Snowboard Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

Snowboard Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

PyeongChang 2018.
Stories To Watch. Snowboard. The genesis of modern
snowboarding began in 1965 when a Michigan engineer invented
a toy for his daughters by fastening two skis together and attaching a rope
to one end. He later patented
the invention, sold half a million Snurfers and organised the first
snurfing competition in 1968. Over time, snurfing
competitions became known as snowboard
competitions. In PyeongChang 2018 there will
be ten snowboard events, In the parallel giant slalom, two athletes snowboard
side by side down a hill to the finish. Fastest times get through
qualification until single elimination
in the later races. In the halfpipe, snowboarders
traverse a U-shaped course with 6.7-metre walls, executing
tricks that are judged on amplitude, difficulty, variety,
execution and progression. The best score of two runs
in the last round determines the final score. Inspired by motocross, the snowboard cross features
up to six skiers at once on a course with jumps,
rollers and banked turns. Fastest to the bottom wins. In slopestyle, athletes perform
three jumps and navigate three rail
sections on a course, with the best of two runs determining first qualifiers
and then final placements. Big Air for the first time
shows off each athlete’s best jump off a
long ramp, with the best of two counting
in qualification and best two of three in the final. Snowboarding events will take place at the Phoenix
Snow Park at the foot of Mount Taegi, site of the freestyle skiing
events as well. The Big Air events
will take place at the Alpensia Ski Jumping
Centre, which will create a great atmosphere for the
spectators. Do you know which snowboarder has his own video games? Find out at the end. (ALEX DEIBOLD, USA) Alex Deibold won bronze in
snowboard cross at Sochi 2014. He was a backup and a wax technician at
the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. He started snowboarding at age
four when his mother gave him a purple and green board
for Christmas. He entered his first slopestyle
competition when he was eight. Alex has twice undergone
surgeries on his hands after other skiers ran over
them. Alex has been on the course
in PyeongChang and likes what he sees. The features are quite a
bit bigger, the jumps are bigger,
the speeds are faster. It’s the biggest event and
they build a course as such. Will Alex’s next Olympics
be coloured in gold? (KELLY CLARK, USA) At 34, Kelly Clark is a legend
of the sport. The four-time Olympian has won
halfpipe medals at three Winter Olympics,
including gold in 2002. In 2001, she became the first
woman to land a 1080. Kelly’s first steps
in the sport came on a plastic Mobile Monster
snowboard her parents bought for a few
dollars at a variety store. The 18-year national
team veteran has been a member of the US team longer
than some of her team-mates have been alive. She will use every bit of her
experience in PyeongChang. I’ve never been the most
talented athlete. I’ve just kind of not stopped
working. And I’ve had the privilege of
representing the US the last four Olympic Games, so
experience does go a long way. (OLYMPIC MEDALS) The top five in total all-time
medals are – Austria with one gold. Canada next with three gold and
seven overall medals. France have ten. Switzerland 12. And the US at the top with 24. (SEPPE SMITS, BEL) Seppe Smits started as
a Big Air contender, winning three world medals, before taking golds in 2011 and
2017 in the slopestyle event. Now with Big Air’s addition
to the Olympic programme, he’ll have a chance to win in
both events. I’m going to showcase the best
that I got, try to learn a couple of new
tricks definitely in the meantime. It would be amazing to get a
good result there. Seppe grew up in the temperate
lowlands of Antwerp, Belgium, not an ideal place
for youngsters to be groomed as snowboarders. Belgium has never won
an Olympic gold medal on snow. With Big Air joining
the Olympic programme in 2018, will Seppe shine as he flies
through the clouds? (KATIE ORMEROD, GBR) Katie Ormerod became
the first woman ever to land a double cork 360. By the way, that’s three
rotations and two inverted flips. Katie will compete in both
slopestyle and Big Air events
in PyeongChang. I think the slopestyle
particularly is going to be one of the most
creative courses we’ve ever seen, so I’m really
looking forward to it. When she was 11, Katie was
inspired to see Jenny Jones win a gold medal in slopestyle
at the X Games. Katie has overcome ligament
damage and a broken bone in her
back during training in 2016. Katie hopes to make some
history of her own in PyeongChang. Did you know? The so-called regular
snowboarders head down the snow with their left foot forward. But those who move with
their right foot forward are referred to by a more
technical name – goofy. (SCOTTY JAMES, AUS) The reigning two-time world
champ in halfpipe, Scotty James, was just 15 at
the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, when he became Australia’s youngest male Olympian in
50 years and the youngest male
competitor from any country in any sport at those Olympics. Scotty’s first board wasn’t
actually made for snowboarding. His father had trouble finding
a board small enough for Scotty, so he bought him
the display board. In Sochi 2014 he didn’t make
the halfpipe final. When Scotty won
his world title in 2017, he had already clinched
gold before his second run, so needing no score
on his second run, he simply snowboarded along the
course, high-fiving spectators. Will he be the new
king of snowboard in the pipe? (CHLOE KIM, USA) 17-year old Chloe Kim
is already a three-time champ
in the X Games in halfpipe and will be one of the
favourites in PyeongChang. Chloe often experiments with
new hair colours and dyes. Chloe is Korean-American and
has several family members who still live in Korea and will be
coming out to watch her. At a Grand Prix event in 2016,
Chloe became the first woman to land back-to-back 1080s
in a halfpipe competition. Will her performance in Korea
set off a family celebration? So, the answer to our question, the snowboarder that has his
own video games – that is two-time Olympic gold
medallist Shaun White. Snowboarding runs through
week 1 and week 2 of the Games. In the first week
the slopestyle, halfpipe and snowboard cross
get under way. In the second week it’s the
parallel giant slalom. Big Air is in the second week which is held at
the ski-jumping venue. It’s sure to be a huge two
weeks for snowboard fans and will be exciting action all
the way to the end. The Olympic Winter Games in
PyeongChang, set to begin February 9th.
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