Special Olympics Athlete Profiles — Andy Miyares

Special Olympics Athlete Profiles — Andy Miyares

My son Andy, to summarize it in two words, unconditional love. Maybe a lot of people haven’t met that kind of love, but I certainly have. Do you feel bad because you have Down Syndrome or does it not matter? Andy was born and didn’t have a lot of muscle
control. So I felt like putting him in the water would be the answer to strengthen him everywhere. For weeks after he started to swim, he was beginning to pull himself up to crawl, just like any other kid would crawl. From then on, I knew the water was the answer
to everything in his life. I like to be in water. Every morning, every
afternoon, every day. One of the things that swimming has created for Andy is discipline. Intellectually, it has taught him how to count and how to pace himself. And then socially, it’s done tremendous
for him because he has tremendous social skills. Which, I might add, he inherited from his
mother. Who are you? You got latin blood. I told him, there are no limitations to what
you can do, how you dance, you have a girlfriend, you learned to read, you have a job, you have a great family, you have lots of
friends. What else do you want? I am a very happy person. I believe that I have everything in life. How proud I am of my son, Andy. I can’t imagine life without him. He is a joy and a love that, that you just
can’t express it really.

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  1. Believe in your dream and never give up 🙂 I am a swimmer too. I know how you feel 🙂 GO ANDY!! P.S. (It must be AMAZING to swim with Michael Phelps. That is my dream. You are so lucky. Wow.)

  2. @HiM321123 you shouldn't feel bad about saying it, sometimes we say things we don't mean to say. It doesn't make you a bad person. Although i would be careful with words next time before you accidently offend someone in the group you describe.

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