SOOWEEEEEE – Wheelhaus Gameplay

SOOWEEEEEE – Wheelhaus Gameplay

symma we’ll get there you already started in pharma sheens Championships 2014 it’s the perfect video games this is everything we’ve been training for him yeah and the real championship isn’t there yeah it’s up there with the LeMans yeah a little man and the tour all those right go I’m going he’s going why would they strap a trailer to you and then have you race oh go Adam go I’ve overtaken later mater nice nice good cars burn why do you think that they made it so you can only go 45 miles an hour that’s do they realize what a tractor yeah adrenaline pumping actually Bruce have you ever driven a tractor no absolutely I have really yeah the very slow my family owns a farm Southern Illinois Soybean farm really exciting and one summer one summer I worked on a jeep we’re kind of tractor and they go much slower than this a farmer playing this this is exciting you ever get an STI from writing the track probably also saw some pigs get uh their lady parts taken out why would they get rid of the females pleasure I have my druthers these pigs aren’t gonna have orgasms for the rest of their days it’s not fair let’s race remember one on goal holding the pig and the other uncle with a knife and then he gogo and some green stuff and they said we’re done with a green stuff I just it was all over sure it was discussing I was a child are we done here comes the crop circle or hard to lower implement Oh draw penis look the crowd is going mild look at that guys wavings like hurry up that’s my land ah those are my crops please don’t cut those down squares no no no yeah nice nice yeah yeah we’re just make the squares you learned work on the outside oh I hope it grabs all the pixels well you wanna go with that it was mr. oh it’s it’s optimizing oh go backwards over it just keep going keep going you know no flashback someone call your bluff sighs okay are you there pigs in a soybean farm I don’t know they had some residual animals also one thing jewel animals I would like to keep these animals on you know abusable one day the dogs got into the chicken coop a little punishment they tied all the animals are around the dogs next to teach the basic exact don’t do that again oh so they they had to stay with the dogs meeting like yeah the animals had to learn to live with each other basically why dogs just eat them no no the dogs murdered them and they tied the corpses around their necks oh I’m sure the dogs didn’t like that no they didn’t and it was weird when we were playing like in the local pond and the dogs came in and played with us I don’t feel like it’s all good for them this is a mild inconvenience but I don’t care that you’ve tied a cork at my neck so you gave them lunch like for the whole day yeah pretty sure no but time you wanted to farm suck like pushchair yeah shave it into like a tiny little tightly : books here know how it Adam refers to parts of the female body it’s terrible circus eyes those pigs the country’s came flying out Oh true you should have seen that snatched quiver till the soil there’s some mad farmer who’s like yeah come to my farm and will host a farm and Championships and he’s just getting them to do free labor amen I hold your farm it was like a nipple you rot yeah why you killed all my crops I respect your artistic intent there we go there you go lastly bit no it’s not the last bit most farmer Tokyo Drift there you go drop it in um nice jab just all torn up wait plant pipeline why is it planting yep pan pie farming is easy and then you go up when you get to the M sharp turn this is so easy up it boo nice one Adam if I hear somebody whining about being a farmer again you’ll never do that because farmers don’t have internet or phones any way to reach the outside world still need ease over there are the people there but that shit over there yeah just throw some potatoes down they’re not always about getting the gold every single time it’s about consistently meddling that’s what Adams doing no it’s not he’s on edling this farmers business we got the gold turns out doesn’t matter cuz I’m the only person noise sure yeah you got the gold cuz the other Mexicans figured out that this is a scam I’ll get out there pick robbers weave Wow great control there do not see a gold for you and this I don’t think you know what you’re doing either you’re just going between oh it’s gonna hurt the time there yep yeah he’s getting some penalties there what are you doing like I don’t know there’s no way you could have done that like yeah whoa no okay you want your DeKnight go go now we’re good that’s a John Deere product my friend they never jackknifed John Deere Jackman they only cut off people’s arms watch those people watch the people oh they’re fine this is what they coming for is real true all the Mexicans on the side are like uh can I go home man enough he’s doing work or racing yeah I like this better we got Home Depot yeah this way it’s what the that’s the organizer of this event you want to come be audience can I just build your shelf ha ha ha ha you see I won I won hey Paul I got the silver Oh so many games are so competitive not this one you just relax kick up your feet drink a beer fuck your sister do you think they’re all drug racing right now absolutely gotta be right he’s a guy got the bronze is holding up a dead pigeon I’m flooring it whoa my god turning is your your primary skillset we’re really good at it look at that look at that sweet tan the fools that know here phille keep it movin you knocked him nice oh that guy doesn’t know what the fuck he’s are you’re soaked you please the suit and his tractors way cooler than yours oh oh yeah ha ha doesn’t matter once all the way up deader you know how to catch a predator like goes to online forums suspicious online forums and tries to catch child molesters and stuff I do I think we should have the same kind of task force for why farmers alike that’s a legitimate data sight it’s dangerous what kind of person only wants to be with a farmer I put a hat on I can quit the game by the way we don’t shoot 30 minutes of let’s at least you at the next runner please look at my little truck dick Nixon do you want to pass stop fucking my daughter stop fucking my daughter never see y’all Jose good oh dang it I’m in it I’m in it remember read Oh first person oh yeah lately Grindr I want to try to flip Jose there’s no way you’re gonna flip Jose I got it Senor Smith I think you should plate not drink any more beers hey hey hey hey no I’m gonna drive real fast crashing – OH seniority you’re doing boo-boo all right I’ll fuck me oh no no you can’t put the e300 don’t play some chicken oh yes good palm out look at Jose Oh awesome yarn Oh fourth day here oh hey oh man what could we possibly spend now it’s that justice fun hey into gold good oh you can make your resume let’s get a job – rule number one when making your CV is make sure all your information is accurate rule number two write a great cover letter yeah right skills that you’re good at yeah yeah roll over stop no font is important you want to catch their eye but you don’t want to be too flashy this isn’t Times Square after all haha nice it’s all right well email it to brave that man email it to Bernie will tell him Shane fuckers an amazing audition hot new talent – roosterteeth whoo you think Shane fuck will get promoted to director Canadian wow this is this is really interesting there’s a job theme going on wanted I know this is really strange it’s our life just like The Truman Show I like this Alya whatever is happening I like adam-12 the job so he searched for one what then he found one and today was his interview he was curious about it but he was even mom I finished again this is a college project for sure I don’t sit in the boss’s chair what no you know with red chairs – no way the red chairs for you I’m kind of you makes you feel vulnerable all right you can do this hello Adam my name is James and I will investigate a little about you let me start with some questions and I will do some a game made for us what the fuck is going on is this supposed to simulate like you being nervous at a job interview now take your time to relax and we will proceed to the next experiment okay I thought this is an interview when it has become an experiment where are my legs oh my gosh I’m tripping balls right now no you’re just playing the interval I don’t like this at all I’m starting to feel nauseous I’m a shot this dude is making me so wow I’m gonna hit my car how are you watching death porn oh that was of corpse I go now what ah actually I pass off the child yeah no thank you it was a penis Adam what do you feel about that have an erection boredom boredom interesting gun knife both can attach a gun knife I’m a big fan of squall whatever the knife oh yeah it’s designed to make you feel uncomfortable don’t let the game designer win it’s gonna put a rush on ya a modern-day wired feel like this Bruce is feeling really uncomfortable he doesn’t like it at all living in the line might be universal dream this is the last question of all thank you for you know something about this red little box you made a fool of yourself in this interview Adam hope you realize that oh thank you for your time sir I might have to excuse myself in this gameplay go throw up I don’t know what I’m gonna do or maybe masturbate hold on I just wanna get the box we’re almost done the interview I want a job guys I want a job Bruce this is experimental video games don’t have to be about the best score or the highest level those rags are yeah we’re racing attractor the fastest something alert it can be about getting to a little red box something bigs gonna happen at the end they’re gonna this is gonna announce the new Sonic game here we go now you’re the boss twist of the year Windows wallpaper oh I feel so much better yeah see you feel relaxed dammit oh but even a boss has bosses you got to talk to those bosses yeah but he was even more curious about that red little box at the end of the hallway let’s cleanse that palate I relive it something good like that something like removes murder simulator the Mims Oh back to the beginning um this is way better hey when you’re playing that other Mims game I bet you were probably thinking but how did this all start that’s how dragons funny he’s just so shocked we go it’s like Spore but worse you’re treating this with a really serious tone despite the fact that they’re basically the Hamburger Helper guys like to see that two gloves just having sex with each other look at him oh it’s Wembley Wembley my brains all fucked up visit see that’s a penis tip for sure my brains all fucked up for that game whoa all right hims that’s mentor man where’s my mirror the moon find that little penis penis plant and then agitate the tip oh the Gina sit there and pray to their God until something good happens like all religion it works hey shouldn’t we just start building it we could gather supplies we could have this thing done by nightfall keep praying you know what’s up Matt oh oh man all the fruits no way down members are making me fall asleep here are you getting queasy I need to play some overwatch or something would make me feel really really good do you imagine how this planet must smell look oh I am are you questioning mimsy really there’s cool stuff I need a weapon or something weapon he’s building it yeah this is stupid sport don’t forget about ninjas it’s plenty I got a hundred and thirty out of 300 wild ass baseball right now we can leave we could run home let’s go kill clean he figured it out let’s redo this that was like let’s go kill things we run like one of those avatar platforms you’re in toejam and Earl land that’s cool see these guys are giving me troubles like I love you oh you want to quit this and look at me Merle 34m rule 34 what’d I say hey uh I wouldn’t hamburger helper rule 34 they don’t have that for sure oh no oh we can show that you can show that we’ll do what I said yeah I read oh they used Crisco I owe you a dollar we’re prepared to offer you half a million dollars if you can hack the government make the check payable to Adam Kovac I mean uh-huh fighter Rachel Oh fine or whatever look at our common PO still here hasn’t left well no but did you print it yeah okay click okay magma chamber wow this one’s like a video you thought it said manga chamber at first you do real excited oh fuck

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  1. Watching this video months later and only just seen the description, great to read and still being entertained by these guys after years of watching.

  2. pretty sure the name of this video used to be something different. with youtube family friendly ad revenue fiasco

  3. I got a commercial for Apache sprayer watching this video. You guys should check them out. They look pretty solid. You know, if you need to spray some fertilizer on a few acres of land.

  4. Just an FYI, my grandpa was blown away when this one tractor was advertised as having an aerodynamic shape to help it cut through the air, at a top speed of 12. tractors are very slow.

  5. Nigyg y y. Y y. Y y y. Y. Y. Y. Y. Y y. Y. Gilt. GG. G. G. H gggy y. H h y thyme. This. G yyy. H y. Yyy y he. H y y th y yo. GG yyyyy. B.

  6. Holy shit…my family has a pig farm in superhero Illinois aswell,wtf soy bean farm?
    But tractors are fun to ride

  7. You guys really need to get another advertisement to sponsor your videos. I am offended by the very thought of Destiny 2 now just because I'm so sick of seeing the ad over and over and over. Please pick up another sponsor.

  8. I actually know the story behind the guy in the red shirt who got shot in the head. The man was named Jeff Doucet. Doucet was a karate teacher who had been molesting a boy named Jody Plauche- one of his students- for at least a year prior to the shooting. Doucet eventually kidnapped Jody and took him to a hotel where he raped and performed a number of other sexual acts on him. During one of many conversations with Jody's mother (he had demanded that she and her other children move to New York with him where they could start a family), local police raided the room and Doucet was arrested. When Doucet was flown back to Louisiana to face trial, Jody's father Gary Plauche had disguised himself and waited next to the phone booths for Doucet to arrive, where he shot him in the head point-blank. Doucet died the next day, and Gary Plauche was charged with manslaughter and sentenced to seven years' suspension, five years' probation and 300 hours of community service. Up until Plauche's death in 2014, he never expressed regret for what he did, and always maintained that he did the right thing.

  9. The song from the interview keeps me thinking of that Why song Good Friday and like two people know what I'm talking about

  10. Coming back 2 years later, after the latest video where Adam talks about the Pig Castration…..
    In memory of all the castrated pigs and pig FGM…

  11. I like how this video was recommended to me by youtube after the last GTA V gameplay where Adam talks about the pig and his uncle…

    Youtube knows what's up…

  12. Did anyone else get directed here from the new GTA gameplay where Adam also talked about his uncles mutilating pig genitals??

  13. I work on a farm and true story, we advertised a "true farm experience" and people payed us to work. We had them out in the field cutting crops by hand and hauling stuff and made money

  14. I feel like whoever put that 80s show as the computer background did it as a joke because they hate the show but it’s one of those it’s so bad it’s good and actually has a few great jokes in its one season on the air lol

  15. You know a game is good when the walls are white (not stylistically) and the narrator is a computer text-to-speech.

  16. Been scouring Funhaus' whole bloody backlog for ages just to see that Tom Sawyer/Rush bit.

    Worth it? You bet your ass it was.

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