Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed vs. Mario Kart 8

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed vs. Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart is easily the most loved and recognized
kart racing series of video games of all-time. The eight Mario Kart titles have gone on to
sell a total of over one hundred million copies combined, making this little Nintendo spin-off
one of the company’s biggest franchises and huge cash cow. Mario Kart has had many imitators over the
years, and while some of them have had great ideas and innovations of their own, they always
seem to loom in the shadows of the go-kart driving plumber. Recently, Mario Kart 8 was released, many
hailed it as the greatest kart racer ever. But what if I told you there was a racing
game worthy of being in the same conversation as the great and mighty Mario Kart 8? Okay, make all the fuss you want, but it doesn’t
change the fact that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is not only a great kart racing
game in its own right, it has every right to be in the debate as the best racing game
available on the all but dead Wii U console. This is VERSUS. Where I take two video games; it could be
a game and it’s sequel, or just two games from which many correlations can be made,
and I compare and contrast them to see which one is the better choice. Today on VERSUS we’ll take a look at Sonic
& All-Stars Racing Transformed and Mario Kart 8. The criteria I will be judging these two games
on are as follows: the gameplay, tracks, racers, single player, multiplayer and best value. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed’s gameplay
overall seems to favor skill over item usage or pure luck, which, for more hardcore gamers
is a good thing. What sets this kart racer apart is that the
action doesn’t always take place on the road, sometimes it’s up in the sky and a
fair bit of it takes place in the water too. Winning a race will require you to not only
have mastered the road racing mechanics, but also the flying mechanics and the boat racing
mechanics. Road racing is the most traditional of the
three, veterans of the Mario Kart series will have no problems getting into this aspect
of the game. The on-the-ground racing is insanely fast-paced
and pretty much requires players to use the drift mechanic. If not you’ll be bumping into walls a lot,
or straight up falling off the course. Drifts can be built up over multiple curves
with several levels. The more time you spend drifting the larger
of a boost you’ll get. Boost panels are all over the tracks too so
you can maintain a pretty high speed, and let me tell you, it’s pretty satisfying
to string together several boosts and zoom well ahead of the pack. There are also ramps and ledges to drive off. Flicking the secondary analog stick will allow
you to perform flips and rolls, if landed properly these can give you a speed boost. More skilled players will take advantage of
any air-time they can get, performing small flips and tricks to get small boosts of speed
throughout the race. Overall, the road racing is fast-paced and
fun, if you’re a fan of conventional kart-racing games, you’ll have no complaints with it. Sometimes, racing takes to the sky, and this
is where thee gameplay slows down considerably. The problem with the sky racing is that it
seems like you rely heavily on hitting boost rings, but that’s about it. The free-range nature of the flight mode mean
you really can’t rely on drifting and doing tricks. Sure there are obstacles to avoid but the
flying just sort of feels a bit tacked on. Thankfully, most courses don’t rely much
on flight. The flaw with this is that it’s sort of
jarring to go from tearing up the tight curves of the road at massive speeds to slowly flying
through large open spaces. The final style racing you’ll be doing is
down in the water. The boat racing is a lot like the on-the-road
racing, it just feels like the control is a bit looser, which is actually pretty realistic
because cars obviously drive much tighter than boats. To compensate looser control, the waterways
are typically wider than the tracks and the curves are larger as well. Drifts and stunts are just as pivotal as they
are on the road and boost rings are plentiful. While I prefer the on-the-road racing the
most, I wouldn’t give up the air or water racing because they make for some creative
level designs. Overall, the gameplay is pretty darn solid,
but the mixed bag nature of it might turn off a certain set of players. The game is pretty difficult to play at any
of the higher levels and isn’t as casual to get into as most kart racers. It certainly takes a bit of time to learn
how everything in the game works. Mario Kart 8 on the other hand is a much more
relaxing and casual racing experience. It only takes a few minutes to figure out
how everything works, especially for veterans of the series. While it may not be as fast paced as Sonic
& All-Stars Racing Transformed, everything on offer from the game pretty much hits the
nail on the head. The core road-racing is just as solid as always,
but Mario Kart 8 ups the ante by refining or adding all-new mechanics to the racing. For example, the hang gliding and underwater
racing introduced in Mario Kart 7 felt like they were gimmicky, but in Mario Kart 8 they’ve
sped things up, changed the amount of control players have whilst in the air and they even
made the underwater sections less insufferable- Mario Kart 8’s new feature is the antigravity
mode, which isn’t as invasive as it sounds. You know the road racing? It’s pretty much that, except the wheels
on your kart turn sideways and you get boosts from bumping into other racers. This new feature allows for tracks to curve
upside down and around loops and whirls. The unfortunate setback to this is that in
order to maintain orientation, you can’t really even tell when you are upside down
or driving in antigravity mode because not a whole lot changes mechanically from just
driving on the regular track. It’s not until you look at the track design
itself that you see how creative this feature is. Now there are a few exceptions where you can
really see the antigravity mode running its course while you’re racing, but typically
things don’t change enough to really make the player aware of what’s going on. Coins were brought back from older games in
the series, for those of you who don’t know, collecting more coins allows your top speed
to increase, but the game isn’t entirely reliant on them, for example its perfectly
possible to win a race without any of them, and overall the coins serve as only a tiny
game changer. Items are pretty much the same as always,
they can make or break a race which is why I’ve always said Mario Kart games feel more
like they are more about luck than actual skill, but thankfully recovering from getting
hit by items too has been sped up from past games in the series and unless you get hit
by several items in a row- which does happen from time to time, you don’t feel as derailed
when getting hit by an item. Unfortunately, drifting has been simplified. Instead of drifting being based upon how fast
a player can tap directional inputs, its more based on how long you hold the drift. The boost you get from drifting doesn’t
feel as powerful as previous games. Much like with the coins, its perfectly possible
to win races without using the drift mechanic at all. The gameplay is just rock-solid and addictive
though All of the different racing styles in Mario
Kart 8 feel pretty well intertwined, and nothing really changes the game enough that its jarring
like in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. So best gameplay goes to: Mario Kart 8. The accessibility and consistency of the gameplay
make this one the better choice in my eyes. While Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
might technically have more features and mechanics, none of them feel quite as refined as Mario
Kart 8’s gameplay where all racing styles are connected seamlessly. Don’t get me wrong, for hardcore players
who like speed and challenge, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is probably a better choice
gameplay-wise, but Mario Kart 8 covers enough bases so that beginners can enjoy it and so
can hardcore players. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed leaves
casual, pick up and play kind of gamers out in the cold. What’s a racing game without the tracks? Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has a
bit of an edge over Mario Kart 8 in this category in the sense that it isn’t limited to just
a single universe course design, but to Sega’s entire I.P. library. There are 21 total courses in Sonic & All-Stars
Racing Transformed, and while I do wish there were more of them, what we do have is pretty
good. A vast majority of Sega’s franchises are
represented in the game: Sonic the Hedgehog, Monkey Ball, Shinobi, The House of the Dead,
Nights, even lesser known franchises like Billy Hatcher and Out Run have courses based
on their universe. For the most part, each track in Transformed
pays incredibly faithful homage to its source material. The most stunning of which is the Curien Mansion
from The House of the Dead, which, if you’ve played the game, it pretty much recreates
the experience one to one. Some tracks will focus more on one particular
mechanic, for example, the After Burner track is mostly a flying stage whereas something
like the Monkey Ball level is spent almost entirely on the road. Every single track in the game has at least
two of the three racing styles represented in some form too. I think the track that strikes the most perfect
balance between them is the Panzer Dragoon course, where it feels like you spend equal
amounts of time on the road, in the air and in the water. I enjoy most of the tracks in the game but
a few of them miss the mark, mainly the Casino course and the Billy Hatcher course. The Casino course just doesn’t seem like
it fits into the game at all, most of it is spent on the road but the design of the track
doesn’t seem like it was made with Transformed’s boost mechanic in mind. The Billy Hatcher course feels way to narrow,
you’ll be hitting walls at basically every curve and the water section is pretty annoying
too. The slim tunnel you boat through just doesn’t
ever feel like there is enough clearance, those are really the only two courses I dislike
in the whole game though. The other 19 are pretty good. I love the crazy design and the randomness
of the Samba De Amigo stage, I just want to slow down and take it all in, the Shinobi
level is awesome too with it’s giant jumps and cool architecture to go along with it. Don’t even get me started on the Skies of
Arcadia stage either, the flight section in that course is hands down the best in the
whole game and yeah, overall the race tracks in Transformed are pretty solid. The only issue being if you are partial to
one racing style and one style only, there really aren’t too many courses that cater
to this mindset. While there are a lot of great courses in
the game, it’s hard to get a good feel for some of them because the track transforms
after one lap or you race on a different section of the course, this makes them difficult to
master or speed run. Overall though, I like the tracks in Transformed
a lot. Mario Kart 8’s tracks are quite possibly
some of the best the series has to offer. When the game launched, there were 32 tracks
available, 16 new courses and 16 retro courses. I’m only going to focus on the courses introduced
in Mario Kart 8, because while the retro courses are always fun, they aren’t unique to Mario
Kart 8, they can be enjoyed in other Mario Kart games. Mario Kart 8’s track designs definitely
don’t seem as conservative as the ones from 7. Right away it seems like they went all-out
with the courses in the game. Water Park is creative and fast-paced even
though it takes place almost entirely underwater, Sweet Sweet Canyon has multiple pathways,
the Electrodome has really cool antigravity sections, Toad Harbor mixes in the traffic
aspect everyone loves, everything inherent to Mario Kart is here and then some. The developers definitely eschewed tradition
for some of these courses and it pays off. I can say with complete confidence that the
course design in this game is some of the best in the series. It’s never afraid to push the envelope with
its structure, it even throws out the traditional three identical laps idea in Mount Wario which
is probably the best course the game has to offer. Ironically, the most boring courses in the
game to me are the “traditional” ones, you know, the Bowser Castle, Mario Circuit
and Rainbow Road that just have to be in every Mario Kart game. I think It would have been cool to see a new
Donkey Kong course too. The only course in this whole game that I
really dislike is the Bone Dry Dunes just for its sheer blandness compared to everything
else in the game. This game has the HD graphics on its side
too which I think make it the most visually diverse and creative of all of the Mario Kart
games, theses courses are absolutely beautiful. I guess I should talk a bit about the new
DLC courses too. Nintendo branched out from simply just Mario
Kart and took more of a Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed approach with the DLC by
adding courses based off of their other I.P.s. The Animal Crossing stages don’t seem too
far off from something that could exist in Mario Kart 8 and they’re pretty good. Maybe not quite as good as the base game’s
track offerings but they certainly aren’t bad either. The Legend of Zelda course is pretty cool,
but once you get over the novelty of it, it’s a pretty standard race track. The F-Zero tracks change the game a lot, which
is good and they definitely pay great respect to F-Zero by having pretty similar design
to something you would find in an actual F-Zero game. I think my favorite is the Excitebike course. Even though it’s just a big oval, the multiple
jumps and large curves make for great competitive racing that feels more skill based than some
of the other tracks that have lots of pits and hazards.The other DLC tracks are pretty
harmless too, fun, but maybe not as well thought-out as some of the tracks that launched with the
game. Overall, the winner of this category is once
again Mario Kart 8. While Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
has some pretty awesome courses, the likability of them is more-so grounded in which aspect
of the gameplay the player wants to put up with. While having three different race styles integrated
into one single track is incredibly creative, it just seems like there is too much inconsistency
in the design to ever get a great feel for them. Mario Kart 8 on the other hand rarely misses
the mark, each course not only feels unique, but also completely new from tracks from older
games in the series. Next up is the racers available to play as
in the game and thankfully, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed represents Sega as a whole
extremely well. Sure you’ve got a fair amount of Sonic characters
like Dr. Robotnik, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Metal Sonic and Sonic himself but some of
the other roster choices are suprisingly great. For more modern Sega fans, characters like
Beat from Jet Set Radio, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Ai Ai from Monkey Ball, B.D. Joe from Crazy Taxi, Amigo from Samba De Amigo
and most surprisingly Vyse from Skies of Arcadia all appear as playable characters. Sega even catered to the more nostalgic audience
with additions like Joe Musashi from Shinobi, Gilius from Golden Axe, Nights from- well
Nights, and my personal favorite, Alex Kidd from the Alex Kidd series. There are even a few guest-star characters
like Wreck-It Ralph which is pretty cool, and uh… Danica Patrick… also you can race as your
Mii making it a crossover character since you can also play as Miis in Mario Kart 8. I really like this roster and I think that
it’s pretty great. Mario Kart 8’s character roster on the other
hand- well let’s just say that I’m not the first one to complain about it. The biggest addition to the series is the
Koopalings which I admit was pretty cool at first. You’ve also got all of your series staples,
Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, DK and Wario, and even a few other fan-favorites
like Koopa, Rosalina and Waluigi, but the rest of the roster is not all that great in
my eyes. They chose to put 5 different baby characters
in the game, which is fine, but why in the hell do we need Metal Mario and Gold Peach? They cut fan-favorite racers like Birdo, Dry
Bones, Baby Bowser and Diddy Kong which is a decision I still can’t wrap my head around. With DLC they added six more racers, Villager,
Isabelle and Link which are all cool characters to have, but then they also added Tanooki
Mario, Cat Peach and Dry Bowser. My question becomes why does the DLC have
yet another incarnation of Mario and Peach? If you’re keeping count, that’s four variants
of two characters! If you’re like me and not a fan of the babies,
koopalings or clone racers, that leaves you with only about 18 racers to choose from,
which is abysmal compared to the great roster of racers Mario Kart Wii had. It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway,
I’m not a fan of Mario Kart 8’s roster so this round goes to Sonic & All-Star Racing
Transformed. Next up, best single player. Well, I can definitely tell you that Transformed
certainly has a pretty dense single-player mode, especially compared to the majority
of kart racers. The meat of the single-player is the Career
mode, where the player meets objectives to unlock hidden courses and characters. These range from simple races, to boost challenges,
to avoiding traffic, to even boss fights! It’s always rewarding to go the next area
or unlocking new racers by completing objectives at higher levels, and I think single-player
is where Transformed really shines. It’s an insane amount of fun to play most
of the career mode challenges. It’s definitely a callback to something
like Diddy Kong Racing in the sense that it’s a kart racer yes, but it’s got a lot more
to offer than just racing, it’s refreshing to see nowadays where lots of games like this
rely on online multiplayer and skimp on the single player options. Transformed definitely offers a solid single-player
mode and remains one of the main reasons I still pick up and play this game pretty often. Mario Kart 8 on the other hand, well, single
player is not it’s forté let’s say. Sure there are time trials to complete and
Grand Prix races to win but aside from this I mean, there isn’t really much to do. Thankfully the racing is great, I mean I had
a ton of fun playing by myself just to get footage, but you can’t help but think…
yeah this would be funner with friends. Historically, Mario Kart games aren’t meant
to be enjoyed by yourself, they are meant to be played with others, therefore Nintendo
opted to keep this game the same way. Overall, Mario Kart 8 is fun by yourself,
but it’s not going to immerse you int its single-player gameplay like Transformed. So yeah, best single-player goes to Sonic
& All-Stars Racing Transformed. Sonic & All-Stars Racing offers up pretty
forward-thinking multiplayer too, you can play four player splitscreen with a fifth
player even being able to play on the gamepad plus you can play every game mode in the game
in multiplayer, even Career Mode… the only problem is… well, it sort of sucks. The game’s already low frame rate feels
like it is halved when playing split-screen and it just seems sort of glitchy and incomplete. There are even a few multiplayer exclusive
modes but I’d be lying if I told you they weren’t all rubbish too. In my eyes multiplayer sort of misses the
mark, especially if you’re used to the performance of the game in single player. Mario Kart 8 conversely, thrives off multiplayer. In fact, every game in the Mario Kart series
does. The frantic and competitive nature of the
game can’t truly be enjoyed unless you have a friend or two with you. The amount of time I’ve played Mario Kart
with friends is probably around 95%, just to show how fun this game is when you have
a group. Nintendo has always made top-notch multiplayer
games and Mario Kart 8 is no exception. While fun alone, it becomes a whole new game
when enjoyed with friends. Therefore it’s no surprise that best multiplayer
goes to Mario Kart 8. The final criteria I’ll be ranking these
two games on is the best value. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is available
on five different platforms and the average price of the game is around twenty dollars
new which is a pretty good deal in my mind considering the amount of fun you can have
with this game. If you’re a fan of kart racing games, the
transformed mechanic is pretty neat, but as I iterated before takes a bit of a time investment
to get used to. It’s definitely not a game where you can
just jump right in and be good at it. For twenty bucks or less, it’s a pretty
solid game to add to your collection and is definitely one of the best single player racing
experiences out there right now. Mario Kart 8 on the other hand is a bit more
pricy, running at around forty bucks for a Wii U copy. If you want all of the downloadable racers
and tracks it’s going to cost you another 12, bringing the total just above fifty dollars. Now, all things considered, I think that’s
a pretty good price for the content you’re going to get, totaling with 48 tracks and
six extra racers, but for an outdated system like the Wii U, the price still seems a bit
high to justify. But- what if I told you there was another
version of Mario Kart 8 that is potentially a better value? Well, coming soon for the Nintendo Switch
is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with a price tag of 60 bucks. The game not only includes all of the DLC
from the Wii U version but more racers and a new and better battle mode too. Plus you’ll be able to play it online for
years to come since the Switch looks like it has a pretty bright outlook. Therefore I’m going to give the best value
category to Mario Kart 8 overall since the Switch version is pretty decently priced for
something with as much content as it’s going to have. That makes the winner of this episode of VERSUS Mario Kart 8. While both games have their strengths and
weaknesses, Mario Kart 8 is just the more solid choice with better gameplay, courses,
multiplayer and value. This was a tough decision since they are both
really great racing games, probably the two best kart racers of the 2010s, so if you like
a little variety pick them both up, nothing’s stopping you. Thanks for checking out this episode of Versus. Check back later for more!

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  2. Me: Sonics racing game has the best design and lighting, and characters and they have different status for speed and defense and etc. other than that I don’t like Mario kart due to that it’s just the same kind of thing over and over and over and over..
    Friend:I AGREE!!!!!
    Mario sucks.

  3. I like them both. Played them both on the wii at the very beginning and got through every course. Then both of them on the wiiU pretty much the same thing again. Now they need to hurry with Sonic and all stars racing transformed on Nintendo Switch.

  4. There's also the part where the Sonic game has some cool characters and cars, while Mario Kart has none, and the game itself looks like its made for toddlers.

  5. S&ART Is not only for 5 platforms, It also has a mobile version (which would be like a hybrid between the PSVITA and 3DS version because of the graphics)

  6. Play Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed with me Please! My Nintendo Network ID is Jaiquay if you want to play. But I'm pretty good at the game, just saying

  7. Although I love both series. I find sonic all stars to be better because of the characters and skill based gameplay. (I’ve always liked sonic more than Mario) Mario kart 8 is one of the best racing games in history and the game as a whole feels more polished (except battle mode) while the animations and story in sonic all stars felt very rushed and too difficult. But Mario kart was always very cheap in many ways and the game is similar to Mario party with its luck in the items. Sonic and all stars is less cheap and a more skill based challenge. I think the first sonic all stars game was better. But I am interested to see how sonic team racing will turn out

  8. Almost the exact opposite…
    Best Gameplay: SASRT
    Best Tracks: SASRT
    Best Racers: MK8
    Best Single Player: SASRT
    Best Multiplayer: Draw
    Best Value: Draw (SASRT is much better but nobody plays it anymore)

  9. I played both and I think sonic was better because sonic did something new.
    Also you can play on a mobile device and I don't have a wii u so yeah.

  10. SONIC & ALL STARS RACING TRANSFORMED is awesome.. I love the three types or racing..(Yes the 3 of them). I bought the game for WiiU, XBOX360 and 3DS..

  11. S&SASRT wins by far for me. it has more action packed settings and has transforming which gives it a decisive advantage. the all star is op and the super pickup is very useful as well as the glove. it has more interesting characters and galactic parade just blowws everything away. for me MK8D stands a better chance but will still lose IMO. the drift has 3 levels and is far faster. you can even choose different mods to help you. the air tricks are better and you can do more. i love shadow in the tank.

  12. I hate you sonic all stars racing transformed is way better mk8 it's to much money and mk8 is only on 2 systems and sonic all stars racing transformed is on 5 systems so that makes sonic all stars racing transformed the true winner how many people think that mk8 is better than sonic all stars racing transformed like if you Don't think that mk8 is better than Sonic all stars racing transformed also like

  13. In My Opinion Mario Kart 8 is the worst racing game!!! Why??? Because There's the slowest gameplay ever, no challenges, bad tracks, easiest gameplay and shitty characters from Mario!! However, It has good Multiplayer mode!!

    While Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed has Fastest gameplay, lots of challenges, Super tracks, Amazingly hardcore Gameplay and SEGA characters!!

    IGN scored Mario Kart 8 "9" Because They love this game and they said that they hate Sonic

  14. Dude, Mario kart 8 have no battle tracks, but Sonic Racing tranformed has more multiplayer features And a few battle arenas than Mario kart 8, plus 5 players. It's not all about the multiplayer frames rate performance.

  15. Your bias is clearly visible. You say that the transform mechanics tale time to get used to and can be complicated, but I'm not a racing fan and I still completed Sonic And All-Star Racing Transformed without a hitch. You say that Sonic has more tracks and you still gave the point to Mario? Also you criticize Sonic' multiplayer for some frame drops despite being fare, unlike Mario where you can be the best racer and get shafted by a blue shell at the end. Also people complain that games are too hand-hold-y these days and you praise Mario for exactly that, though again, I'm not a kart racer player and I still didn't have any issues completing Sonic. The last one takes the cake. You give the Best Value point to Mario despite being more expensive and having less to do because it has a switch port. But you completely ignore the fact that Sonic is on multiple platforms including freakin' phones. And you ignore the Steam version which also negates the complaints you had with the multiplayer performance which you only nitpicked because you checked the freakin' wiiU version of all things. Oh and wasn't Nintendo the one that didn't allow online multiplayer? Which gives Sonic an instant win. Who plays couch multiplayer these days? I might be wrong with the online thing though but I'm fairly certain it wasn't there on the WiiU.

  16. 1. Mario Kart DS
    2. Sonic and Sega all stars Racing
    3. Mario Kart 8/8 Deluxe
    4. Sonic and all Stars Racing Transformed
    5. Mario Kart 7


  17. Billy Hatcher and casino aren't hard or misdesigned. You just have to be good lol. You can go top speed and not hit a single wall. Just learn how to drift and take angles

  18. Well,if you search online, Sonic all stars racing transformed had the idea of transforming first while Mario Kart stole it and came out first while Sonic all stars racing transformed was still in development for graphics and mechanics.So people could say that Mario Kart 8 copied and is a Rip off that came before of Sonic all stars racing transformed.Im not lying

  19. I've played niether, but I would have said mario kart 8 until I found out that sonic all stars has TF2 characters. Don't listen to me I've just wasted your time.

  20. So biased why did you even do a chart if you marked Mario cart 8 #1 for value when it costs 3 times as much? You should have just said "I like Mario cart 8 better"

  21. I like more this Sonic i havê onde for my Xbox and its fantastic i really line this game recently i play this game every day

  22. My opinion
    Super Mario Kart > Sonic Drift
    Mario Kart Super Circuit > Sonic Drift 2
    Mario Kart 64 > Sonic R
    Mario Kart Double Dash < Sonic Riders
    Mario Kart DS < Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
    Mario Kart Wii < Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing
    Mario Kart 7 < Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
    Mario Kart 8 ? Team Sonic Racing

  23. 18:30 PC version have no problem as far as i remember it, solid 60 fps even on old PC on 4 players split-screen. It also have more characters from PC sega games and ith cheap. You mention Switch version so why no PC?

  24. Sonic Racing has 1 long varied track instead of 3 repeatable loops*

    "It's hard to get a good feel of the track and it's hard to speedrun"

    Mario Kart does literally the same thing*

    "This is the best course this game has to offer"

    Ok bud

  25. The Excite Bike track is also my favorite in MK8 Deluxe followed by the F-Zero tracks. Still i personally find Sonic better in all your categories. To me, it is the better game.

  26. Im nintendo fan but on the best price AKA the last point it had to be sonic becuse he is talking about kart games on the wiiu not on the swich but still mariokart is a cool game

  27. I don’t think bringing in the Switch was playing fair. Likewise, Sonic Racing on other consoles is nice, but it’s not a good comparison. It should be WiiU only.

  28. Nah… let me educate you.

    The 2 games have a solid gameplay, the both games are great in this. Sure Mario is way easier than Sonic, but this doesnt make the Sonic's game bad. When u master the cars, boats and the "airplanes" u will feel like a pro. The races again, are way more entertaining than the ones from Mario.
    Another good thing that has Sonic is the missions. The missions are really challenging and they bring variety to the game… But Mario doesnt have this things… LAME. This makes the game boring unless u have that stupid suscription of Nintendo to play online. Again, LAME. The game has 4 difficulties and Mario 3…
    Sonic is the clear winner.


    Sonic has the best tracks. Almost all of the tracks change after 1 lap changes with impressive things happening while u are running them.
    Mario tracks are fun but they get pretty boring after playing them a few times.

    MARIO, Period.



    Although Sonic has YEARS being out there, it still has people playing it on Steam. This is really surprising BUT, in the races its u and the other players… there is no npcs or anything else. So Mario is best here.


    OBVIOUSLY SONIC! This one got me mad. Sorry but how the fuck do compare a 60 dollar game with a 2-5 dollar game(when it has a discount on steam)? U may not have a lot of players to compete against in Sonic. But it has 4 difficulties that will give u a lot of challenge. Mario depends on the multiplayer, it depends on a stupid suscription.

    Nintendo doesnt need to make their franchises better because its so easy to satisfy their fans with little changes on the exclusives.

    Sonic wins this round.

  29. Best value to me: Sonic Transformed. Since it's available on multiple platforms. I do not have a Wii u or a Switch. And I like arcade more than kart. And in Super Mario Kart previously, I always last around placement 6-7. And I never multiplay. 🙂

  30. Kinda wish that you had used footage from people that weren't apparently suffering some sort of medical emergency for the Sonic multiplayer section. I didn't notice anyone in the Mario multiplayer section slowly grinding up against a wall at the start of the race, or grinding up against a wall until they turned around like they did in the Sonic section.

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