Ski Cross Athlete goes BMX Track Rider in the Offseason

Ski Cross Athlete goes BMX Track Rider in the Offseason

After last year’s successful
season in Eliminator, I found out that this discipline would
no longer be a part of the World Cup. An opportunity arose
to switch to BMX with Filip, and I said yes immediately. I’ve been riding the bike
since I was a kid. It is my second sport. Every time when
the skiing season ended, I couldn’t wait to get on my bike. This year I decided
to take it a little more seriously. The Unior Tools Team
wanted to take me under their wing, and I said yes, of course, which means I would also compete.
Currently we are still trying it out. By the end of the year we’ll see
how it works and what can be done. BMX supercross is an Olympic discipline, and it is great that
Filip and I are at Unior, where they really support us.
We have fantastic chances for success. This sports’ specifics are very similar,
you have rails, jumps, bumps … There are eight of us on the track here,
while in ski-cross there are only four. Still, this is a mass competition. It is a battle.
You need to be ready. Expect the unexpected– always. Physically,
it is a very demanding sport. For 35, 40 seconds,
your body works at its maximum. You need to be in top shape
to endure the entire race. I need to do this one thing
for my soul, or else I’ll die thinking that
I missed something important. I have to give it my best … Take the bull by the horns.

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  1. Great move Filip! Very loong way to get competitive but BMXR is a complete sport… will improve whatever sport

  2. for anyone wodering, this track is in Maribor, Slovenia. It's acctualy the only track for BMX racing this big in Slovenia

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