Soccer Highlights ► Indoor Soccer Game ► Progressive Soccer Training

Soccer Highlights ► Indoor Soccer Game ► Progressive Soccer Training

Hey guys Dylan Tooby of Progressive soccer training I’m uploading soccer highlights from an indoor soccer game I played last night. For those of you who haven’t seen indoor soccer it’s a bit ridiculous it’s pretty much hockey
with a soccer ball so unfortunately here in Canada in the winter that’s all we
have to play but that’s what I’m working with so i just uploaded this video if
you check it out here tension in the very beginning on Friday scored the
quickest goal goal I’ve ever scored but maybe the quickest goal in this league
history so check that out and then just this game was a really scrappy game we
played against my old team and they’re supposed to be the best team in the
league but we stuck it to them we beat them we came out really strong and we
went up early and then we pretty much defended the whole game so our team
really didn’t possess the ball too much and as you’ll see in this video its a
lot of press seen a lot of defending just a lot of fighting not too much ball
possession that really wasn’t the nicest game to watch but sometimes you gotta
win games and it’s more about grinding rather than plain the way you want to
play sometimes you just gotta fight it out grounded out do the dirty work and get
the job done free team are you guys I hope you enjoyed the video please like
please comment please share this video and I’ll talk to you tomorrow Thanks for watching soccer highlights of an indoor soccer game from progressive soccer training

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  2. With no disrespect intended, the goal was the only good part of the footage. Hope to see more future games, however. Really enjoy watching your videos!

  3. Dylan move to BC!! we play soccer all year round.  We need more coaches like you out here!Loved the goal, looked a lot like Messi 😉

  4. +ProgressiveSoccer I have really really good tricks and skills i practice theme everyday and they work when i do theme in practice but when comes to games i'm afraid of messing up afraid of coach yelling afraid of teammates not giving me the ball and saying stop that how do I fix that plsease HELP !!!

  5. The yellow team looks quite average tbh (based only on the short clips of course) but good goal in the beginning nevertheless 🙂

  6. +ProgressiveSoccer Dylan fantastic work out there!! Great work ethic. Applying pressure all the time getting your team mates involved the game great video. Im loving the advice that you are showing me so I can do it in my games to get scouts watching. Great video Dylan!! Keep posting more!! Fantastic Yours faithfully, Isaac Jr

  7. Dylan can you please do a video on how to focus well on your game when a lot of people are watching you. Btw i liked your chip goal in this video

  8. This weather is driving me a little crazy. I often goto the Sungod arena but getting bored. Can some one like me try out for a team? I used to play soccer but need something that is intense to keep me in shape in the winter.

  9. What do you think #6 should have done? it looks like his winger didn't fall back into space to help out and neither did the midfielder. Should he have turned around and passed it to the keeper? Try to take his first touch in between the defenders (messi probably woulda done that lol)?

  10. Omg your from Calgary this looks like subway soccer center and I play for a smaller club named cneu if you could recommend a good club to play in that would be awesome

  11. hey I don't know what others think but don't spoil the video before we watch it, do the whole explanation afterwards??

  12. What is the best way to improve my soccer skills? I read lots of superb reviews on the net about how exactly Eprosoke Training Program can assist you increase your soccer technique. Has any one tried this popular training course?

  13. I'm from New Zealand hopefully moving to Canada in a year. Love your Channel. We have no Futsal here. So doing everything to learn the game without any Futsal game experience. It's hard. Can only do 5v5 or street style soccer

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