Sony PS4 Pro Unboxing and Gameplay

Sony PS4 Pro Unboxing and Gameplay

Hey what’s going on everybody Chad Christian coming at you with another exciting video today and bring you the sony ps4 pro this one is jet black with one terabyte alright time to get into it with my handy dandy italian toothpick knife start guide power connector see how it’s different this time which is good because the little figure eight squiggly thing I always felt like it was going to fall out micro USB hdmi cable beautiful controller and this one has the light bar that shows up on the top here just like on the playstation 4 slim that I just unbox if you haven’t seen that make sure you check out that video and headphones she’s a beauty Clark i’m going to take you around to the backside here so we’ve got our power our hdmi-out auxillary our digital out another USB and our lan port good ventilation system here it’s nothing on the left-hand side you can see the stand mount hole right there on the front you can see here where you insert your discs in power bar 2 USBS on the front and nothing on this side let’s set it up show you guys what it looks like so how does it look so the big question the day is who is this for thats it for anybody who doesn’t already have a playstation 4 or Playstation 4 slim if you have a 4k TV this would definitely be for you though you’re looking at future proofing your system if you want the latest and greatest this is better if you have a playstation vr this will also help with that too so it’s really up to you I mean what are you looking forward you have an existing system i knew this system I think it’s a great by four hundred dollars more you get a future-proof yourself load times are faster graphics are better i think it’s a goodbye so it’s really up to you guys what you’re looking for I hope this helped just going to continue to show you some gameplay here just so you can get a feel for how runs and what it looks like so go ahead check it out so difference on this is the fact now that you’ve got an HDR mode right there enable HDR now this is not a 4k monitor so I can output to that but i can tell you the load times are way faster can I tell up the graphics are better that you tell me over the shadow of the lights so that’s going to do it for my video today i hope you guys liked it if you did hit that thumbs up I appreciate it make sure you hit the subscribe button stay tuned because i have a macbook pro 15 unboxing and review coming up this week so you guys won’t want to miss that and i’ll see you guys on the next video

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