Slalom Canoe Training – Peter Kauzer 2013

Slalom Canoe Training – Peter Kauzer 2013

This is our first time in Al Ain in the UAE. The sheikh had this amazing course built after he’d seen something similar in America and it looks like we’ll be coming back every year. It’s much closer and more affordable then Australia and the course is just crazy. The water is wild and technically demanding, very hard on your body. I’m enjoying every moment of it! I try to paddle softly, making it look like I’m dancing on water. I try to go with the water, lean into it and use the force it’s giving me. It’s sometimes quite risky, but also much faster. It’s quite similar to carving, when you go skiing. You have to be physically fit. You have to be strong enough to push the boat through the currents. When your muscles get tired, it’s all about your instincts and feelings. You still have to be able to move through the gates and currents fast. You don’t want to use too much force, because you’ll just get nowhere. I always focus on at least three gates ahead of my boat. If you paddle through a red gate (counter current) to fast, without actually having speed, you lose the momentum for the next set of gates. So you have to look at it as a whole. Once you do that, it’s very different. I’ve developed a “less is more” way of paddling. I paddle with a very low frequency and it enables me to do some things much faster and better. Who is Peter Kauzer today? Currently, I’m an athlete. But at home, I’m a father in the first place. Since I became one last year, the focus and the point of my life has changed. My daughter comes first now and I believe that’s good for me. My focus in training hasn’t shifted, but in my free time I’d just like to spend time with my new family. I think this is good, because my life has always been just about paddling and now I have somewhere else I can go to in my thoughts. I think this is good, because it’s very easy to get over worked and swallowed by professional sports.

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