SOOWEEEEEE – Wheelhaus Gameplay

SOOWEEEEEE – Wheelhaus Gameplay

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  1. Watching this video months later and only just seen the description, great to read and still being entertained by these guys after years of watching.

  2. pretty sure the name of this video used to be something different. with youtube family friendly ad revenue fiasco

  3. I got a commercial for Apache sprayer watching this video. You guys should check them out. They look pretty solid. You know, if you need to spray some fertilizer on a few acres of land.

  4. Just an FYI, my grandpa was blown away when this one tractor was advertised as having an aerodynamic shape to help it cut through the air, at a top speed of 12. tractors are very slow.

  5. Nigyg y y. Y y. Y y y. Y. Y. Y. Y. Y y. Y. Gilt. GG. G. G. H gggy y. H h y thyme. This. G yyy. H y. Yyy y he. H y y th y yo. GG yyyyy. B.

  6. Holy shit…my family has a pig farm in superhero Illinois aswell,wtf soy bean farm?
    But tractors are fun to ride

  7. You guys really need to get another advertisement to sponsor your videos. I am offended by the very thought of Destiny 2 now just because I'm so sick of seeing the ad over and over and over. Please pick up another sponsor.

  8. I actually know the story behind the guy in the red shirt who got shot in the head. The man was named Jeff Doucet. Doucet was a karate teacher who had been molesting a boy named Jody Plauche- one of his students- for at least a year prior to the shooting. Doucet eventually kidnapped Jody and took him to a hotel where he raped and performed a number of other sexual acts on him. During one of many conversations with Jody's mother (he had demanded that she and her other children move to New York with him where they could start a family), local police raided the room and Doucet was arrested. When Doucet was flown back to Louisiana to face trial, Jody's father Gary Plauche had disguised himself and waited next to the phone booths for Doucet to arrive, where he shot him in the head point-blank. Doucet died the next day, and Gary Plauche was charged with manslaughter and sentenced to seven years' suspension, five years' probation and 300 hours of community service. Up until Plauche's death in 2014, he never expressed regret for what he did, and always maintained that he did the right thing.

  9. The song from the interview keeps me thinking of that Why song Good Friday and like two people know what I'm talking about

  10. Coming back 2 years later, after the latest video where Adam talks about the Pig Castration…..
    In memory of all the castrated pigs and pig FGM…

  11. I like how this video was recommended to me by youtube after the last GTA V gameplay where Adam talks about the pig and his uncle…

    Youtube knows what's up…

  12. Did anyone else get directed here from the new GTA gameplay where Adam also talked about his uncles mutilating pig genitals??

  13. I work on a farm and true story, we advertised a "true farm experience" and people payed us to work. We had them out in the field cutting crops by hand and hauling stuff and made money

  14. I feel like whoever put that 80s show as the computer background did it as a joke because they hate the show but it’s one of those it’s so bad it’s good and actually has a few great jokes in its one season on the air lol

  15. You know a game is good when the walls are white (not stylistically) and the narrator is a computer text-to-speech.

  16. Been scouring Funhaus' whole bloody backlog for ages just to see that Tom Sawyer/Rush bit.

    Worth it? You bet your ass it was.

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