Sochi Olympics: Olympic ring fails to open at opening ceremony

Sochi Olympics: Olympic ring fails to open at opening ceremony

The most expensive Winter Olympics in history
are underway after an incredibly lavish opening ceremony in the Russian resort of Sochi. However,
it didn’t all completely go to plan. Embarrassingly, a technical hitch meant that
the last of the five rings making up the Olympic symbol failed to open. However, the ceremony’s
producer Konstantin Ernst defended the glitch: Among five rings, one of them didn’t open.
And you know, Zam Buddhists have an idea: if you have an ideally polished ball, you
have to leave a scratch, to get an idea of how ideally it was polished. No one normal person can be disturbed from
the two-hour story by one unopened snowflake. This is a paranoid reaction. Glitches aside, Russian prima ballerina Svetlana
Zakharova who danced during the ceremony said she was overwhelmed by the spectacle. I held my breath. It wasn’t just nerves, not
fright, it was adrenaline indeed when you come to the stadium and when you understand
that billions of people are watching you. I think this is worth living for, and I don’t
think it will be repeated. And what a lavish opening ceremony it was
and so it should be! The Games are the most expensive in history, costing around $51 billion.

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  1. ring revealed, if I'm wrong, then why not present a video of how it is not disclosed (photo only) just someone beneficial to criticize Russia. In YouTube intentionally added vidio from the opening ceremony (because it really is just gorgeous)

  2. Did she say million or billion? Damn 51 billion to put on the winter olympics surely that can't be right! What did they spend that sort of money on?????

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  4. Fifth ring represents america. America needs to stop being jealous and get out of debt and build something better. I dont this will happen in my generation though especially with the kind of president we have

  5. Why the Russia was trying to prepare the program which lasted a few hours and one of the most important symbols – five rings have failed? What is the point of those long opening ceremony? In acient Greece they simply lit the Olympic fire and the games have begun. Of course there surely was some opening ceremony. But I don't think its budget was as big as budget of some smaller city for one year.

  6. Putin said himself the Olympics costed 216 billion rubles, that makes 6,155,784, 000 dollars (using google currency exchange). Stop misinforming people.

  7. Its may just be my navieness speaking but why is one accident to the rings of the Olympics such a big deal. It might of been just some malfunction on the lights I mean yeah the spend A bunch of money but still it really shouldn't matter. It might of been the tech's fault so stop worrying about that crap.

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  9. They should have stopped the ceremony immediately and cancelled the games. What were they thinking? How could they go on knowing the fifth ring didn't open. Shameful. : )

  10. Well, fuckers, Russia has more medals then anybody, great olympics! Everything is better without North American ring, isn't it?

  11. Снежинка запомнится, но с ней запомнится "справедливое" и "честное" действие американского хоккейного судьи  "маккейна" (пид-са)   

  12. It's hardly a secret that Russia is a backwards shithole where everything gets halfassed.

    Who wants to bet they spent $10 billion and Putin kept the rest?

  13. Мда… У нас больная элита… 
    … да я надеюсь! Что такое больше не повторится! Позор

  14. whew!  I am so glad Putin didn't release his 100ft statue of himself shirtless holding an ak47.  That would've been awkward. 

  15. The tech in charge of the ring is currently rotting in a prison cell somewhere deep in the recesses of a deep, damp, dark gulag located somewhere unknown in the empty Siberian Wasteland. He's being beaten, tortured and will serve a 15 year prison sentence for his crime against his country. The KGB will make sure his family and friends speak nothing of the matter or they too will be shipped out to the Siberian Gulags.

  16. Despite the fact that some people are fault finding to stain this Winter Olympics Game or its opening this is arguably the best opening ceremony and most exciting competition ever organized. Big thanks to Russia. Mongolians, or us, are just one of many countries that appreciate the extraordinary event that Russians did.

  17.  And NBC's anti-Russian propaganda machine doesn't stop even at the Olympics. They have no moral limits at all. They didn't broadcast the opening ceremony live, but later have shown an edited version:
    1) NBC had cut Tatu's song to hide that Russia is actually quite tolerant to gays or lesbians. 
    2) They cut communism part of the history show, lol .
    3) They cut the Russian Police Choir, who performed “Get Lucky.
    4) They have edited (wtf?)  the speech of IOC President Thomas Bach, removed all the thanks and compliments to Russian Olympic committee.

    You did it ten times more even than the Soviet Union.

  18. Youtube = bunch of american idiots. How can you show this video on the top when you search for "sochi opening". American propaganda for stupid americans.

  19. The fact the Sochi closing ceremony made fun of the mistake just makes the insults irrelevant now – they went about it in such a light hearted way, the joke was without a doubt one of my favourite ever ceremony moments…bravo Sochi!!

  20. Yes so the U.S. in the end didn't come out with the most medals. So did we lose? Kind of if you consider it a big deal. Does that mean that the U.S. Has lost anything or is otherwise an inferior country all around? No. The U.S. has lost before and we shall lose again. But we can be glad the countries that did win have excellent athletes and wish them the best. See you guys in 4 years. It was fun.

  21. DoctrZhivago is a liar! I saw this mistake on Russian TV. Do not spread lying propaganda, you CNN brainwashed baby. And by the way, according to olympic symbolism the red olympic ring represents North America!!! HA HA HA!!! Well done!!! Now I love Russia more & more!!! The best Ceremony I have every seen! and US got a glitch!!! HA HA HA!!!

  22. уахахахаха !! мы вас порвали по медалям!!! Вы так долго и везде обсуждали ошибку с кольцами как национальную русскую трагедию, что напросились чтобы вам хуй к носу приподнесли, на закрытии олимписких игр с этими же кольцами!!Русофобы….правильно, бойтесь нас!

  23. We have some t-shirts honoring the Sochi ring fail, check them out! :

  24. Seriously though, is it just me or is the stupid, "government" owned american media purposely not showing and publishing the whole ceremony anywhere? Scared to show the rich, Russian history?  Yet my gf found it easily on a Chinese youtube type site.  Fuck AMERICA!  All you people do is criticize and talk shit, when your own country is fucking you down your throat and hiding shit from you. Lol.   How could someone talk so much shit and all they know about the ceremony is about one ring that didnt open. Vodka, tetris and a ring that didnt open is about as much as many americans know about Russia
     Good Job

  25. americans stop bitching about 1 little ring. the Olympics were perfect probably the best opening in history.
    you know, hearing you bitch about the ring is like…
    showing a completely naked jennifer lawrence and saying…………. A pimple on the ass? Ewwww

  26. Who cares!? I'm American and I could care less if a ring didn't open. The Olympics were amazing! Let go of the past peaoe!

  27. The Red ring or the ring that didn't light up represents THE AMERICAS, not just AMERICA the country. I don't see anyone from South America or Canada bitching about it only the USA, butthurt capital of the world!

  28. If you look it up the ring isn't just the US. The ring symbolizes the continents of North and South America.

  29. There are minor glitches, and there are major errors. The Olympic symbol is one of those crucial moments you dont want to screw up,and quite frankly the Russian screwed up. It is really hard to overlook this one for everyone who watched the ceremony

  30. The entire performance apart from this minor error was absolutely stunning, I feel ashamed and sickened that here in the West, the unopened ring was the only thing we ever reported for days and weeks.

  31. we are very sorry, that this ring didn't open

  32. Let's not forget about the Vancouver games when 3 of the 4 legs of the Olympic Cauldron failed to open, It's an embarrassment! Or how about in 2002 when Salt Lake City bribed members of the IOC to host the games!

  33. I actually think that glitch provided sochi olympics with a unique atmosphere and representation. Still today we are talking about it, proof that it was special.
    Every other olympics didn't have that coverage, everything went smoothly. And for sochi, one of the ring staying like a snowflake for a winter game, couldn't be more perfect to remember it as a special twist to these wonderful olympics.
    Love the glitch that gave identity to sochi olympic games.

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