SPEC OPS GAMEPLAY! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops)

SPEC OPS GAMEPLAY! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Spec Ops)

What’s up guys this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to spec ops in modern warfare Your boy was blessed to have the opportunity To go out and record modern warfare early and I got a chance to play record spec ops and let me tell you guys it Is very very different from modern warfare 2 and modern warfare 3 survival mode. It’s crazy the first thing I’m gonna say about it right off the bat and you’ll notice this in the video too is that it is very very difficult spec ops in this game actually requires a lot of patience a lot of teamwork and dedication and I know that sounds like a joke I mean if you played veteran spec ops on modern warfare 2 and modern warfare 3 it could be pretty difficult You know You need the help of a teammate, but this specific Spec ops experience that we played at this event was not like that at all I’d say on average it took us about 20 to 30 minutes to get to a certain part of the spec ops mission and No one beat it. There was only one group at this events that beat one mission. That was it Everyone else was losing everyone else was dying. It was chaos no, obviously I’m sure once everyone gets their hands on the game and they can party up with like all of their friends and really communicate and use teamwork It’ll probably be a little bit easier But I was given the chance to hop in and play this early for the first Time without really knowing what to expect so it was pretty hard So with that being said, I’m gonna stop talking now so you guys can just enjoy and watch the spec ops gameplay and get a feel for what it’s like if you are new to The channel make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications I’m gonna have a lot more awesome ass modern warfare videos coming out about multiplayer campaign and spec ops pretty much does everything Modern warfare related it’s gonna be awesome. Yeah, but that being said sit back relax and enjoy some spec ops and modern warfare I’ll bait your weapon with suppressors. I have an asset nearby that might be able to help with disguises You close enough to avoid that plane disrupting around cars is step one Make your way to the airport rooftop never cops are a setup their Array initiate the hack keep watch for hospitals But that’s gonna do it for this video, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed spec ops in modern warfare If you guys didn’t enjoy this video and you’re excited to play spec ops Or you just want to see some more modern warfare videos, make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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  1. LIKE this video if you want to see more Spec Ops in Modern Warfare! ᕙ(˵ ಠ ਊ ಠ ˵)ᕗ

    What do you guys think about Spec Ops so far?

  2. Very good play indeed but they did bad mistake which is : I am fighting In Russia and the enemy is speaking Arabic!! How?? It's difficult for single player I guess.

  3. Did everyone just forget about the survival mode exclusivity? This game will be just as greedy in microtransactions as all the other recent cod games. Don't buy this game guys.

  4. I mean, you can call me salty..
    But I really wish they would’ve put this on Xbox too. I can barely afford the game rn let alone a new console.

  5. Looks good but a little off, feels like there’s a little bit too much going on with the hud. I don’t think there should be the teammate health bars in the bottom left, the objective description in the top left, or boxes where your killstreaks go on the right.

  6. looks way too easy. juggernaut full auto does no damage to you. laughable. no option for tactics just rush for a timer.. lame.

  7. russian building
    that is controlled by taliban
    and these talibani soldiers talk arabic… Lebanese accent to be specific
    taliban is in Afghanistan… and they talk Persian not arabic
    they had to do more research…. a lot more than googling

  8. Yooo merk, you played with funkblackcat on your team… one of if not the best CoD youtubers in Brazil, such an amazing crossover

  9. "This spec ops is completely different from mw2 or mw3"

  10. Oh God. You played with Funky and Sidao. They're Brazilian YouTubers and they're awesome. Glad to see you were lucky to get them

  11. The game was available a few hours ago on the PlayStation but for some reason I couldn’t connect to online services ?

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