100 Replies to “Spirit of the North – Gameplay Trailer | PS4”

  1. Me: “A fox”

    Seller: “yeah, there’s no dialogue, the environment is so vast you could get lost, you have to solve puzzles….”


  2. I like that this seems to have taken a creative approach to gaming, but I'm not sold on what I've seen. Will have to check out reviews

  3. Как можно в 2019 нарисовать такую убогую лису? Сейчас такие технологии анимации, хоть бы nvidia hair works включили (понятно что игра на ps), но выпускать игру в которой не проработан игровой персонаж, такое себе… лиса как из мема про упоротую лису, хотя может в этом и весь смысл?

  4. From concept it looks like the Last Tree, but the graphics are stunning ^^ you already caught me with the fox <3
    Just hoping it will be out for PC too xwx

  5. About the reason that they made this game is because in Japanese lore foxes are considered a mystical creature it makes perfect sense.

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  7. The fact it has a fox makes me wanna play it, but I don't want just puzzles, I want it to be a little bit like Spyro, where it's still rated E but you head butted like I don't know, evil spirit foxes?

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