Sonic Riders – Game Grumps

Sonic Riders – Game Grumps

Hey I’m Grump (I’m not so Grump) And we’re the Game Grumps! (Quiet laughter) (Louder laughter) Arin: OOOOOOH Dan: (Tongue roll) Dan: Oh Arin: Daaamn Dan: Fuck yes Dan: Oh god fuck yes Arin: Look at em’ fucking go dude! Dan: I’m gonna wreck you at super sonic spee speeee speeeee speeeeeeeeehds Arin: I’m gonna shit all over the floor Arin: riding on sewage water! Dan: It’s Rainbowy Arin: It’s rainbow cuz it’s oil! Dan: (Laughter) Arin: We’re hurting the environment! Dan: (More Laughter) Dan: (Dur nur diga diga dur dur diga diga) Dan: Wow Arin: Yeah dude it’s pure edge Dan: I fucking love it Arin: They’re so cool Dan: ok, alright let’s get out of here Arin: They’re so co-fu you pressed the wrong button Arin: YOU KEEP DOING IT Dan: We’re in the demo-loop Arin: (Laughter) Dan: (Precious giggle) Arin: Alright, we’re playing Sonic Riders Dan: (Sigh) We sure are Arin: Which was always my question why are they snowboarding if they can all run really fast? Dan: woah Dan: Three guesses as too who just blew my mind Arin: Yeah, uhhh Arin: So, story mode (Dan: Oh my god there’s a story mode?) Arin: Ok normal race Dan: Alright, yeah Arin: So we’re gonna have a free race I guess Dan: Yeah just you and me, one free race Arin: Alright Dan: to rule it all Arin: uh, Egg Factory Dan: ah, Yes please Arin: That’s what I call my fuckin’ womb dude (Both Laugh) Arin: NICE Dan: Did you say that’s what you call your womb? Arin: Yeah Dan: Alright Arin: My uterus Dan: Yeah, was it you that I was talkin’ to about that how like- Arin: Yeah, Wave the Swallow Arin: Haha yeah dude Dan: Jet the Hawk?! Who is this person? Arin: Dude he’s cool right? Arin: I think he was a character made specifically for Riders Dan: Well in that case I gotta show- Arin: It’s Storm the Albatross, looks, it’s just Big the Cat, honestly, let’s be honest Dan: Alright Arin: um, I’m gonna be Sonic dude Dan: Yeah, Fuck yeah Arin: I could ride on the Blue Star or I could ride on the Blue Star… Dan: Yeah, Type-J for me please, that’s my only choice Arin: (Giggle) Dan: Yes! Hell yeah we’re ready! Sonic: ALL RIGHT Dan: What, you think we have time to fucking learn how to play this? Arin: Yo, we gotta go fast Arin: That’s what everyone says about Sonic isn’t it? Dan: Du- yeah do you think we’d go fast enough to be considered a SUPER SONIC SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH Arin: No Arin: Super Sonic Speeh? Dan: (Chuckle) Yeah, Speeh Arin: Isn’t that what- Isn’t that what Irish people call each other? Arin: BICH FUCKIN’ SPEH Dan: Spah Dan: Bring it on! Dan: Oh, what do we press? Arin: Oh geez Dan: oh god Arin: Oh what the fuck? Dan: Oh (Sonic and Jet fucking die) Arin: oh what the fuck? what the hell, what? Dan: oh ohh, we tried to start too early Arin: we got electro-sonic-speeded! Dan: yeah Dan: Okay, I’m not doing this right Arin: What is happening Dan: I’m not doing this right Arin: I got Melon Method dude! Dan: Okay? Arin: That’s what I use to make my… my lunch Dan: (Precious Giggle #2) Arin: The Melon Method Dan: oh fuck Arin: take out a baller and I make little cookie dough balls, that’s my lunch Dan: Oh god, I’m so slow right now Arin: BOOST Dan: oh, I got a boost! Dan: oh neat Arin: MELON Arin: METHOD Dan: oh oh oh i’m in the lava, i’m in the lava Arin: Look at all these rings Arin: (Intense Stutter) Arin: Can I do things? Dan: Alright, I’m having a little trouble Arin: God it’s so fast Dan: I am in 8th place Arin: IT’S SO FAST Dan: help Arin: No wonder this game’s a huge hit Dan: i need help Dan: what are you doing to go so fast? Arin: Boost dude Arin: You gotta hit the B button Dan: oh you gotta hold it down? Arin: yeah Dan: oooooooooh Arin: I’m in the pit! Arin: I’m running! Dan: You’re right, you’re absolutely right, I was holding down A Dan: Ok, now we’re cooking with gas Arin: Yeah it’s like playing a Sonic game, you just have to hold up Dan: Oh god I love it Arin: WOOOOOOO MELON Arin: MELON Dan: (Chuckle) Melon Dan: Jesus this game is insanity! Arin: I – I – It really is Dan: I can’t focus on anything Arin: I dunno, I’m in 6th, okay I’m in 6th Arin: why did it Arin: why did it Dan: How is it supposed to cure your ADD if the game itself has ADD? Arin: (laughter) Arin: SUPER Both: SONIC Both: SPEEEH Arin: I’m – I’m serious dude, like Dan: mhmm Arin: This is feeding in to the fu- i’m not you know, I don’t wanna be an old geezer or anything, but uh- Dan: Oh yeah, that’s what I was going to ask- Arin: I’m just like (Old man noise) Dan: dude I’m going 150-30-something somethings and hour Arin: I can’t handle this Arin: I can’t handle this Dan: This is terrible Dan: MELON METHOD Arin: Was this a hit? Was this a hit? Dan: Yeah of course this was a hit Arin: were people way into this? Dan: I just remembered what I was gonna say before Arin: What’s that? Dan: I’m trying to remember if it was you I had the conversation with… Dan: If like… Dan: The – The worst word you can bring into, like, sex talk, is uterus Arin: (Tssshhh) Dan: Oh yeah you fucking feel that in your uterus? Arin: oh yeah (wheeze) Arin: it’s inside your uterus Dan: Oh god- (chuckle) Dan: god your uterus is so good right now Arin: oh yeah Arin: Lick my perineum Dan: (intense laughter) Arin: yeah Dan: That is a disaster Arin: (laughing) Dan: That is not sexy at all Arin: That’s how you get- that’s what you gotta do Arin: You gotta be like- Dan: What do you gotta do for what, for what purpose? Arin: oh baby Arin: oh oh oh Arin: It’s gonna come out my urethra Both: Yeah Arin: OOOOH Arin: ooh, my epididymis is creating, is storing MATURE SPERM Dan: (Laughter) Arin: OHHH Dan: wow Dan: sure is Arin: I’M ABOUT TO EJACULATE Dan: HYAH, my vas deferens, it’s contracting! Both: (laughter) Arin: (Sigh of relief) Sonic brings out the best in all of us Dan: It really does, it really does Arin: I don’t know if I’m winning… or losing… or Dan: No, we are in 7th and 8th place Arin: No, there’s someone ahead of me though, I see COM Dan: Yeah there’s 6 people ahead of you, you’re in 7th Arin: Hey COM Arin: Come back here yo Arin: (Excited gibberish) I just passed em! Dan: oh shit you’re in 6th- no you’re in 7th again Dan: on the final lap Arin: Do they count as two people? Dan: They’re fuckin’ blazin by me at super sonic speh Arin: (laughs) Arin: SUPER Arin: SONIC Arin: SPEeeh (pain sounds) Arin: Was I riding their wind trail? Dan: oh, can you do that? can you ride the wake, the hot wake? Arin: I think so (Yes you can) Arin: I have no… clue… Dan: God my urethra Arin: where we are, what we’re doing, what the objective is, Dan: I have not been able to concentrate on one thing since we started playing this Arin: you can use the triggers- Arin: oh fuck Arin: you can use the triggers to drift Dan: Really? Arin: yeah Dan: ooh Arin: So you can get around corners better Dan: oh thats, OH Arin: -slow down Dan: yeah yeah Dan: uh, left trigger is a dead brake Arin: Cool, I’ll remember never to use it Dan: Yeah, why would you? Arin: No no no, you gotta turn while you’re doing it dude Dan: ohhh Dan: I’m just running, I’m just running with my fucking thing Arin: yeah cause you’re in the pit Dan: what does that mean? Arin: It means the place where I’m most moist on my body Dan: (laughs) oh your uterus Arin: (laughs) Dan: (laughs too) Arin: yes Dan: (various ohs) Arin: I got a uterus installed so I could have both Dan: Am I the only one still running this race? Arin: Yeah Dan: I am Arin: I was before you Dan: Ok, well Arin: You’re doing great though Dan: Oh yeah I feel great Arin: You’re really living up to the name of Storm the Hawk Arin: Or what ever the fuck his name is (It’s Jet the Hawk Dammit Arin) Dan: That’s right Arin: Seems more like a sentence than it does a name… Dan: I DID IT Arin: Nice Dan: Woooo Arin: Super Sonic Slowwww Dan: Woah you got 6th dude Arin: Yeah man I beat Amy Dan: That’s pretty impressive Arin: She let me win though, she loves me (I’m telling Suzy) Arin: I beat her by fucking .05 seconds Dan: Fuck Wave Dan: And you too tails (Get it? two tails? screw you that’s funny) Arin: NO I don’t wanna play this stupid level again Dan: Alright alright, ok Arin: Yes Arin: Oh, your data will be lost, no shit Dan: no Arin: It’s already lost Dan: Not my incredible 0-1 loss record Arin: there’s no retention in here already Dan: K, one more time, let’s try that again, let’s try that again Arin: Uhh, i’m gonna be… Arin: you gotta press A to come in Dan: I sure do Arin: Uh, i’m gonna be Storm the Albatross because he reminds me of- Dan: Froggy? Arin: Froggy Dan: froggy! Arin: HOPE YOU’RE READY FOR THIS Dan: I’m surprised you didn’t wanna be Wave, the cute swallow Arin: sh- uhhh Arin: I mean, she cool Arin: I’m Storm the Albatross dude Arin: Do they all literally have the same animation when they’re riding on- Dan: Yeah, they do actually Arin: -rigged one animation to a million models Dan: mhmm Arin: (weakly) Sooper Sohnik Spehhhhhh Arin: Wow look at that city it’s so metal dude Dan: Yeah, fuckin’ rock and roll baby Dan: I’M SWALLOW Arin: (laughs) Arin: I mean, In Waves Dan: wait, wait, hyuh (Wave fucking dies) Dan: aww dicks Arin: WOOOO Arin: Yo I’m an albatross I’ve got a wingspan Dan: Ok Arin: Right? Arin: That’s what albatrosses are? Arin: dude I got melon jesse dude Dan: yeah i’m proud of you Arin: that’s my favorite fan OC from Toy Story Arin: melon jesse Dan: (chuckles) Arin: Here we go here we go Dan: I’m in danger, i’m in danger Arin: dude, dude Dan: why am I in danger? Why am I in so much danger? Arin: Because you’re going SO FAST Dan: Is that what the problem is? Arin: I think you can’t go super fast Dan: Doesn’t feel like the problem (it is) Arin: That’s what it is, your speed Dan: oh Arin: you’re going so fast Dan: ohh Arin: I don’t know why it’s a problem Dan: I don’t fully understand why I can’t- Arin: OH MY GOD I’M FUCKING DUDE (-Arin Hanson 2017) Dan: What am I, why am I not ever on my board (wild hyena) Dan: oh there we go Arin: I don’t know Arin: I’m so confused Dan: yeah (laughs) Arin: Is this what being high feels like? Dan: uhhhh no, this is nothing what being high, this is what being on cocaine feels like Arin: Cause I’m just like, I don’t understand Dan: I would imagine Arin: oh my god, does anyone understand? Dan: umm, I don’t know Arin: yeah is there like somebody who’s like, ” No, they’re doing it so wrong dude.” Dan: Oh yeah, I mean, of course there is, are you kidding? Arin: I’ve played Sega All-Stars Racing and that game fucking rocks Dan: I’m kicking ass now though dude, i’m in 7th place Dan: out of a possible 7 out of 8 Arin: oh yeah nice dude wow, you’re not in 8th Dan: yep Arin: It’s pretty fucking good Dan: baby victories, baby victories Arin: what am I not doing right? I’m pretty much not- Arin: Oh I just got first (go arin go) (but go dan just a bit more) Arin: I just got first, how about that, nevermind Dan: You’re in first?! Arin: yeah Dan: oh my god Arin: I don’t know how Dan: Godammit I’m in danger again Arin: really don’t know how it happened Dan: oh, and I got hit by a car anyway Arin: oh shit, wait, why, what is the danger?? (Ur goin 2 fast ya speed demon) Arin: It makes no sense (yes it does-ish) Arin: why do i have to wiggle the stick? Arin: I DON’T GET IT (Sonic fucking dies) (again) Arin: I just smacked Sonic in the face! Dan: really? Arin: that’s dirty! Dan: sick Arin: That’s dirty racing! Arin: It’s not cool Arin: I got double S on that jump Dan: dude, sick sick Arin: I don’t- (laughs) Dan: oh no it stands for super sonic speh Arin: so-so Arin: yeah, i mean (Dan noises) Dan: God this is fucking intense as shit Arin: Yeah, i guess i’m doing good… well, i’m doing well Dan: Yeah you are Dan: no problem no problem, no judgement here Dan: I’m in 6th Dan: of my god this is like the biggest moral victory of my life Arin: you’re coming up in the world dude Arin: you’re a super sonic spah Dan: nuh Dan: SUpeR SoNiC 6th Arin: (laughs) Arin: come on, come on, fucking jump baby! Arin: I got a melon method, I got a jesse! Dan: Why do I, why do i have to T-bone cars Dan: like, why is that a thing, why is that a part of the game Arin: Because what the f- Dan: Did you just fucking win? Arin: I won Dan: you just fucking won Dan: I can’t believe it Dan: my victory will be not coming in last Arin: you’re not even close Dan: shut up dude Arin: you got like another 10 secondes before you reach the goal Dan: yeah, good Dan: time for our audience to appreciate how awesome I am Dan: Yeah Arin: wow dude Dan: did it Arin: that was good Dan: FUCK 8th Both: (Laugh) Dan: alright great Arin: well, 8 is higher than 1 right? Dan: you know it is. it certainly- Dan: oh my god knuckles overtook me at like the last millisecond Arin: you got beaten by E-10000G Dan: yeah Arin: A name they just, they were like, it’s a robot, just throw numbers in there Dan: yeah Dan: maybe it’s E-1OOOOG Arin: (laughs) Arin: E-lOOOOOG Dan: E-lOOOOOG Dan: at last, my perfect creation, the E-LOOOOOG Arin: Alright Dan: well great then, that was uhh this game Arin: well now we get to play Sonic Free Riders Dan: Oh my god really? Arin: yeah Dan: is that the ultimate takeaway from this game, it’s gonna lead us to play Sonic Free Riders? Arin: oh we gotta play some kinect games man Arin: we been doing the VR shit Dan: Yeah, I’m Into it Arin: ah man Dan: I’m straight up into it baby Arin: alright, let’s play some shitty kinect games at some point Dan: see ya then everybody Arin: bye Dan: bye (SOOPA SUNIK SPEH) (Arin Wins)

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  1. I played this on a store demo as a kid. My experience was almost identical to this video, except it was single player. I even ran into the electric thing at the start.


    that said I played it recently it was so triggering and nerve racking lol

  3. I remember this game and you never truly won until your a lap ahead of 2nd place. Nothing so satisfying like not only being in the lead but catching up to the guys behind you to a point where you pass them even though your already in first place

  4. I kinda figured they don't run because it wouldn't be a fair competition with Sonic being the fastest thing alive and there's some parts on the tracks that can't be ran on.

    Oh, and to avoid repeating Sonic R.

  5. Omg, they need to play the story for this game, it's so hilarious. Would love to see their reaction to what eggman says "not any race, but a special race, to see who's the fastest" 👌😂

  6. To all you arguing and getting pissed at whether this is Arins fault or the games, your all stupid, this is for entertainment, not something to argue over

  7. I got three minutes in and I just couldn’t watch any more. I got really good at this game over the summer and it’s torture watching them suck at this

  8. My best friend and I were obsessed with this game in middle school lol. It’s pretty much the only thing we played for 2 years. Man I loved this game.

  9. I am one of the people who know exactly what's happening and what they're doing wrong (and don't understand), and I super love the innocence of this. <3

  10. This game is jank af but it’s painfully obvious to anyone who has played that they made no effort to learn. That said it’s comedy it’s not in their interest to put in effort to learn the controls so just treat it as a case study of controls that arent so intuitive that someone can learn them with zero attention.

  11. I’m doing a random GG binge and I just found this gem (8:42)

    Enjoy friends of the future

  12. Once you get used to the game it's a lil bit more fun to play. But my favorite game was Sonic Heroes

  13. This brings back powerful memories of awesome times with my brother. We loved this game and I'm lucky to have shared funny moments with him.
    Thanks for playing the game bros!

  14. As someone who played this game as a kid and took it super seriously with his friends, it hurts me to watch them playing it so bad 😂

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