Soccer/Football Juggling Tutorial – The Basics for Kids & Beginners

Soccer/Football Juggling Tutorial – The Basics for Kids & Beginners

alright guys today we’re going to give you a few tips for beginning jugglers the most important quality for beginning jugglers is persistence you may not improve every time you juggle but if you keep practicing regularly for several weeks and months your skills will greatly expand try for new records but be patient when they don’t come right away every time you practice juggling you grow muscles in your legs and cells in your brain that improve your skills with regular practice you will gradually become the excellent juggler you always want it to be use your hands when you are first learning to juggle start by using your hands between each touch then gradually increase the number of touches until you feel comfortable juggling without using your hands as support like training wheels on a bike using your hands can help you learn faster by enabling you to maintain more control during the early stages of juggling one of the keys to successful juggling is using both feet in combination to control the ball skillful jugglers develop a rhythm moving the ball frequently between both feet it’s important that you begin working with both feet right away juggling the ball between them as often as you can one of the most difficult challenges for beginning jugglers is keeping the ball from getting away from them to help solve this problem drop the ball with the slight backspin and try to maintain the spin as you juggle you will find that backspin keeps the ball coming back to you rather than getting away as your skills improve backspin will become a less important part of juggling more advanced jugglers can use their toes to keep the ball up with no spin and greater precision juggling is far easier and more effective when both feet are involved to help your weak foot become a full partner with your strong foot spend some time improving your weak foot separately try to set new records using only your weak foot even if the number of touches is small if your weak foot can juggle the ball at least five times it should be strong enough to alternate with your other foot and improve your overall juggling with consistent practice you’ll be ready to go hands-free when you’re ready practice juggling without using your hands by rolling the ball up your foot and into the air place one foot on top of the ball quickly rolling it backwards and flicking the ball into the air as you become comfortable juggling with your lower body your next step is to master ball control with your upper body in future videos we’ll show training methods for upper body control tricks and game related juggling skills

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  1. Does anyone have a video or tips for someone who can do a little over 100 juggles(118). on how to improve faster. Please read???

  2. Nice video. I am trainning for about 2 months and it is incredible how the brain and the legs muscles responds fast. It all about training and patience. We just can’t explain how the brain can make the right calculus to kick the ball, but after practice… it just do… and we just enjoy and be amazed. Thanks for the video!

  3. Nice Bruh I learn how to juggle by everyday training by your tricks thanks make more like how to round the world and others

  4. Use a tennis ball at first, because it’s really hard, Keep going and then use a football. I went from 3 to 10

  5. Why does juggling become so much harder when you use a different ball or different shoes or the same ball but a bit deflated?

  6. I'm 19 I can't control a ball or shoot it on target ? what a shame , I don't even know how to pass a ball , my foot is towards the person but the ball takes another directions #im_a_shame

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