SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES – TOKYO 2020 | Sept 2019 Trailer

SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES – TOKYO 2020 | Sept 2019 Trailer

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  1. Just hear me out. What if you have an opening ceremony where Knuckles bring a Master Emerald Torch to a replica of Angel Island?

  2. Why would Nintendo banned Mario from this mobile port?
    They already have some good Mario mobile games.And they made Mario run much more fun with remix 10.

  3. I'd rather they not release anymore mobile games and focus instead on making the console games better. Sonic is a console franchise, not a mobile one.

  4. Reminder: The reason why Mario isn't in the mobile version is because He's about to enter to the Real Tokyo 2020 since Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony.

  5. Honestly, this game won’t be so great. Mario was kind of the cheese and pepperoni, while Sonic was just the crust of the pizza. Who likes eating JUST the crust? Because after 2020, this game will die. And the Sonic movie is coming out that year. 2020 is going to be Sonic and Sega’s year of defeat. What we should have is Mario and Zelda at the Olympic Games

  6. Please Sega make Rouge fully playable in this game , it sucks that she only playable in one event in Mario and sonic. Also give her outfit riders .

  7. Sonic: Do you wanna go mobile for the Olympics?

    Mario: Nah, Nintendo offered me a job in a shitty version of Mario Kart.

  8. Nintendo: we can't just add real online to mario kart tour day 1

    Sega: does online day 1 whitout faking it

    Nintendo: angry italian noises

  9. I like how it’s just Sonic at the Olympic Games. Like none of the rest of the characters matter. Tails and Knuckles? Nah they don’t matter. What about Mario? He used to be in this series! Nope. Not a chance. Sonic is all that matters.

  10. Umm… Sega? Are you forgetting someone? Does the name "Nintendo" sound familiar? You guys have collaborated on some games in the past?

  11. Sonic asked Mario if he wanted to join on mobile, Mario saw how Mario Kart Tour went and said “nah, I’m good”.

  12. Sonic: Hey Mario I'm making a new mobile game. Do you want in?

    Mario: (looks at mario kart tour) you know I kinda got my own thing going on and yes unlike your shitty app it is actually good

  13. "All the Sonic series characters in Tokyo." Chaos, Tails Doll, Mephilis, The Deadly 6 (Not just Zavok), the Whisps, Mecha Sonic, Infinite, etc.: Interesting…

  14. Me: Mom, can we have Mario and Sonic at the Olimpic Games Tokyo 2020?
    Mom: No, we have Mario and Sonic at the Olimpic Games Tokyo 2020 at home

    Mario and Sonic at the Olimpic Games Tokyo 2020 at home:

  15. “All the Sonic Series Characters In 2020.”
    Me: “Does that includes Sal—“
    Respected game developers: “SHE NEVER EXISTED!”

  16. Calls Mario
    Sonic: hey Mario do you and your friends want to compete at the Olympic Games with us on mobile?
    Mario: thanks sonic but I have to decline the offer. Me and my friends are about to go on a tour, go karting around the world for our mobile game. don’t worry, after we’re done, we’ll see you on switch for the olympics.
    Sonic: alright, have fun, see you on switch

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