Sonu Nigam – The Roadside Ustaad | Being Indian

Sonu Nigam – The Roadside Ustaad | Being Indian

By God’s grace, you have a lovely voice. Can I record what you sing? Excellent! Bravo! I’d like to shake your hand. Have you eaten breakfast, sir? Music is a rare education, not many receive it. And,I’m a student of music, and thought I should come out to present my music to all of you. I came like this. You probably know me better like this. This has been one of the most enlightening and remarkable experiences of my life. The same me, with the same voice, and the only differences are my clothes and age. My most memorable moment is of the boy, who held my hand and without anyone seeing, slipped me 12 rupees. I felt so good, as if I’ve made lakhs. Going to an undefined space, someone gave me a gift. I’ve asked my office to frame it. I wish I can meet him again, to give him something out of love for his gesture of 12 rupees. We lose so many important things from around us by not seeing. We look ahead while walking, and don’t appreciate the present. What do we want to get next, what do we want to do next… We don’t experience happiness in the moment. This is a learning for me, and for everyone watching the video. Happiness is right here, you
look don’t have to elsewhere. If you like this video and my music,
and if you’ve enjoyed my work and courage,

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  1. watch Soona Soona the classical song of sonu Nigam. Halchal Hui from Aja Nachle. Sathiyya title song, Alam Guzarne ko, Don't say Alvida and Halka Halka from Raaes

  2. Is banda ne sirf 12rs se dil jeet liya aur humein mera gf ko puri Buffet dinner krwake bhi dil nahi jit paya. lucky guy lot of thanks from BD.

  3. This shows if u have knowledge or art then u will definitely gather crowd or prove yourself in front of anyone. Also I would love to appreciate that boy who gave 12 rupees to sonu nigam ,hats off to you bro.

  4. 1 like us ladke ke jisne sangit ki ijjat ki bhikh nhi balki unhone ijjat ki sangit ki Kyuki vo chahta to sab ko dikha ke paise de sakta lekin nhi diya ???

  5. Good????…. If i see somebody talented at the street or anywhere… I will definitely appreciate….. Because it's a blessing from God….. Not everybody have it… It's treasure…. Only few knows the value…

  6. You are a big hearted man to appreciate the saugath. But us magical awaaz that sang" har pal yahaan JEE bhar jio ", us magic ko pahchaan nahin paayaa yaar koi ". Makes sense, because One really have to be obsessed with the magic in your voice to recognise the versatility. God bless you. You know that you are the best!!

  7. The guy who gave tip has good wisdom, good moral ethic for community
    Definitely u need find him and he will be good person inside and outside , who appreciate nature of human beings not look, very polite, definitely try to find this guy will be good for India community, to change the society for good
    Appreciate u farme, his 15 tip money , but that doesn't help to open people eye
    U need to find him

  8. Look at the people…music is that magic, which really hypnotize people cause they feel the soul becomes soothed instantly, absolute magic music is..!!❤️

  9. PERHAPS THE BOY IS AN ACTOR OF ODIA SERIAL NAME OF NUA BOHU …….And I love you bhai aap bohut a6e ho ye aapka behaviour se hi pata chalrahae … ….Thank you so much….?????

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