Skating & BMX Riding in Kazakhstan – Red Bull Local Hero Tour 2013

Skating & BMX Riding in Kazakhstan – Red Bull Local Hero Tour 2013

Red Bull Local Hero is a stimulus for me to develop and perform tricks better than yesterday. We didn’t have parks beforehand and I was using each opportunity to learn new tricks and jump higher than before. Today I am prepared to do another trick if one is not successful and not worrying about repeating. I was performing only at 70% of my best because I was a bit nervous. I also have really strong riders in my quarter and I knew that I had to perform better. The feeling you get when you’re in the final is very exciting and you have no room for mistakes. He did very stable and basic things. Skateboarding contests are very technically difficult, and you can’t fall. You need to create more tricks and stable ones at that. I was voting for Maxim because he impressed me. I can see the progress he’s made every year and he really deserves first place. Red Bull Local Hero is very important to me. You wait for a year and you really need to fight for first place. Contests give you new experiences and new crazy things to learn. He did tricks which are not common for Kazakhstani riders. He used the fanbox and took first place.

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  1. i was playing this game and i was talking about xgames…..then kid was like do you skate?? i was like no i bike…he said dont you mean bmx ..same shit

  2. The venue in this video is smaller then my local skate-park yet these riders and shredding the crap out of this place. It really goes to show how much you can achieve with just a bunch of ramps and a lot of enthusiasm.

  3. Yes. Kazakh is a state language here, but still the most of people in Kazakhstan (about 75% – 80%) are native Russian speakers.

  4. well i need to get a new scooter because if i show up they will laugh because i have razor bars i need to get a district if they have the contest and because im only nine

  5. Have some respect u haters, it is not easy to pull something like this of in Kazakhstan.
    Bikes and Boards cost a lot more there an the sport is not so much respected. And Borat was not shot in Kazakhstan at all.

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  7. Отличное видео! Те люди которые не согласны поймите – ЭТО НЕ АМЕРИКА.
    Для Казахстана отличный уровень! Не так ли?

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