Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts – Kolchak Harbor Gameplay Walkthrough

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts – Kolchak Harbor Gameplay Walkthrough

Hi everyone. I’m Asim Tanvir. Senior Community Manager at CI Games. I’m here today to give you a look at and talk you through one of the maps that will be part of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts when it launches on November 22nd this year. This is Kolchak Harbor. One of five unique regions that will feature in the game and a great example of the sandbox approach we’re taking with Contracts. It’s up to you how you play and what route you take. With five contracts on each map, there’s replay value aplenty. For this video though, we’re going to focus on the main target. I’m more of a stealthy player, so let’s start off with the silent pistol. I seemed to have stumbled upon a couple of guards here. Hmm. What to do? That will do. A couple of quick headshots and I’m on my way. As I touched upon earlier, this is just one of the routes you can take through this region. With this path I’m sneaking around the starting area and another part of the map completely. These areas are where the other contracts will be located. I could take my time and try to complete them too, but for the purpose of this video the main target will do very nicely. I’ll come back to the others later. That’s the beauty of Contracts. You play how you want to. Right, so I think I’m in the area where the main target should be. But before I take in the view and the sunshine, there’s an enemy to take care of. Hmm. Throwing knife? Yeah, that did the trick. Time to switch to the sniper rifle, but before we get to some serious business just look at that view… the game looks incredible Now for the really good stuff! You’ll see me using the binocular mode of the Seeker’s mask here; a hugely important feature of the game. Before you snipe or take enemies out It’s always wise to go into this mode and tag them, to make sure you’re not caught off guard. Another great feature of the Seeker’s mask is the ability to scan your surroundings. Using this in combination with the binocular mode You can see here that I’m able to highlight areas of interest and see exactly where this sniper is aiming. Okay, let’s get sniping. Here’s a look at our new Dynamic Reticle System. Taking into account distance, wind, height and bullet drop It represents our vision to deliver fans the ultimate sniping experience. Once mastered the satisfaction of nailing a 300 meter plus shot is simply unrivalled. Here you’ll see me switching to the luring bullet type. While the enemy here is away from the guys on the boat Best to take him out a bit further away. Okay, it worked he’s fully distracted. Now to quickly switch back to the normal bullet type And as he walks to check out what that noise is… take him out. So I could go over the bridge here But given the number of enemies plus the fact there’s a tank and turrets there It’s probably not the best idea giving my stealthy play style. That’s not to say it can’t be done though. I’ve seen it happen… just not by me! Right, I’m underneath the bridge now, but even this route isn’t completely clear. There’s an enemy here I tagged earlier. Time to snipe him as he gazes across the water and make my way forward. Traversing the environment also plays a part in Contracts. So it’s a good thing then that the Seeker is adept at finding his way around… with style! The Handler has a role to play too… Interesting, but we’ll get to Igor and Olga later. For now, I have these two guards to worry about. Now might be a good time to try out the decoy trap. Just one of the many gadgets you can purchase as you complete contracts throughout the game. Let’s see how this plays out. I’ve lured one of the guards away while the other keeps watch. Now’s the time to strike! Expertly done! Scanning the area again just to be sure. Either way, doing it earlier on revealed a couple of areas I could progress through. I think I’ll go for the more aerial route. My Seeker is an expert sniper after all. Plus, I just love the views. Phew! I made it. A quick scan now, just to see what’s around, and onwards. Two more guards here just chatting away. Hmm. I think I might have an inventive way of taking them out. So now I’ve made it to the roof of this building I could go straight for the sniper there, but I’m being extra careful and it’s a good thing too. There’s a camera here. Best to disable it and then make that sniper’s spot my own. Wow! What a view, but I’m not here to sightsee. Let’s tag the enemies in this area and see what I have to deal with. It looks like there are a few snipers, an armored guy and even a drone. There might be more! I could do with some help here. Time to use the trusty tagging bullet, for when you need to tag far away enemies or simply check if anyone’s around. That worked like a charm. Tagged in orange is the main target Igor and in blue is his wife Olga. Let’s see what they have to say. I could take my time here and eliminate both of them. But in this instance, my focus is Igor. As I’ll have to exfiltrate when he’s down, it would be wise to get rid of the biggest threats in this area to make life a little easier. That means I need to turn my attention to the snipers and armored enemy I tagged earlier… A quick switch to the armor piercing bullet and this guy shouldn’t be a problem… Oh and now we have a helicopter inbound too. It’s for Olga, so no need for me to worry But a small hint that if I was going for her then I’d need to be wary of this. That’s all the biggest threats down. Now to figure out a way to get Igor. Scanning the area close to him reveals his car as a way to potentially lure him out. Let’s see. That did the trick. Now, time to finish this! And with that I’ll say thanks for watching everyone. Remember, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, globally on November 22nd. Stay tuned to all our social media channels for the latest updates. Links in the description. Goodbye!

68 Replies to “Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts – Kolchak Harbor Gameplay Walkthrough”

  1. Oh man, have you seen this dynamic reticle system?? Altogether distance, wind, height and bullet drop feels like real sniping experience! my fav starts at 3:11, TAKE'IM OUT!

  2. Really suprised with this game, beside the whole concept, strategy, sniping system and other superb things, your graphics is revolutionary!

  3. Thanks for all the positive comments so far everyone. Hugely appreciated. We welcome the constructive feedback as well. Just less than two months to go until launch, we're working hard on delivering a great experience for you.

  4. I am really looking forward for this game, i am gonna pre order it like i did with GW3, i also hope the performance in a good pc is better!
    One of the things that i liked in GW3 was the music and the atmosphere! I hope it does the same

  5. Se nota una gran mejora en todos los aspectos, eso me parece genial y que decir de la nueva bullet cam… Fantástica. Mucha suerte con el juego, espero les salga todo muy bien, la verdad se ve todo muy muy divertido.

  6. yeah.. i do not like this mode for kids.. is there an option to remove all tagging, scanning and other bullshit.? I want to hunt with only knife and sniper rifle.

  7. come on guys… let the Russians speak Russian, not English with accent… it destroys the realism, just like in those old WW2 movies where the German were played by English speaking actors… 🙁

  8. The commentary was just awful,the static noise in the background and the low quality,but the game is showing some promise,i hope it isn't a total flop like the last one was.

    I really hope the bullet calibers have been done correctly and their ballistics correctly applied.
    And the voices of soldiers aswell.From this it sounds like you copy pasted them which is kinda sad.
    I hope there is an option to switch to their native language with subtitles.

    I really really hope this game is good.

  9. 2:39 Muzzle Flash comes out of the gun barrel and not the Silencer. The Recon in the roof looking in the scope, but not looking around him, as they usually do. And really Recons in this gameplay just sitting and looking at a wall, waiting to be one shotted by a developer.

  10. Please don't release this until it's perfect – bug free, lots of in-game challenges, steam achievements, bigger and better levels, weapon upgrades, new weapons to find, great storyline, dialogue, stealth opportunites, creative artistic interesting level design, etc. Sniper Elite 4 is the minimum level you should be aiming for – I know you can do it guys!

  11. Tego mi brakowało. Nagrania z komentarzem twórcy wyjaśniającego co i jak. I chociaż widziałem już ten level jak przechodzili go różni youtuberzy (zresztą w podobny sposób jak tutaj), to jednak jest to zawsze coś miłego. Lubię takie rzeczy.

  12. People who played it said its again buggy mess, over and over not interested. It always looks good but the game is buggy trash

  13. Hmmmm. Looks like a very short and simple game. Not enough depth to it. What's the background story and is there even a story? We shall see.

  14. i feel like this vid is scripted which makes it's way too cringe worthy to watch. "I seem to have stumbled upon a couple of guards. Hmm what to do" omg shut up, im leaving

  15. I remember playing Sniper Art of Victory back in the days, CI games just get better and better every year. One of the few companies who focuses on improving the games instead of milking the customers. Keep it up guys, love ya!

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