Skytropolis Genting Highlands Indoor Theme Park in One Day [Small Girl Big World]

Hi Guys welcome back to my channel after
two years I come back to genting highlands again especially the indoors
theme pak, totally new facilities, new activities and near over 20 new
attractions is very exciting today I will get you all experience that almost
have new attractions already open for me Here I am at the Skytropolis Genting Theme Park main entrance. It is so colorful and beautiful. First let’s go buy
ticket for this Theme Park. The preview price now is 50 Ringgit, For any update
pricing check my description below the attraction is divided to child ride
family ride and the thrill ride. Child ride has max height limit, family ride
need adult supervision and thrill ride need certain minimum height. Let me bring you to explore some fun child ride. First we have a Paris tower Loop de Loop Boo Boo Bump is the child only version of
bumper car. Whirly bugs another circular motion theme park ride for children. Ride em Round is carousel type of ride for children Skyscraper that typically known as ferris
wheel Jumping Spurs is not open yet but I will
update the status in my description Royal Carousel is the typical famous
merry-go-round. The balloon race is a circular motion with ascending an ddescending movemebt a fun new ride concept Copper Express is a family-friendly train
ride around the track Space cadet is still not open yet and under testing now. Bet it will be a fun ride when it is opened. Then we have
the teen thrill version of bumper car the Bumper Boss. Here is more aggressive as most drive like a boss. This swinging and circular wheel is very exciting when in
high-speed it makes you feel as high as in DISCO! If you wish to have a bird eye view of
Skytropolis, give a try at a Sky Tower. This ride will elevate you to the
highest point of the park and it will give you a sweat when going up and
down Spin crazy is easily the most high
octane in blood pumping right now this inverted pendulum ride will turn you
upside down in high speed multiple times during the ride. Stormy Voyage look like a
pirate ship ride. It is not operational Check my description for new update.
Power surge from its look could be an exciting ride where you rotate in circular
motion while being swinged. Music Express as name indicates combine ride with
awesome sound and light design. Couple with high speed rotation, this will be a thrill
ride Unfortunately it’s not open yet. Super Glider the roller coaster will be
most intense ride in Skytropolis Genting It is still under construction
but you must this when it is completed. There are few more ride not only in this video. Teacup, chariot cruiser,
soaring ship and the bolt Genting has a new arcade center called
Big Top It has VR experiences, electronic
arcade game and old school fun games There is also The Void which is the next
generation of virtual reality experience Ripley believe it or not is still here so make sure you feel your family
disappear Vision City arcade still survive from old Genting. You
can come here for good old memories Two years since my last visit, it has
been a tremendous changes. Genting new theme park is a fun is the old one. Drop by to Genting soon. If you love this video please leave me a like. Subscribe me for
more fun travel video

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