Speed, Mud, and Glory – Tony Cairoli MX 2012 – TRAILER

Speed, Mud, and Glory – Tony Cairoli MX 2012 – TRAILER

Starting from the south of Italy and becoming a World Champion is something totally unpredictable… but he has it in his DNA. At a certain point we realized that Tony could have a future in motocross, and it was up to us to create his future for him. Every day he came back from school he refused to eat, and the first thing he would say is, “Daddy, can I ride my bike?” You couldn’t stop him. He only had the bike on his mind. For me, motocross is pure adrenaline and speed because you always want to go faster. The mud makes it a tough sport, and the glory is what you race for. You ride to win, so these three words surely sum up what motocross means to me.

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  1. deff a very good racer but he would not have that success in the u.s outdoor nationals he deff would be a top 5 runner but i think he needs a challenge and come to u.s and race to see if he is truly the best ….

  2. he would be the mike alessi of the us outdoors. damn quick but would try and try to get a win but the fast guys just go round him. id put villo reed dungey barcia ahead of him

  3. the sister says that "starting from south Italy and becoming a world champion, a 5 times world champion is something unbelievable; he has got it (mx) in his DNA – – we decided that Tony must have a future and we made sacrifices to guarantee him a future in mx – – he was coming back from school, he did not eat and the first thing he was doing was asking his father "dad, can i hang around with the bike??" and nobody could stop him"

  4. Grandissimo talento 100% italiano!! Il nostro vanto del motocross, pluricampione mondiale e gran persona. Rispetto totale!

  5. motocross of nation 2012 – lommel…..Tony Cairoli wins all 2 race and dominate the AMA BEST RIDER IN THE WORLD! AHAHAHAHAHAH

  6. ok now take all the guys you mentioned and begins to put them behind Cairoli….Motocross of Nations 2012 at lommel.Cairoli wins and dominate race 1 and 2.

  7. dude he's is alreay world champion (seven time …) … american rider have alreay lost against him (MXoN) … mayby pota and dunny shuld join the world championship and leave ama national and starting racing around the world ….

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