Ski and snowboard race to the bottom – Red Bull Home Run Sweden 2011

Ski and snowboard race to the bottom – Red Bull Home Run Sweden 2011

We are back here in Are for Red Bull Home Run. This is my favorite event, I won it a year ago. There are more people now, I’m going to ski away from 350 people. It will be harder this year, Petter Nortugh is here. There are professionals here as well as regular skiers and then you have people here which are just here looking for a good time. They have dressed up and are just enjoying this, and its this mix that makes it so great. There are lots of people here who want to beat me, but I’m prepared for that. I have scared away everybody, im here on my own now. People are scared to be around me but why? Am I really that dangerous? This will be dangerous and fun. I have a tazer with me, im going to use it on people that will try and pass me. Competitions are just fun when you finish and win. Everything else in a competition is really pretty shitty. The Snow is very hard it’s scary lots of anxiety it’s really no fun. Bloody hell! It was extremely loose, bang bang bang bang. They where behind me all time like fa fa fa fa It was very hard work but funny as hell. This is much harder then a 50km XC race, much harder! I was so angry and exhausted, oh my good. Insanely fun and insanely hard It went well. Really cool! At the beginning, I was flying over the moguls but later I was just sliding over them. This was really cool, people where flying, skis came flying and there was poles everywhere! So yes, this was really cool.

65 Replies to “Ski and snowboard race to the bottom – Red Bull Home Run Sweden 2011”

  1. you know the people that are at the back at the beginning are at such a disadvantage. the people at the front basically have like a 15 second head start

  2. Hurray! Ski to the bottom as fast as you can! Last one down = Last one to get drunk.. Love Redbull haha

  3. should of been a class for snowboarders and skiers, its unfair considering the disadvantage for snowboarders putting their bindings on

  4. hahahah!!!! Pastrana won it!!!!!!!! i know its not actually him but just somebody with his number…

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  6. Looking at this from the point of view of a scientist skies would always win as they have less surface area, therefore less friction

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