SKMEI Digital Watch Large Face Sport Wristwatch Black 1251 Review

SKMEI Digital Watch Large Face Sport Wristwatch Black 1251 Review

what’s up Indonesia Peter Brown pnd here hey you know I likes Kamiya watches so I just got a bunch of them and I want to show them to you here this one is well it says it’s new it’s the 1251 in black with mostly knees this one is an athletic style watch let’s find out together first of all it’s uh pretty nice looking huh one that’s good nice right you know what I will say is that this has more of a like a modern Shinto style look to it you know is so if you’re into the sim tubes or even the Garmin phoenixes and things like that a good plastic alright so there we have it now with its protection off and as you can see it’s in like an LCD but it’s reversed right so you have kind of the the punched out letters there I’ve got a day on the top you got Singh Wednesday towards on 24 hours as you can tell it’s on military time hours minutes seconds we have some icons across the top for you know alarm weekday chime and then it even looks like calendar stopwatch and then the date on the bottom here you can also see we have a like a minute outer ring and it’s all plastic this thing is very light but it seems very well-built is most the skis that have come across my desk have you know we just have like a plastic crystal here but as you can see you know this this bezel which is plastic it’s a little bit raised and it’s like separated from this outer bezel which has some texture compass rose points basically and it’s hard plastic and even the case here is hard plastic we have a couple of pushers on the side with a little bit of knurling kind of like gears they kind of look kind of industrial on both sides here and then we have a molded in rubber strap which I which is typical to some of the other skis that I’ve shown you but they create like a really nice you know hug on the wrist here just a stainless steel back you’ve got kind of a Hamilton style double-tongued tang here which requires these double holes but it also kind of serves as perforation for you know good breathability and then a retention strap here so let’s see if we can just figure out how this little bad boy works and start here so this button looks like it goes from 24-hour to back to normal time this looks like it’s mode alarm stopwatch dual time I believe and then time attack so countdown timer reset let’s just go back to a stopwatch start down there I think it’ll split hopefully looks like it’s still flashing yep looks like it’s splitting is there’s no problem stop reset down there okay so kind of standard watch functions and that’s pretty nice let’s see if we can get to setting the time on this little bad boy set us up the time I think we hold down this button down here it looks like we get to starting to change each of things I think this will scroll through so if we need to adjust so we can scroll through here bring it right up to midnight can change the year here the date even September 11th time and then I think we just hit this again to stop and looks like everything gets set in there so pretty easy to do now this button up here is a light and while you can’t see it working here it definitely is a light so let me just show you that in the dark so there’s a light as I press it you get a few seconds of illumination but it kind of has like an indigo backlight type of look to it pretty cool very easy to read in darkness if you’re looking for a watch that’s a rugged not expensive at all and has a lot of the good looks of sin – casio psychos i mean it’s a pretty big watch as you can see here you know I’ve got it on my wrist but I’m wearing a dress shirt with it it’d probably be something to wear with a full outdoor wear that kind of thing too big to kind of fit under my cuff but not so big that I think it would be you know odd to wear and as you can see just cuz the way those lugs hang down they’re really super comfortable and hugs my wrists very very nicely but like I said you know the skinnies are great because you know they provide a lot of style without break-in the back end because of its large size that has a nice presence so 49 millimeters just under 50 millimeters but I think for kind of an outdoor watch that’s perfect now the nice thing about it is you can bang the sucker around you know I maybe even chalk it up to being disposable certainly it has a replaceable battery here on the back you just remove these four screws and pull off the backplate and what I also like is it says what kind of battery it takes right there see our 2032 which is pretty cool so overall I really like this now if you don’t like the all-black look you can actually get this model and this inner bezel right here with all the minute markings actually comes in a couple of different colors so it comes in like a goal to read a blue they look really great so you don’t have to just go with all black you can have something with a little bit of style to it too if that is your choosing so pretty awesome I pretty I dig this check it out model 1251 I’ll put a link to it in the description and you know stay tuned because this one’s gonna go in the big box crap giveaway so this is one of you is gonna get it peter von panda out

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  4. Bought this same watch at Walmart in Canada for $26 and it was branded Dickies … I just needed a cheap watch for work and it's not a bad looking watch is vary light watch and yes could be a little thinner but and the alarm notification sound is pretty weak could be louder on the Dickes brand watch other than that watches pretty comfortable to wear

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  6. LOL! The god damn minute ring is the dumbest thing ever.
    Ill-fitting non-functional parts like that are what changes something from just an affordable cheapo china watch into a ridiculous toy watch.

  7. Thanks a Lott❤❤
    By watching ur review i have placed an order for it
    Hope for the best.💗

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