South Korea 2018 Cultural Olympics @Amy Moncure

South Korea 2018 Cultural Olympics @Amy Moncure

2018 Opening Festival. Day of Feast. So, we are at the Cultural Olympiad Opening Fest! Day of Feast! There are lots of places to eat. And to buy different things. (There will be many events close to venues during the Olympics!) It is February 3rd. Bobi Brown. Crispy rice crust. (=scorched rice). Made of brown rice! We have pumpkin tea. It’s pretty tasty! Soft Truck. White chocolate. Milk chocolate. Behind me we have a booth where you can make your own candy, and roast your own marshmallows. And what I really like about this booth, is that the owners are too cute. So, behind us with the candy booth, we have the little girl who is the owner of the whole booth. And the marshmallow booth is owned by this young man. This is fun. You can come and buy your own kite. And then have a little moment to fly it around. Hi! Hello! Ah. U.S.A. Yes. We are from Texas and we miss our tacos! Links to all the Cultural Olympic Events

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  1. Awesome! Good video! Thanks for sharing. I have hit the red button Amy and now support your Channel 👍 All the best to you from New Zealand!
    Arty 😊

  2. Really enjoyed your videos! Even if Im busy for work as a manager in here I could get to know how other places look like thanks to your videos:)

  3. What a great opportunity to learn something!  Must have been amazing visiting South Korea to check out the olympics.  I had a friend racing for team Canada for Cross Country Skiing, so exciting to watch!!!  Those kites look amazing…cool you can fly em in the Texas, so lucky, couple bucket list courses I want to play there.  Have a great day!

  4. For more Seoul, South Korea travel videos, visit . Thank you for watching!

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