we’ll talk about the exhaust. In the previous episode I showed you a simple method to block the EGR valve. If you missed it and want to see it, click here! I searched for hours on the internet to find a suitable intake kit. The best solution is this universal kit because it includes almost everything you need, to install it on this engine. I’ve given you more details about this kit in the description box, because there is no information on the internet. The pipe has a diameter of 77mm, but the kit contains several couplings and reduction couplings for various throttle bodies. For this engine I will use the reduction from 77 to 65mm. The package also includes a BMW air filter adapter. We also need a pod filter. I’ve chosen this model for a number of reasons: firstly the large surface of absorption, then the rather sturdy structure, the diameter for the 77mm pipe and last but not least, the low price. In the package we have 3 reductions for different types of intake. This filter is not reusable (by cleaning it), but given the low price, it can easily be replaced like a stock filter. Keep in mind that we will no longer use the engine cover, so the crankcase hose will remain in the air. We must prevent the dust from entering the oil, but at the same time let the engine breathe. We’ll use a crankcase breather filter. We also need nuts, washers, 8mm plastic dowels and a 6mm threaded rod. And now let’s install the pod filter… DONE! The air filter must be installed furthest away from the engine, preferably as far ahead as possible, in order not to draw hot air from the engine area. But on this car we do not have enough room in front of the engine, unless we want to turn the car into a tank. In my opinion, the order of importance for such a modification is the following: the inlet pipe (intake kit), the place where the air filter is mounted, and finally the air filter. The intake pipe should be as straight as possible, have wide elbows, and its diameter should be big enough to be easily traversed by as much air as possible. Compared to the tubing inside this engine cover through which the air has to cross several elbows and narrow rooms until it reaches the throttle body. The 90-degree elbow is too big and we have trouble closing the bonnet (hood). So i marked it and cut 18 mm out of it On the seller’s website is mentioned that the pipe is made of stainless steel. But at how easy it is cut, I doubt it. We must sand the cuted side and round off the outer lip. In the order of importance follows the place where the air filter will be mounted. It must be placed as far away as possible from the engine and preferably receive air from the front of the car. Because cold air is richer in oxygen molecules than hot air. If we think about the stock air filter, it’s mounted together with the plastic inlet pipe directly on the engine. Here we have the disadvantage, that the air is warmed up before entering the engine. So it will be poorer in oxygen molecules. That’s why we have intercoolers on the turbo engines, that cools down the air between the turbine and the engine. We need to give it at least 3 cm on each side, because the pod filter will vibrate along with the engine. The disadvantage is that without a protective box, the filter will get dirty much faster. Unfortunately haven’t found a box to contain this air filter and the induction kit. Because it’s an universal induction kit, we have to adapt it to this engine. So I set a length of 25 cm between the filter and elbow. Plus 4 cm for mounting the filter to the pipe. I marked the pipe and cut it off. I test it and measure the support rod. From this we cut a piece of 33 cm. In the package I also received an aluminum rod for mounting the pod filter on the BMW engines. I will bend it in an “S” shape and use it to mount the pipe on the vertical rod. Install the silicone couplings and the hose clamps, but do not tighten them completely, until we mount everything on the engine. Returning to the order of importance, the air filter is next. The one I’ve chose has a large absorbtion surface and the filtering material from which it is created is more permissive. In this case it’s possible to leave some impurities to pass to the engine. If you plan to use the car for a long time with this modification, I recommend you buy a quality filter produced by a renowned company. Be careful if you have an engine with a MAF (mass air flow) sensor. This sensor is mounted on the inlet pipe right after the air filter. If you install a pod filter that requires periodic cleaning, the oil used for cleaning can pass the filter and stick to the air sensor. The sensor will clog over time and the air-gas mixture will not be calculated correctly. I’ve placed a dowel on the support rod, then insert it in a little hole through the engine mount. The support rod rests on the gearbox On the vertical support rod I’ve prepared 2 nuts and a washer. Do not forget the hose clamp for the throttle body. Adjust the height and tighten the 2 lower nuts. After making sure that each component is seated in its place, tighten the upper nut and the throttle body hose clamp and check the other clamps. Do not forget about the crankcase gases. The engine cover directs these gases in the intake to burn them. The gases pass through the back of the air filter. If you find the stock air filter dirty with a brown substance, it is due to these gases. For this engine, you need a crankcase breather filter with an inlet diameter of 18 to 20 mm. Then fix it on the engine with a plastic cable tie. Finally we move the engine a bit, to make sure everything is tighten and the air filter does not touch anything. The air pod filter is seated very well, it has enough room to vibrate. After a few minutes the engine warmed up and we can test the sound To hear the difference between the stock air filter and the admision kit. But you need a good audio system, laptop or phone speakers are not recommended for this test. Many people think that this sporting sound is made by the pod air filter. That is not true. The air filter does not create this sound. The sound comes out of the engine through the throttle body, and the stainless steel tube amplifies the sound and gives it this resonance. Like a trumpet But the stock engine cover has several elbows and narrow rooms and decreases the sound level. Just as the multi-chamber stock muffler reduces the exhaust sound, compared to a performance muffler that has a direct passage. If you’re thinking about putting a sport air filter in the original air filter box, don’t bother! The sound will be the same and as performance, without a direct intake kit plus sport exhaust you get nothing extra. Maybe just more dust in the engine… It’s time for the exhaust system. Considering that we’ve modified the intake, to get more air into the engine, we need to improve the exhaust system. To help the exhaust gases get out of the engine more easily. But the main reason I’ve changed the exhaust system is that the old one was rusty. The flex pipe broke, the catalytic converter was destroyed, it became a simple pipe. Of course the gases were passing much easier through it, but I do not intend to kill the penguin cubs, or have problems with the authorities. The lambda probe measures the level of NOx emissions after the catalytic converter and will give errors. And the fuel+air mixture will be calculated wrong. The original exhaust pipe had a diameter largely of 45mm, And the elbows were even narrower. The new exhaust system is custom made and has stainless steel components. The catalytic converter is new, the pipe has a diameter of 50 mm, the middle center silencer is made of stainless steel and the elbows are much wider compared to the old pipe. The muffler is a silent multi-chamber one, but it is larger and more permissive. And now let’s test it! Before I went for a drive, I,ve put in some petrol (gasoline) with higher octane rating. The reason is NOT that the higher octane number offers a more powerful burning in the cylinder. The octane number represents the fuel’s resistance to self-ignition under high temperature and high pressure conditions. Because the engine receives more air now and I’m going to rev it the pressure will be higher in the cylinders. Even better, the petrol with 98 octane rating is recommended for this engine. The petrol I’m using has additives and active compounds to increase engine performance. And this type of engine automatically adjusts the ignition timing according to the type of petrol used, engine revs and temperature. Now after all these modifications, let’s answer a few questions: Does the engine run better? is there any difference? The answer is YES, it is a difference. The biggest difference is the EGR valve blocking, which now allows more air to enter the engine at low revs. This makes the engine go faster at lower revs. But we also have an improvement at high revs. The car behaves as if it were 100 kilograms lighter. Now we can overtake more easily a long vehicle when going uphill. And now let’s check the acceleration. We have an ideal temperature today. I know this test is not 100% accurate. Unfortunately, I can not verify the acceleration with a GPS system. But an acceleration improvement is clearly present. Before these mods I was able to accelerate under 11 seconds only when going downhill. So now the acceleration to 100 km/h is about one second faster. I am convinced that, if I practice and focus on faster gear shifts and not on filming the dashboard, I can accelerate under 10 seconds. The acceleration is now faster than the one mentioned in the car technical specifications. Which is very good for an engine that has just reached the age for issuing an ID card (14 years old). I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I’ve answered most of your questions in advance. In this case do not forget to subscribe! And for those passionate about electronics and gadgets you can also take a look at my other channel (in English) where I will upload a lot of videos about electronic projects for beginners. Click the top link or down in the description box.

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  1. Salut, am un VW Polo 1.4 benzina, din 2002. As vrea sa montez si eu acest kit pentru filtru de aer sport, dar as vrea sa utilizez doar teava de 45 de grade, fara acea prelungire. Intrebarea mea este, se va auzi sunetul la fel? Chiar daca nu montez toate piesele din kit? Mersi anticipat

  2. Ești un Chris Fix de Romania îți mai lipsește un Mustang GT roșu din 98' și ăsta ești😂 glumesc!

  3. Salut, am un golf 4 1.6 16V tip azd , dacă pun aceea flansa la egr , îmi da vreo eroare in bord? Mulțumesc și foarte frumoase tutorialelor tale .

  4. a Tip: You, also your Engine BCB ;-))), have a heated Oil Separator at the Back of the engine, the tube of the oil filler neck is an emergency System, when the Separator is frozen with condens water.

    In this case, very cold winter, negative pressure will open the Gate in the white Housing at the side of the oil filler neck…

    without the Original Air filter Box the emergency System CAN NOT Work…

  5. Îmi place ce faci, dar nu se strică în timp motorul?
    Apropo spuneai că difuzoarele unui laptop sau telefon nu avantajează, în schimb eu aud o mare diferenta

  6. Salutare. Prin vestul tarii stiti pe cineva care face evacuare cap/coada gen pilot? Fain/interesant clipul Sorin-like!

  7. Ai probleme cu suportii pe care este montat motorul sau motorul este infundat. Nu ar trebuii sa se miste motorul cand accelerezi..

  8. Salut , vreau sa imi pun si eu un filtru de aer sport, a-s fi interesat de consecinte.
    – Afecteaza motorul??
    -Consuma mai putin??
    -Trage masina mai bine??

  9. Salut Soryn , urmăresc de ceva timp videoclipurile tale, am un golf 4 1.6 16 valve din 2002 și mereu am erori în bord cu sonda lambda, am schimbat cea după catalizator și săptămâna asta urmează cea după motor plus senzor de putea modifica la fel? Ținând cont ca avem același motor doar marca mașinii difera, aștept un răspuns și dacă ai putea sa îmi spui cat costa kitul complet

  10. Pai tu nu ai senzorul debitmetru in carcasa cu filtru de aer stock.? Ca la mine vw golf 5 1.6 FSI este in carcasa si senzorul si am cedat sa mai pun filtrul sport

  11. Salut, am un golf 4 1.6 16 valve ,se tureaza la relantiu, am schimbat clapeta si egr si senzor presiune…nimic…La tester nicio problemă….n mecanici si nimic…o sugestie ceva daca se poate….Multumesc..

  12. Ce crezi ca ai facut acolo Sorin folositor? Nimic, inafara de niste wiew-uri!!! Se iau si nestiutorii dp tine si fac aceleasi prostii!!!sunt mai multe tipurinde filtre sport, daca faceti "tiuning" dasta la masini luati va filtre sport umede nu uscate ca nu sunteti pe circuit.admisia aia wanna be cold intake este un cacat care face mai mult rau decat bn dn maj multe puncte de vedere.trebuia sa scoti admisia sa traga direct de se ia un kit pe care l caci acolo bolt on si cele cu debitmetru se refac niste operatiuni sa citeasca noul flux de aer amestesc stoichiometric la cele fara tot la e chiar asa ca nu s masini de cusut.iti recomand sa dai jos cacatul ala si sa ti pui stock up la loc.mai invatati in plm si pe altii sa si tuneze motoarele 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 si etc ca sa ce sa auda cum trage aerul in motor ca numai au rezonatorul.mama frate cati cai castig si fac si dreg.luati va masini de curse sau faceti aceste operatiuni cu orice labar face asta la fel ca si copiii din fata blocului/casei care dau cu o vopsea la spray si spun ca s vopsitori.bafta

  13. La cum ai pus filtru acolo orice mecanic ce are habar o sa rada si cu …. de tine . Daca vrei sa vezi cum se face o admisie sport lasa un mesaj si o sa vezi poze

  14. Salut am și eu un golf 6 1.6 105 cai și cam nu ține relanti cam se tureaza nu tine constant relanti ști cam carei problema poți sa dai un sms? mersi

  15. I found another video with kind of the same arrangement but it sound even louder for longer period. Do you think is different than your arrangement?

  16. Sorin, some of your videos are nice to watch, but it looks like you failed this time. This is wrong and nobody should do it. You broke perfectly engineered piece of hardware. There are several reasons.

    1- The plastic intake piece with filter gets colder air. Because it takes air in from the hole on the right front corner (see 3:41). If you look at your car front grille, there is hole which allows outside air to flow in directly when you are driving. Therefore the plastic filter piece gets colder air directly from outside. If you move the filter behind the battery, you will have warmer air which was going around in the engine bay.

    2- The plastic intake piece has a filter with huge surface area. Therefore air flow will be easier compard to your aftermarket filter which is obstructed due to smaller surface area. So you actually make air intake more difficult. The only way to overcome such is if the aftermarket filter has larger pores. But that would mean eventual destruction of your engine after long time use. So…not recommended.

    3- The plastic intake piece actually has a temperature controlled flap. So when the engine is cold, it will take warmer air from the top of the exhaust manifold from the intake on middle. (see 3:34). This is because a) will warm the engine up faster, b) in very cold air, petrol will not atomize as good and will burn badly. So the plastic intake piece is superior as it adjusts the cold/warm air intake based on engine temperature.

    4- Crankcase breather hose is connected to air intake because it relies on the vacuum generated by the intake manifold. If you put that little blue filter on it, it will do nothing. The water etc. which is byproduct of blowby gases leak into your oil/crankcase and without the constant vacuum, it will stay inside the crankcase/oil and eventually cause corrosion.

    5- Your explanation at 8:21 is incorrect. The elbow is not because of sound absorption. It is not designed like a muffler as there is no reason to do so. But of course plastic causes sound absorption automatically. The reason for the elbow is due to necessity of flap which is receiving warm air to cold engine. In your setup the issue is the filter surface area. The aftermarket filter is much inferior to the filter which is inside the plastic piece and will cause much more resistance to air flow compared to that elbow.

    6- Also it looks like you installed catalytic converter sideways (see 9:11). Normally the lambda sensor should sit upwards. Because the catalytic converter pipe makes a slight turn in the end, if it is installed sideways it will sit improperly. You can see this from the rubber holder pieces on subframe that they are bent a little bit to left. With BCB engine the oxygen sensor sites somewhat upwards (about 45degrees) once installed properly.

    7- But it is also useless to use larger pipes due to the fixed size of the catalytic converter. The size of the pipes is designed to match the area of the holes on catalytic converter. Using larger pipes will not help as long as you have the bottleneck (catalytic converter) there.


  18. Salut de unde ai luat noua evacuare si in special alt catalizator, al meu e scos fagurele de ceva timp ca s-a desfacut si as avea nevoie de unul bun, la dezmembrari nu ma risc ca se poate strica la fel de repede. Felicitari pt tutoriale, mai pui cumva pentru Seat leon 1m pe viitor ceva videouri?

  19. Salut!
    Poți face un video unde să dai jos silencer.ul de pe tobă pentru că mi-am achiziționat o tobă sport și vreau să-l dau jos

  20. salut,am si eu un seat ibiza 1.4 16 V/2002…unde gasesc un filtru precum al tau…nu gasesc nicaieri,poti sa ma ajuti cu un sait sau de unde sal iau,in special filtrul de carter

  21. Thanks I had subscribed to your channel. Can you please make a video about the CRANKCASE OIL BREATHER, Oil trap, Oil separator, same call it PCV valve. Your speedy answer will be much appreciated. I have a 2004 POLO (9N) 1.4 16V.

  22. Bun canal. Cu un E90 nu faci? Am un 2.0 Benzina dar nu prea știu și nu ma pricep sa ii fac modificări. Toba e deja sport din fabrica, se aude bine dar vreau sa se audă și mai bine.

  23. Salutare,am schimbat bușonul de umplere ulei cu tot cu gatul acela dar asta nu are locaș pentru furtunul de gaze din Carter este vre-o problema daca merg fara acel furtun ? Teoretic nu mai am gaze "murdare" pe admisie ..altceva? Să facă presiune mare ?

  24. Lasa.mi si mie un link de unde ai luat filtrul sport si de unde ai luat evacuarea!
    Multumesc mult succes in continuare!

  25. Salut! Coboar-o din arcuri, fără amortizoare sport, vei scăpa de senzația de balans/ridicarea botului mașinii la accelerare, mai câștigi și ceva stabilitate. Strut bar față/spate și bara de stabilitate față, merg de pe Golf4 GTI…
    Trebuia sa muti bateria unde ai acum filtru conic, iar în locul bateriei montaj filtru, trage mai ușor aer prin grila, iar dacă ii mai adaugi un traseu din grila până în filtru sigur va trage aer mai rece, asa ce ai făcut u acolo, ai câștigat doar volum mai mare de aer, dar cald, pentru ca filtrul este obturat de carcasa bateriei și de far.

  26. daca obturez valva egr la un motor 2.0 benzina si intra mai mult aer in motor, imi va creste puterea macar cu cativa caluti ?

  27. ce se intampla cand ploua sau daca cumva ajunge apa la el ? umezeala aia nu cred ca face bine motorului daca ajunge in admisie..

  28. Do u reccomend doing STAGE 1 chipping ?? My leon is 1.6 16 v non turbo .. can i get a good acceleration???

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