100 Replies to “Skywind Gameplay Demo – Writ for Sarayn Sadus – Gamescom 2019”

  1. While we want to show off iconic things like levitation, cliff racers, and new dungeon types, we felt the need to show something more polished and presentable for Gamescom. This gives a great preview of our music, voice acting, spears, town AI, and more but we know it isn’t exactly groundbreaking. We’ll have more gameplay to share in the coming months that will give you a rougher but more in depth look into the current state of the game and it’s unique systems, so be sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for that! Bonus meme: https://imgur.com/a/vdddgXm

  2. I literally shed a tear by the end. I hope my future wife will not be dating me when this comes out in full force, because she will be rightly concerned about my lack of enthusiasm in announcement of our first child in comparison. This is the free market at its height. <3

  3. This was gorgeous and made me smile all the way through. Though I did wonder about the Nerano Manor, which hid the Tong Guild in Balmora.


  5. That looks very good!
    Definitly, I will have to imake upgrades.

    Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 @ 3.10 GHz

    OS: 64 bits
    8 GB RAM
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 550ti
    Motherboard: Gigabyte H87M-DH3

  6. just bloody release it already idc if its a beta im getting tired of waiting now. next time you upload make sure you have a release date PLEASE

  7. im treating this like a seperate game, infact ill probs install this to skyrim se, change the icon and name and literally treat is as a new game

  8. I've seen it said that the map markers, especially coupled with the HUD compass, is a bad thing for these kinds of games. It disconnects the player from their immediate environment, makes the journey feel uninteresting. 🙁

  9. The original Morrowind was my first rpg.I still have it on my pc with the new fan based content and I still play it sometimes.This looks very good too though and I really want to play this version.This is a very special world and it looks very nice with the newer engine.Well done guys and I hope we see this out as a finished game soon.

  10. It's like meeting an old friend you haven't spoken to in years, and they now have high resolution textures and better animation.

  11. This is outstanding work! I think the only critique I have is the VO sounds a little on the low-end, maybe too much reverb. All things considered its a minor complaint.

  12. You guys are amazing. I wish I could help out but I know literally nothing when it comes to this stuff. Take your time and I'm sure the finished product will look astonishing

  13. I'm so excited for Skywind and Skyblivion. It'll be really cool to play from Daggerfall – Oblivion inside of Skyrim. The world we live in is amazing.

  14. This is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail, the commitment to the spirit of the original, and the sheer epic scope of Morrowind reimagined as we all want. I just went 6 to midnight.

  15. You guys have been working on this for 5 years already. When is an official release date for this game?And please don`t tell me it is just a mod.

  16. I love how you can use Skyrims textures and still capture the alienic vibe that Morrowind gave off so brilliantly, I can't wait for this to release. Thank you so much for the trailer.

  17. this is amazing. but. (ofc there is a but).. A spear is a long pointy thing. useful for keeping the nasty thing a distance from you while you poke it, whatever that is in the video, is used too close, thus making the use of a spear moot. if you are going to poke something that close, you might as well use a dagger?

  18. The only thing that bothers me is a greyish/brownish color palette that is borrowed from Skyrim. I think you should tweak it to be more vibrant like it was in Morrowind.

  19. HOOOOLY SHIIIT! I definitely want to play this. I played Morrowind for a short time (after having played Oblivion and Skyrim) and liked it, but didn't finish even the first playthrough because I couldn't get used to the interface to save my life and the map was as helpful as a hemorrhoid so I ended up wasting an hour walking in circles trying to find a place. And by the time I found the place, my eyes hurt so there went an hour or two LOL! Anyway, you peeps have outdone Bethesda by leaps.

  20. literally the only game im actually excited about as its old new bethesda. i just need this to release already

  21. Wow! felt butterflies in my stomach since the very first minute of this video. Really amazing… havent been this excited about a game for a very long time!

  22. The only quest marker is the one you placed!!! This is what I loved about Morrowind..no instant fast travel… gotta actually explore to find quest locations… this is beautiful. They can skip tes6 and just fund this project. Ftds… one question tho… ash yam and slough? That combo still gonna work?

  23. The Elder Scrolls needs to get back to these exotic fantasy settings. Skyrim is great but it mostly feels grounded, like it often just feels like Norse mythology, which I get was the point to a certain extent, but it often doesn't feel like it's another world.

  24. reads A Game At Dinner oh neat the books look good-wait mysticism increased WRONG! FUCKING WRONG!!! GO BACK, DO IT AGAIN, GET IT RIGHT!!

  25. This isnt the Morrowind that I remember because your knees don't touch your chin when you run, and your elbows aren't always locked in position like C3PO.

    Jokes aside, this is looking great, and I'm probably more excited for this than I am for TES VI, haha.

  26. Is there a way to later patch the original Morrowind music back in? Because I don't think the improved graphics are worth giving up the original Soundtrack.

  27. So would you guys be able to release it before TES6? Because if you don't give your game/mod atleast an year ahead of TES6 then no body will be playing this for next 3 years after TES6's release. And 6th one will be 10 years ahead in comparison to Skyrim's tech. So the modding scene will keep it fresh for atleast next 5 years.

    Oh and please change the GUI. Especially the menu. It looks too Skyrim like.

  28. well, nothing, in 2155, maybe the mod will come out, my great-grandchildren may be catching him .. although who knows

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