Skateboarding, OCD & Going BIG w/ Adrien Bulard | OUT OF FRAME

Skateboarding, OCD & Going BIG w/ Adrien Bulard  |  OUT OF FRAME

Yes, that word is ‘maniac’. Yes, it’s got a name,
we could use the word ‘maniac’ I think, and putting everything straight and maybe putting the same things down
ten times, twenty times, thirty times, forty times, fifty times,
a hundred times until they’re really straight. Well previously,
I thought it wasn’t that cool, but at the same time
I couldn’t help it. It’s like an obsession you can’t avoid, so you do it anyway,
even if you don’t like it. You try not to do it anymore,
you think about not doing it, but you can’t help it. So anyway, now I’m happy
that I don’t do it and yep. I’d tried not to do it anymore,
but after a while… it’s just in your head in fact.
It goes after a while. Yes, I think it came into a play a bit when I sometimes hit the board ten times
before going for the rail. The first time, but… Peace, bro! Adrien used to play a lot of sport… football. And he stopped
so that he could skate, because a friend had brought him
to the skatepark to show him
what skateboarding was about, because I don’t think
he was that interested in it before. In fact, after his first visit
to the skatepark, he has never stopped skating. He went… once a week, which quickly became twice a week, then three times a week,
and after that– – Everyday.
– After school, he would head to the skatepark. Around three years ago,
Adrien started organize his things laying them very straight…
the forks, the knives next to the plate, the shoes. When we get back home,
we know he’s back before us, because he has neatly arranged
our shoes in the basement, and because he liked his room
to be neat and tidy. Everything always
facing the same direction. I met Adrien around three years ago at the skatepark in Rouen
where we had mutual friends. Those friends introduced him to me, and then we started skating together
very quickly… soon after, and we became friends and that’s how it all happened. A little over two years ago,
I met up with him in town, he was filming, and well, I was there with my camera, and then he went onto a 17-stair set and we took those photos together. As time passed, we shot photos
and filmed together very regularly because we got along well, and there was a connection. The biggest, craziest trick
I’ve seen from Adrien must have been in Créteil. He jumped over an eight flat nine,
where he made three attempts, and at the third, he landed it perfectly,
absolutely brilliantly. The people next to us
were going insane watching him, it really was incredible. First time I met Adrien Bulard was in Paris, in Créteil on a Jart Tour
in… I think it was in 2012. and he was hitting the three blocks
and was pretty crazy because every time
he didn’t land the trick, he just got mad with the board,
got mad with the glasses and was pretty crazy. We just spent, like, three days with him,
and it was kind of weird, because none of us knew him and, I don’t know,
it was pretty difficult to… I don’t know… to live with him. But, after three years
living with him on tours and staying with him, so he changed a lot. From that time to now,
he is totally different, Adrien is like another person. In a really good way, you know? He has many things
that make Adrien very peculiar. Everybody who has skated
with him just one time knows what I’m talking about
and you can see every time he goes to hit like a big spot
he has many tics, you know? The cap, telling every guy like,
“Good, good, good.” Good? Good? Good? Also with his board,
just knocking the floor every time, but I don’t know, I think that’s the way
he just gets focused on the trick. If he doesn’t make it like ten times
the cap thing, or whatever, he doesn’t think he is going to land it,
so he really needs that. Things like that are always
happening with Adrien. You don’t know what’s going on with him,
like, everyday, you know? He is a really cool guy, you know,
like you really know him, he’s like really good heart,
and I don’t know, it’s pretty funny to be with him. He’s my new homie. With the feet like this,
and then going for it? Don’t take so much speed then. I was like, “How long are you gonna
fucking keep on going like this, man?” I like to travel with him, because, in the end,
he keeps all of us entertained, you know. Like, I don’t know, long car drives
can be so boring and shit. Somebody that a lot of people in the beginning
they might take him wrong, you know? And, maybe, I did as well. At the beginning, I was like,
“Woah! That guy is something special!” And he is, you know, but actually,
I like the way he is, you know. Wakes up the latest, that’s for sure. Goes to bed the latest probably as well. But he has to fold
all his socks every night, so I guess
that already takes a little bit. He is the way he is, you know. He is like an unpretentious person
I would say, you know. And I like that, you know. He can take shit, huh?
He can eat shit good. I have to say he is durable…
a durable ginger for sure, man, and impressive, I don’t know, yeah… I think he really…
like especially for his next video part, I think he really wants
to give his best, you know? So I don’t think he really cares too much if he has to go through hell
to get the trick he wants to do, he is going do it, you know? Yeah, last day of the trip, you know,
like last year or whatever, we were skating that ledge spot
like that Philarmonie or whatever it is, and yeah, I guess he didn’t
really care too much about the spot either so he was super pissed, and then afterwards,
we went to the 13-stair set. Cian actually started skating it, so afterwards he was pissed,
that he broke his last board. He came up to me…
No, actually he just wanted to grab a board from somebody else. Everybody was like, “No, no,
it’s my last board as well fuck this shit, you broke your last board on purpose,
so now you’re fucked”, you know? And I was like, “Fuck it, take mine.”
And I skate high concaves, so my board is
like completely different to his. He went up, and asked like, “Hey, can I try once?
Can you film, please?” He just went for it. In the end, he did it first try. That’s how it goes with him.

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  1. I think we – and his friends – can all learn from this guy. He's so recklessly true, independent and resilient. Getting up once more than you fall (and this guy obviously knows what falling means!) makes you a champion, love how he does this!

  2. why poeples dislike this ? im french and i know adrien bulard. he did nollie inwhard heel on three blocks. poeples wants juste to show when youre unknown you could made everything…

  3. Very talented and good French skater ! Big tricks, but he only lacks a bit of "style" in his way of skating.

  4. Mark Frölich is also an very very gnarly Skateboarder from the Jart Team – look the Parts from Mark – amazing !

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