Snowboarding with pros in Austria – Red Bull UpSprings

Snowboarding with pros in Austria – Red Bull UpSprings

Well, I think it’s really cool, that the kids get a chance to hang out with the pro snowboarders and actually just go on the hill and have fun, you know, and kind of live the pro snowboarder’s life for a few days. Hi, I’m Dave, and I’m gunna do a McTwist Hello, I’m Marco Smolla, I’m here at the Red Bull UpSprings together with Mack McKelton and Markus Keller and 15 Kids from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I hope, that the kids will also learn something from us and, yes, their big goal at the end of the week should be to film their first video part with us I am Markus Keller from Switzerland and I’m guiding the Swiss crew through the Snowpark of Flachauwinkl and try to capture them as good as possible with the Go-Pro camera O.k. we are making a little trick spot here with the Winch. Here, one of the kids is just being pulled This is the best session that I’ve ever experienced. So much fun, we took some awesome pictures. I really like it, yeah!

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  1. i didnt get to go once this season cause im poor fucker but ive been skateboardin enough to make up for it still want surf those white waves

  2. Wenn Redbull mal sowas mit Freeskier "Rookies" macht, mache ich gerne mit.
    als gerne bescheid sagen 😀


  3. not what absolutely pisses me off??
    disney channel does this gay show where they take what they call "tomorrow's pros" and they have some pros (most of which no one's ever heard of) and the pros teach the kids a trick of their choice.
    the kids in the show are learning things like 540's, and these kids are learning mctwists. redbull = awesome.

  4. FUCK YES! little homies! i could learn a thing or two from these kids remember these names if you can i def cant way too stoned way too often

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