Snowboard, skate, and surf in one day – From top to bottom

Snowboard, skate, and surf in one day – From top to bottom

Santiago, Chile is the capital city of my country. My name is Spiro Razis and have been skating for over 25 years now and close to 20 years riding a snowboard. Today I am going to take you on a skate and snowboard and surf tour of my country. Thanks to Santiago´s unique geographic location, the Andes mountains lie just outside the city limits. Today we are going to travel to an area known as Cajon de Maipo, which is located a mere 70 kilometers from the city. Here we will encounter huge mountains with ideal snow conditions for riding. After spending the morning riding in Cajon we´ll return to the city for a bit of skating. When I first arrived in Chile there barely existed anywhere to skate, no skateparks, no ramps, nothing. It’s changed, in Santiago alone there are more than 5 skateparks now, and many more scattered throughout Chile. Today we are going to visit a skatepark called Los Reyes, which is one of my personal favorites. Just 100 kilometers to the west of Santiago is the city of Viña del Mar, located on the Pacific coast, it is one Chile´s most beautiful cities. Before the sun sets today we will arrive in Viña del Mar for a late afternoon surf session. I hope you have enjoyed this day as much as we have showing a bit of the mountains, the city and the sea. This is Chile!

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  1. There must be a place in the world where you could do this all without the use of a vehicle. You could hop off the snowboard at the ski area base, hop on a skateboard and ride to the ocean, then hop on a surf board. Any suggestions?

  2. 9:30 pm the night before…

    buddy-"come on dude just one more round of MW3 its not even that late."

    Spiro-"nah dude i got work in the morning."

    buddy-"damn that sucks man, what do u gotta do"

    Spiro-"eh, i gotta go shred this mountain from top to bottom for a few runs on a snowboard, then head thru town and do a lil city skate, then off to the beach for some more shots out on the waves surfin i guess. thats gonna be almost a full tank in my Red Bull Shredvee"

    buddy-"seriously dude, fuck you"

  3. The Olympic peninsula in the state of Washington, is a great place to surf and snowboard within a couple hours of each other.

  4. its quite obvious that the waves were quite small.. so they used some smart camera work to get what they needed… repect for the improv.

  5. Spiro Razis gracias por mostrar como es Chile, sacando la cara por los que se la juegan y hacen lo que realmente nos gusta hacer

  6. @Caliordatzo Pues no, no se entiende. Tendrías que haber dicho: "Faltó más footage de surf, hay mucho skate pero poco surf."

  7. -When I came to chile there wasnt places to get some skate. Now is diferent, there are more than 5 skateparks y Santiago and several more around the country. Today we gonna get some skate in Los Reyes, my favourite skatepark.

    РOnly 100 km away of Santiago we find Vi̱a del Mar, one of the most beautiful city of Chile. Before the sunset we gonna ride some waves..

    – I Hope you enjoyed this day we share between the montains, the city and the sea…This is CHILE Conchatumadre!

  8. -Santiago of Chile is the capital of my country. I'm Spiro Razis, I've been skateing for more than 25 years and snowboarding for 20. And today I will take you to ride my country on a board.

    – Due to the location that has Santiago is near the mountains. Today we are going to Cajon del Maipo that is just 70 km away the city. We are gonna find big montains and very goods conditions to get some snowboard.

    – After the morning in the montain we get back to the city to ride some skate.

  9. Que gente más chaquetera .. mientras uds. están es sus casas criticando .. el Sr Razis muestra lo bkn que es parte de mi país !! gran idea ! felicitaciones !

  10. soy chileno y soy estudiante de comunicación audiovisual y puta, siempre he soñado con hacer producciones así, y mucho mas en mi país. La cagó! Excelente!

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