Splinter Cell Blacklist | First Gameplay Demo

Splinter Cell Blacklist | First Gameplay Demo

Hi I’m Maxime Beland, Creative Director
at Ubisoft Toronto. I’m here to give you a look into Splinter Cell Blacklist – the
studio’s first production. Our demo begins near the Iran/Iraq border,
where Fourth Echelon has located a terrorist leader. The premise for our story centers on a mysterious
terror network that masterminds a series of escalating attacks on U.S. interests.
The President puts Sam Fisher in charge of Fourth Echelon – a blacker than black, special
operations unit. Sam is always one step ahead of his enemies,
seeking out his next target. That’s Killing In Motion. After mastering
Sam’s abilities, you can move efficiently through the environment while taking out targets
quickly and fluidly. Sam always has multiple ways to tackle any
situation – either by choosing the less obvious path or the right gadget, tool or
ability from his arsenal. As the leader of the newly formed 4th Echelon
Sam can call the shots directly from the battlefield. Watch for Splinter Cell Blacklist coming Spring
2013 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

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  1. The game had to evolve because of all the competition in the industry – they had done the whole slow-mo, high-stealth type gameplay too many times, and they needed more pace to keep the gameplayers engaged. I think they did a good job… i just wish they would have put in these cool white sonar goggles (with the same range and clarity) in the final cut

  2. wait a sec i completed the game with fully upgrade goggles first and i don't remember i got vision that clear or even this mission :/

  3. Damn its been 6 years since this game been released, I remember that time I am dying for this game haha 😂 many have changed these days, now what happen to the series??

  4. Which is better stealth game blacklist or mgs4 ?
    In my opinion I feel mgs4 is much better stealth game.
    Even today mgs4 stealth mechanics are amazing.

  5. The moment they decided to make it a priority for Sam to "be one step ahead, always looking for his next target", they fucked it up.
    It's a fun game, don't misunderstand. However Sam has always had different targets during missions, which were just mission objectives (disable this bomb, record that meeting) and guards weren't something you'd want to kill, normally it was best to leave them alone.
    By shifting the focus to turning Sam into an action hero, they ended up screwing with the spy feel of the franchise. Conviction was worse so I'll give this one credit.

  6. Killing in motion… if only I can script my gameplay like this demo it would make an awesome walkthrough

  7. play this game now for the 1st time and i love it.. i have played double agent but did not liked it. I understood chaos theory is good to..

  8. I want to buy SC chaos theory , but i can buy the triology also. Are the first 2 games worth the play ? Or are they to dated ?

  9. Ive completed Pandora Tommorow and the Double Agent (for Double Agent I think) back in the day on PS2, and Conviction on PC some time later, and this game I installed just today and its looking nice. Didnt know it will be 7yr old from soon now. I believe the new serial of what you guys are talking about will be awesome and it has been a longer time since the last one, soon perhaps, and also im noticed this game is staying to its principals, at least in a way.

  10. I'll never get over how that sonar that's 100x better than the best one in the game wasn't in the game

  11. Ubisoft is fake why was the game not like this why does sam look good in the demo and not look good in the actual game Ubisoft why!!!!

  12. 😱😱 ooohhh!! splinter cell blacklist mode image HDR is good…. I playing splinter cell blacklist mode image HDR in TV 4k best GRAPHIC with XBOX 360… I like 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. I was shocked when I figured out it was unreal Engine 2 and unreal engine 3 was used in Arkham city 2 years before that game

  14. Was it actually possible to pull off that move where you first grab one bad guy then gun down the rest in one quick move? cause everytime i tried to do it.. He just normally grabs him like a human shield then just shoots down the rest.. he don't do a take down like that.. Like he does in 2:28 i mean..

  15. As much as I did love this game, this video was a garbage, hopeful of what the game would actually be. I miss splinter cell, but more than anything I miss Michael iron sides as Sam, when I read the books it’s his voice in my head

  16. Where is splinter cell?? Oh wait ubi won’t reboot it without monetarist bs to save the name of the damn company. They’re perfectly fine trying to scheme their paychecks out of our pockets. Thanks for a disappointing 2019 with breakpoint. It doesn’t even look as good as this demo and it’s 2019.

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