80 Replies to “SNL’ spoofs Sochi Olympics”

  1. The fundamental TRUTH is here
    We need to see peace, and it is possible

    T R U T H C o n t e s t  ►  C 0 M

  2. So to put Putin in his place for being antigay, they make fun of fat/male/air-guitarists? fat-shaming, sexism AND condemning those who pursue this ancient art passed down from the ages…. Oh, I guess it IS possible to spin almost anything Russia does as horrific….. Yes, let us forget that they saved Snowden from execution and this is just the US having petty vengeance. Also, terrorism suddenly erupts to target Sochi….. Gays, the US AND Al Qaeda hate Putin WOW

  3. Нравится быть глиномесами, пусть месят потихоньку в тёмном угле и не вякают.

  4. I find it incredibly unintelligent that Humans hate other Humans because of which imaginary lines we live between. E.L.E.

    We're all Human people, nothing different between an american or a Russian or an Iranian…etc…

  5. That isn't a Jets jersey, that is a throwback Eagles jersey. Probably a Vick jersey too. God SNL, do your damn research, Boomer Esiasen never wore that style of jersey.


  7. Like that extra flare of terrible cnn banter at the end im sure they will learn how to ice skate someday…

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  9. This video is discrimination and an insult of all heterosexual athletes. Heterosexualists same people as well as all!

  10. She just admitted that her husband the hockey player only gets to do missionary position on her. Why be hot if your not gonna be slutty???

  11. LOL. 

    I like how most people don't get its a satire against Russia and is not directed at ice skaters themselves. 

    It seems like the only people who got the joke are the butthurt Russians. 

  12. Funny idea, poor execution.  By the way "I always wanted to learn how to ice skate"?  Seriously?  You know you're on the air, not in an elevator with the guy from Accounting named Steve or Stan, but you can't remember which?

  13. haha i get it! Figure skaters are gay!!!!  But on a real note they really should be more focused on real news……like the Beibs. Real news hasn't existed in years.

  14. Putin won my heart in the end, it seems half of westerners are idiots or gays. I used to think they were liberals and free people.

  15. The only good to come out of this is people actually can stop and realize that even CNN GASP is just another program run by stupid left-wing nut jobs who love to hate on everything having to do with Republicans. Not saying Fox News is any better, but it's still funny to me..

    Well, way to stay professional, CNN. 

  16. this gay rights bandwagon thing is getting out of control..since when did not supporting gays become such a big deal? Leave Russia to make their own laws.

  17. Увы, чтобы понять тонкий американский юмор нужно быть тупым, как средний американец.

    Alas, to understand subtle American humour it is necessary to be stupid, as the average American.

  18. Noting about this video is funny in fact it's pretty sad. Russia never banned homosexuality, it banned trying to teach children homosexual propaganda. Fact is Russia won't be bullied by USA like smaller countries are, Nigeria passed laws against homosexuality and Uganda is doing so, good sign the world is fighting against this sick mental illness.

  19. Stop smearing Russia with this disgusting "show" in pretense of supporting LGBT rights. This is pure American propaganda. The American government should put it's own house in order before bad mouthing other countries. The govt of the USA is a stain on humanity

  20. CNN, the news station where justin bieber is breaking news, and human rights/ the world in turmoil is made a joke of.. God, i can't explain how much I hate this news channel

  21. If they make fun of heterosexuals, than it's okay, if somebody dared to make fun of homosexuals, than he/she would be slandered to hell

  22. CNN is wrong, this wasn't mocking Russia but mocking the presidents decision to send only homosexual delegates to the Olympics in Russia.

  23. So CNN, the Communist News Network, is helping SNL snipe at post-Communist Russia?
    Actually, it makes sense.
    Russia has jettisoned Marxism-Leninism.
    By contrast, a native American version of Communism known as "Liberal Democracy" is being implemented full force back in the USSA.
    We even have Commiecare. Only we call it Obamacare.
    We even have a KGB. Only we call it the Department of Homeland Security.
    What was that saying about the "beam in one's own eye?"

  24. I'm a little late for this, but I gotta say this is absolutely ridiculous! First off, Putin isn't "anit-gay", he welcomes gay people in Russia, he just doesn't want them marching around half-naked in front of children. That's it, and personally I agree! Second off, most skaters are actually straight, believe it or not. And finally, this IS actually offensive towards heterosexual's, to say that we can't skate, even though(like I said), most skaters are straight.

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