Solving the IMPOSSIBLE Bottle Puzzle!!

Solving the IMPOSSIBLE Bottle Puzzle!!

no not today- So today I thought I’d
flex my intuitive muscles to help me solve this
Impossible Bottle Puzzle. (upbeat music) This is a phrenology head, used to study the different
parts of the brain. So hopefully today we’ll be using this part of the brain here,
which is intuitive reasoning and reflective faculties,
paired up with this here, constructiveness, ingenuity and dexterity. I’ve been able to solve a
few puzzles on this channel and with a little bit of time and a little bit of
frustration and some swearing, we’ll get there together. Today is a special puzzle indeed, because the puzzle that I’m
going to attempt to solve is closely related to something that I’ve had on my shelf for years. Let me take you back. In Western Canada there’s
a magician and creator and writer by the name of Jamie D. Grant. He’s also a paramedic,
but he’s also a writer for like Magic Magazine. Now Jamie’s created a few
magic tricks and puzzles that are available in the magic industry. However, one of them in particular is sort of, I would say is
the most impossible object that I own. And it is the Anything is Possible Bottle. What this is, is a
completely sealed bottle. All the way around. And inside this sealed milk bottle is a sealed, brand new,
unopened deck of cards. Now I know a lot of you are gonna say, well you know he probably fused the bottle around the cards afterwards. Let me assure you that’s not the case, because the cellophane
which holds the cards is made of very thin plastic and if that bottle was
heated up in any way, that plastic would melt. But the whole point of this bottle, and this is interesting,
this isn’t a puzzle, but it’s a reminder that
anything is possible. So it sits on your shelf, it looks nice, and it’s just there to remind you that yeah, this was done, this was made. And so anything, if this is possible, anything else should be. It’s a great reminder and it’s kind of a little
bit of brain teaser when looking at it. It’s great to have on the shelf. I’ll see if I can drop a
link below for you guys if you’re interested in that. But that’s the anything
is possible bottle. And since I’ve seen this bottle, I’ve always been fascinated
with bottle puzzles. And there are a lot of
different ones around the world. People, whether its building
pirate ships inside of a bottle or different objects, I just thought it was super interesting. By the way, here’s also, this bottle is, quick story, this bottle
is so interesting, I had some made by Jamie D. Grant, handmade for my deck of
cards that I released. I sold them all but one. And somebody from China, so this bottle was sent out to China and it came back to me,
saying the pack was opened. And so upon quick inspection, the top of the deck, as you can see, is completely open, was cut,
there was an incision made. And I asked the client was this you? He swears it wasn’t him. And I asked Jamie is this normal. Jamie’s like that honestly
has nothing to do with how these are made. And so the only other
option there was that, this is interesting,
the Chinese government or whoever worked at
like the TSA over there, wanted to inspect this to make sure there probably wasn’t any
paraphernalia hidden inside. I would’ve given anything
to be a fly on the wall. But today, today no, we’re
not gonna look at this, we’re not gonna try and solve the Anything is Possible Bottle. But I thought it was closely
related to the bottle that we’re going to solve. The bottle that we’re gonna
play with is this one. Basically what you’re given here is a bottle and a wooden rod. On the inside of that wooden rod you have a bolt and a nut
holding that bolt there along with a little
spherical sort of wooden ball and these things that kind
of look like lock picks. I love the way this looks on my shelf, so that’s why I ordered it. But I also thought today
I would attempt to see if I can do this in one
sitting for you guys. So without further ado,
let’s get into this puzzle. Alright gang here we go. Solving this bottle puzzle. I guess the idea would be to unscrew this nut holding this bolt. And then we can retract everything. Now I don’t know if this
puzzle necessarily requires me to put everything back together, however, that’s something
I’m going to attempt to do and hopefully I’ll be able to get there. So, one thing I noticed is that the ball that
you see here is actually, it’s hard to see with the
refraction of the glass, but that ball is not completely round. And I’m pretty sure there’s
a reason for that ball not being round. Could be this lock pick needs
to link in there somehow. Let’s see. Oh okay. Oh, that’s what I figured. Okay I can probably use that ball as a wedge to sort of, as you can see, I can kind of wedge it against there. And get that to turn. So I’d have to turn it this way. The clinking sound is
driving me nuts, by the way. Maybe the other side. Unless this is like a reverse rivet that they purposely put in there. Which I wouldn’t be surprised. If you check out the
lock puzzle that I did, they were pretty clever about that. I still have no idea what this, oh, there it goes. Okay, I think we started turning it. Maybe I can wedge that
ball in there somehow. Okay it’s turning. (jazzy music) Am I tightening this at this point? I think I’m tightening it. Maybe I can use that
metal lock pick thingy, to just stop that ball from rolling around in there. That would be great. I’m gonna take a closer
look at this rivet, make sure I’m doing it on the right side. Okay, so it has to be that way. Okay. This is gonna take some
patience and dexterity. No, don’t turn back in. (growls) My hand’s getting a cramp at this point. No, so the problem is I keep going over it and it keeps rolling over it. And then it screws right back. So I gotta watch out with that. (sighs) Okay. I have a dreadful feeling that once I undo this, that
putting it back together is going to be a nightmare. Oh my god. I’m getting carpal tunnel. It’s turning, slowly but surely. Like the bolt has clearly come out a little bit since the beginning. I wonder if that lock
pick has anything to do. It could probably make my life 1000 times easier at this point but I feel like this is working, so I’m just gonna stick
to this and grind it out. Probably not the best
way to go about it, but. Oh, slow and steady wins the race. Look at this. I was forcing so hard before. But if I just, look at that, it’s turning now. (sighs) You know you’re playing with gravity. You’re playing with dexterity and you’re also playing
with patience. (laughs) That’s very important. Like this, there we go. For some reason this is, this might actually be the good method. Look at this, look how
easy that turns around. Well. (laughs) Do you see that? That gentle pressure. I think we found the sweet spot. I think this is the sweet spot right here. Kinda like a little video game. All I’m missing is like laser sounds. Pew, pew, pew, pew, bluh, bluh. So I’m using that lock pick to sort of entrap this
ball at a certain height. Gently (sighs) Okay, come on. Whew! Tada! The ball was actually
completely spherical and round. It just doesn’t look like it. I guess the refraction of the
glass messed that up a bit. Now for the part that
I’m dreading the most. Putting all this back the way I found it. Why are there two? So weird. This hole here is like on an angle. I have no idea why that is, by the way. You have a hole on an angle. It starts here and it
goes through up here. Does it have something to do with, I don’t know what I’m doing. Plop everything back in, I suppose. This is gonna be very
difficult to get that in. I think that’s the hardest part. That’s gonna go in this way. I don’t know. Obviously that has to go in too. Oh my god what have I got myself into? There’s no way. There’s no way. That bolt can’t even straight. Like it took me everything
just to shake it out of there. With no friction or anything. Like how, oh. Using the ball as a lever? Maybe. Get in there. Oh come on. See though, how is that? Okay, we’re almost there. No! Okay everybody on one side. I bet if I had like a
really powerful magnet I could probably just like pull that up. But they haven’t given me a magnet, so I’m not gonna use that. But that definitely would
be a solution to this. How though? Can you imagine the time staking labor that was put into this to make these? (laughs) Maybe I can leverage
something under that bolt. So I turn that bolt around. Let’s look at this in a
more practical manner. I’m thinking I can use
that little ball or bolt, the nut, to leverage this into that hole. Creating like a little lever
that I could push it into. So, the idea is to get that
ball, I think over here. That would probably be the best. If you can’t tell by my
frustration in my voice already, I’m getting annoyed. Patience is key, folks, patience is key. Okay, good, good, good. Yes, go underneath that bolt. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes! Okay. Whoo. Oh, maybe that’s what that groove is for. (gasps) That’s what the grove is for. Would you look at that? Okay so now I’m here. I’m thinking the next groove. I don’t wanna lose where I’m at. Okay let’s go back to the first groove, that was good. The moving the bottle, just the stick. I think we’re getting it. Ooo, that’s gotta be it. Nope, nope, slipping out. Get back in there. No! Okay. It’s definitely in, so
just, fall in there. It’s taking me everything
just to get to this point. (gasps) (gasps) Yes! Okay small victory. Halfway there. Now it’s just to, alright, I’ve gotta get. I’ve gotta lodge that. Okay. One thing I can’t do is loose that bolt. That bolt needs to be in there. This should be, actually the easier part. So if I’m here, I wanna make
sure the rivet’s in there and it’s not going in crooked. Again, slow and steady, very gently. This isn’t something you need to force. And that’s something I’ve
figure out right now. Such an intriguing puzzle though. As you guys can see, it’s slowly being riveted
back into position. With gentle strokes, like so. There you go. So I created this small little dip for it to just keep rolling back. Every time it rolls back,
I just, I hit it again with the ball, like this. Let’s tighten this all the way. And that’s good enough. Ladies and gentlemen, the
Impossible Bottle Puzzle solved. Yes! And that is a total of 28
minutes from start to finish without any instructions. Go ahead and try it at home if you like. I left the link below. And you can pick one of these up yourself. Alright guys, a successful venture. I didn’t think I’d be able
to do it this quickly. It honestly looked a lot
more complicated than it was. You know I think getting the bolt back in and everything is way more
complicated than getting it out. But once you understand the principle, I think it’s pretty easy. That being said, hope
you enjoyed this video. Hope you enjoy this channel. Subscribe if you’re new here, like this video if you did, share it with your friends maybe and we’ll see you on the next video. Peace, wrap. (upbeat music)

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  2. I solved this puzzle also. It took me 5mins to get the nut off and 2hrs to put it back together. The only difference is, I am legally blind. It's true that I have some vision, but things are very dim and blurry. So yes anything is possible as long as you have the desire to succeed.

  3. This just doesn't seem like a puzzle to me. Puzzles to me just seem like they "need" more of a mystery to solve where this one, as soon as I saw it, I was like, so you just unscrew the nut by wedging it? Hoping that was the case but it was.

  4. 2:00 if the bottle was made of iron it would have been impossible but glass has a low temperature trasmission rate

  5. At one point in you trying to put this back together, I told myself that I would kiss your butt if you could actually do this. I'm impressed!

  6. Phrenology? Ouch. Thot we abandoned that once it was used as a means to keep down the black man during slavery and post civil war era.

  7. The “lock pick” is a cotter pin, it’s used on castle style nuts to lock them from coming loose on vehicle suspension and stuff

  8. Chris, I love you videos, the magic is great, puzzles are awesome and I even bought you V3 cards…… but this puzzle was almost enough for me to throw my phone in frustration for you. Putting it back together…… I had to shut off the video. Anyway, keep up the great work and thx for the entertainment!

  9. Maybe the trick is that the thin plastic consists of a high-tech thermoresistent fibre, which sounds like sci-fi but, again, maybe that is the trick, since anything is possible, right. *twinker*.. anyways; bravo to the creator of this bottle!

  10. When I got mine the hook was in the second hole and had to be removed also didn’t think to use it with ball but I did use ball in corner to get but off the bolt

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  12. Is this really a puzzle though? Like it's extremely obvious how to do it but its just awkward and takes no real brain power just patience

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