Souvenir Shopping for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics 💕

Souvenir Shopping for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics 💕

So we are not going to the Olympics this
year because I just thought it would be kind of cold and miserable and I heard
the transportation situation is terrible there. I really have no desire to go. I
just want to watch it from my home. But instead of going to the Olympics, I
thought I would go to the Lotte department store which has a official
Olympic store and check out some of the merchandise there. if you are interested in purchasing
Olympic merchandise I believe that the Lotte department store is the official
seller of Olympic merchandise and I went to the one in myeongdong. and I found the Olympics stuff on the ninth floor which is where all the duty-free stuff is. So if
you go shopping for Olympic stuff you will see two mascots. The first one is
this black bear which is the mascot for the Paralympics and then the other
mascot is a white tiger which is the mascot for the regular Olympics. Bandabi (반다비) is a Asiatic black bear which is a bear that’s native to the Korean
Peninsula and this is a symbol of strong will and courage. The white tiger’s name
is Soohorang (수호랑) which is derived from two Korean words – “soo-ho” which means
protection and “ho-rang-i” which means tiger. And a tiger is an animal that’s
closely related to Korean mythology and it’s a symbol of trust, strength and
protection. When I saw these snow globes, I immediately thought of my daughter, Sienna because she has been wanting a snow globe for such a long time
and I know that the pink one is something that she would definitely love.
So there’s a huge price difference between the black globe that you see in
the back and the smaller white globes the black one is like super expensive.
it’s 50,000 Korean won which is about $50 US dollars and this small one is 15,000 won
which is about $15 US dollars and they’re not that different. I actually like a small
one better because the black one seems like it’s super Christmasy whereas the
other ones seem like they’re more for the Olympics.
these look like little vases which celebrate each of the different Olympic
Games I think this is real leather. it kind of
reminds me of Saffiano leather but I’m not sure if I would carry this
personally… not my style. This passport case on the other hand is really cute
but I never use my current passport case because I’m the only one that has one.
and it’s much lighter to just carry your passport by itself especially when you have four of them you’re carrying together. This pouch is super cute and here’s the clothing section these pajamas are cute but my kids already have a lot of pajamas already. These are kids sweatshirts and the quality of the cotton feels really good but it’s a little bit expensive and I’m not really
sure if any of us would actually wear these sweatshirts. This one’s a dry fit looks like North Face did a partnership
with the Olympics to make these special jackets but I think I would actually
prefer a plain North Face here we have some little souvenirs for
kids these look like they are paper dolls and then here’s one of those
little art figures you can paint. I’m always like tempted to buy these but I
never actually buy them. I’m not sure what this thing is and this is kind of cool if my
kids are older I would get this for them this is a Lego set. and there are a lot
of mirrors in this store This is a really cute puffy tiger mirror and a bear mirror. Maybe if I was an athlete, I would buy this. I don’t know. But I would rather just use the mirror in my house. These look like insulated water bottle holders. cute and who doesn’t need a tiger headband
right? Super cute. because I have so many plushies from playing claw machines I’ll probably
never buy a plushie doll again in my life but I thought this tiger wearing
the black jacket was irresistible. super cute now this little mini tiger that’s hanging
over the cup is something that I definitely need in my life okay this Candy’s just a little bit
weird and scary. Looks like we’re at the food section and you have some sweet
potato chips. These almonds are really popular as souvenirs in Korea and of
course seaweed These miniature fans are actually magnets
and I thought that they were super pretty. This looks like a giant Styrofoam
ball but it’s actually a lamp And this is some sort of expensive beauty soap.
Korea is known for its beauty products so maybe that is worth a try. and I thought
this was kind of cute. A puck candle. here we have a little magnetic board
where all the magnets and keychains are displayed and I thought this is kind of
weird cuz it’s like a patch that you would sew on your jacket but it’s
actually a magnet I was kind of surprised to find this here
because this is actually a Japanese-style candy. I saw this a lot in
Tokyo And then here you have some pins representing all of the different Olympic sports with the brown bear and the tiger on them. hi guys so I did a little bit of
shopping when I went to the Olympic store and I’m gonna do a haul and show
you what I got so the first thing I got is for my
husband and I. I got these little Tigers that sit on the edge of your coffee cup
and keep you company when you drink your coffee or tea I just thought this was
really cute and it’s not really useful. I don’t know. But I’ve always I’ve seen these um but I just don’t know I thought it was kind of unique so I got this set. so the next thing I got were these
commemorative pins and whenever I travel somewhere or my mom travels somewhere I
like to buy a souvenir pin that says like Mount Fuji or wherever I went and
I’ll buy one for myself and one for my mom and she does the same thing. When I was younger and my family took trips my mom would let us pick out a souvenir at the shop and I would always pick rocks for some reason because I was really
into collecting rocks and as a child. My mom always got mad at me because she was like why would you get that it’s not like you can’t tell that like it’s from
the location that we visited. You can get rocks anywhere why are you picking rocks
for your souvenir? So after I got like a few boxes of rocks I started collecting
souvenirs pins. And I picked this up because there’s three in a set and then I’m
going to keep one and give two to my mom oh it locks it oh this is interesting oh it’s a light oh this is so cool! that’s so cool turn it off. that’s so cool I didn’t know
that it’s gonna do that Let’s see. Wow! It’s my first light up pin. I also got these little mirrors … handheld
mirrors with the Olympic Tigers speed skating and figure skating and I got
these for my patrons so you guys want to become a patron you can check out
in the link in the description box below so I was looking for some really cute
keychains for my patrons but the ones that I saw on display were sold out
so I ended up getting the mirrors and I thought they were cute and it can
also be useful for you to check your teeth if you have any like green stuff in
there. they’re nice and light you can just throw them in your purse So my daughter has been asking me for a snow globe for months I think she saw a snow
globe in the stores before Christmas started it was a Christmas snow globe and
she really wanted it but I thought it was really expensive it was around 50
bucks. and I don’t know I just didn’t feel like it was an appropriate thing
for her to have because it’s a glass and it’s breakable. even though Sienna is
careful, I thought I’m not gonna buy that for her. But I saw these snow globes
at the Olympic store and I thought that this one would be perfect for Sienna
because the Tiger is pink. she loves pink and she’s been asking me for a snow
globe. I asked her why she wanted a snow snow globe and she said that it was
because Rolie Polie has a snow globe. Rolie Polie is a cartoon on Netflix that
she watches. but anyway I got her this snow globe and then of course I can’t
leave Valentina out so I got Valentina this blue snowboarding tiger. I think
that snowboarding is going to be my favorite sport the Olympics but yeah
anyway I don’t I don’t know if I’m gonna give this to her yet because it’s
breakable but I’m just gonna save it for her when she gets older she can have her
own snow globe so that’s all I got there are a lot of
cute things there and I remember when the Olympics were held in Seoul in like
the 80s I think it was 1984 or 1985 and their mascot was also a tiger but it was
orange and my dad went to Korea around that time I don’t know if he went to… I
don’t think he went to the Olympics but he picked up some souvenir pencils for me which I
think I still have to this day at my mom’s house in the drawer I’m not really
sure where they are but I do remember that tiger so this tiger is very similar to
the 1980s Olympic tiger. super cute. So if you guys are in Seoul and you’re looking
for something to do that’s kind of related to the Olympics and you have
kids you might want to check out this exhibit at the Ichon Children’s
Museum at the National Museum of Korea it’s an exhibit on Tigers that sort of
talks about the Tigers that were present in Korean literature and the connection
between Tigers and Korean culture and they have some hands-on activities like
drawing these Tiger masks and they also have this thing that Valentina really
enjoyed which was stamping tiger and other stamps onto postcards. It ended up being
really messy but we made some pretty cool postcards I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
let me know in the comments below what your favorite sport is for the Olympics
I’ll talk to you later

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  1. Hi guys! Instead of going to the PyeongChang olympics and freezing my butt off, I am just doing a little bit of shopping for cute Olympic merchandise in Seoul. I also took my daughter to a (free) exhibit at the Children's Museum at the National Museum of Korea. Hope you enjoy this video!

  2. I don't blame you a bit for not taking the girls to the Olympics. I know it would have been miserable for all of you. I have to say the merchandise is cuter than any Olympics stuff I've had or seen in a long time. Great choices for the girls too. Hugs to all 3 of you and I can't wait to see another vlog really soon. 😍😍

  3. Very cool to have a little souvenir; I love pins or key chains to collect since I can easily use them on my many bags and things I use daily. I'm sure the girls will love their snow globes. I enjoyed this video, and I love the room you film in; looks so cozy and personal. I still recognize that girl figurine holder you felted on the shelf around 10:50. 🙂 Keep up the fun, hun. God bless yours and you! 🙂

  4. I came across your channel as I want my son to buy me a couple of souvenirs from Korea before he heads back to UK next week! Thanks for giving me an idea of what to get! X

  5. We just visited the Lotte store in Jamsil. The MyeongDong store looks like it has more selection. Thank you for sharing!

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