Slow Motion Enduro over Water – Red Bull Moments 2012 Spain

Slow Motion Enduro over Water – Red Bull Moments 2012 Spain

I’m Iván Cervantes, 5X enduro world champion. How do I manage to concentrate properly? I picture the track and each bend of difficulty. I try to push myself to the limit and to perform all the tricks as perfect as possible. Enduro means freedom to me. Being in the mountains for 7 or 8 hours on Saturdays, 7 or 8 hours on Sundays… and the race against the clock, it gives you an incredible adrenaline high. Riders always have to find new challenges. For aquaplaning you have to hit the water as fast as possible, obviously leaning backwards and…going flat out. I’m Iván Cervantes and what I like best about enduro is that it makes me feel free.

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  1. Loaded video in High Def and took a bunch of screen shots. Amazing video and amazing stills. Beautiful video. Love the slow mo.

  2. This is cool and I love Red Bull's videos, but Crusty Demons of Dirt were doing this a LONG time ago over longer and deeper bodies of water, but to be fair, they didn't do it in 1000fps.

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