Skating in a house – Schuster Skate Villa

Skating in a house – Schuster Skate Villa

You cant really compare this spot to any other Because shooting in a house itself is something very special I fell in love with this house because it perfectly fits the DIY style. The house became very important to me and even feels like home

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  1. I could imagine myself opening the window to let a little wandering breeze in to air out my home. One time on a particularly gusty day the wind blows the window off of its hinges and right into my abdomen as I pass by on my skateboard. It would hurt and I would lie on the floor and be in silent pain in the comfort of my own home, I would probably lie on the floor for a while until I got too cold… When I got too cold I would run upstairs and run a hot bath. It would be a nice soothing bath

  2. Its like jackass when the put ramps in stev-os apartment..except these guys arent stoned and actually have talent..haha

  3. dude i am a skateboarder
    but i dont hate inliner,scooter, or whatever
    because thats complete bullshit and near to racism

  4. All I can think about is catching one of those antlers in the eye, face or neck at full speed. #MEGADEATH

  5. Parkour is actually far more than just "jumping around" but yeah, it would be a normal house with a person just doing parkour around it and stuff

  6. what if he wanted to sell the house? who is going to buy a house with concreate ramps apart from a skater haha

  7. pointing out the obvious here, "they're", else it means the good man is his property, which would be inappropriate kinda like calling someone else's sport gay

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