Sister’s Slam Dunk | 언니들의 슬램덩크 – Ep.22 [ENG/2016.12.02]

Sister’s Slam Dunk | 언니들의 슬램덩크 – Ep.22 [ENG/2016.12.02]

Kim Yeonkoung! I have to let myself go. Kim Yeonkoung ties the score with a spike. (She challenges the world of entertainment!) I’ll see you at 12 at the front. I’ll bring a contract. (Yeonkoung and the Unnies meet) Kim Yeonkoung scores. (Kim Yeonkoung will leave strong impression) Jessi, now you know how you’ve lived? (We have a special guest today!) (Rio Olympics volleyball player, Kim Yeonkoung) (Volleyball player Kim Yeonkoung, 192cm) (She’s the tallest of all Korean athletes) (World’s best in volleyball) (She is coming!) Kim Yeonkoung, Kim Yeonkoung, Kim Yeonkoung! Where did you find that outfit? I went to a sports trading firm… – To ask for women’s volleyball uniform? / – Yes. Looks nice. I prepared this to show my respect and to pay homage to Kim Yeonkoung. We could call her a special dreamer. Kim Yeonkoung, please come in. (We will be meeting a world-best athlete!) (Looking around) We should be seeing her about now. My goodness! Oh, hello! (Even from afar, she really stands out) Unbelievable. (The eldest welcomes her) – Hello! / – Goodness. Let’s hug first. – Goodness. / – Let’s hug first. It’s so good to see you. Jinkyung actually looks small! I’m your fan! You’re so cool! (Sook’s spike greeting) – Come this way. / – She’s so cool. It’s so nice to meet you! This hand is just so valuable. Me too! I want to touch too. – These are valuable hands. / – Me too. Hey, hey. You can’t do that here. It’ll wear out! – So awesome. / – Jinkyung’s become cute. Wouldn’t her body be qualified for volleyball? – Definitely. / – Jinkyung, stand up for her. – Stand up. / – You’re quite skinny. – She’s skinny. / – But she’s weak. She has no strength. Look at her pose. Look at her pose. What do you think? Maybe not. No? The surprising thing is that she’s not doing that on purpose. That’s for real. – You were great during Olympics. / – Thank you. – You worked so hard. / – You did. – You didn’t get injuries? / – Everything’s fine. Everything is good? A lot of shows must be trying to cast you right now. But you picked Sister’s Slam Dunk. The director asked me even before the Olympics. So before other things came up… We set the date from back then. Our director is the type to plea with tears. So it must’ve been tough to turn it down. I was really happy though. All of my friends are your fans. Do you like variety shows? When I’m overseas, I get lonely. So I watch a lot of variety shows. I’ve watched you a lot. – All of you. / – You’re so cool! – She saw her on “Infinite Challenge.” / – Seriously. I like you so much. (Began volleyball in 1997 as a 4th grader) (Joined the junior national team in 2004) Kim Sejin predicted that Kim Yeonkoung would be a success. From the beginning, she joined the professional team as an amazing athlete. Kim Yeonkoung! She’s a national treasure that you only get once every generation. She won the scoring title, attack award, serve award, the league MVP, and the rookie award. She even danced at the host’s request. (2006 to 2008, MVP and won 3 years in a row) (Dominates Korean volleyball) Advanced to the overseas as a professional volleyball player for the first time. JT was the worst team last season. But with the addition of Kim Yeonkoung, they became the champions. Kim Yeonkoung from Turkey women’s professional volleyball team, Fenerbahce, scored 29 points. (Was that not enough?) (85 years since the foundation of the team) (Won the European Champions League) (Leading scorer and two MVP awards) Kim, Kim! I love you, Kim! Kim, we love you. I love you! You know, she’s incredible. (Kim Yeonkoung is the volleyball world’s…) (Messi?) (Ronaldo?) (Cha Boom?) (Yeonkoung is Kim Yeonkoung) – Kim Yeonkoung scores! / – Amazing. (Korea’s very own world best athlete!) Worthy to be called the best in the world! And is ranked no.1 for her beauty in volleyball world. We did this background search ourselves, but do you disagree on anything? I think being ranked 1st for beauty is for certain. That’s for certain? Okay, so that’s for certain. She’s really funny. Don’t you hear a lot about your beauty? Being 1st place is unheard of, but they say I look pretty good. By who? Who says that? Just people around me. You look like a wild flower. Wild flower? She looks really innocent. Not those flamboyant flowers but pure flowers. Thank you. We can’t leave out the Olympics. The most memorable part is the game against Japan. That’s right. That was so… We’ll do our best to beat Japan. Let’s go! (4 years ago, they lost 1st set to Japan) During the match against Japan, world star Kim Yeonkoung led the way to win. Does it feel different to face Japan compared to other countries? It’s very different. Also, because I played in Japan, I’m close with the Japanese team. But if we meet before the match, we don’t greet much because of competitiveness. It’s definitely different compared to other countries. Seriously, during the Korea vs. Japan match, the viewing rate went up over 30%. I started watching volleyball because of Kim Yeonkoung. – Me too. / – When she started because… I love how she plays. Even if they lose a point, she gathers and encourages all the team members. The disappointing thing for me was that I saw the game against the Netherlands. It touched me how even when we were losing, you tried to bring the mood up and move forward. When I think back, I was disappointed about the quarterfinals but 4 years ago, I was even more disappointed. I felt that again. This kind of opportunity is hard to come by. During London Olympics, Kim Yeonkoung was praised as the best athlete. Picking the MVP from a team that came 4th place is unheard of. It’s the first time that an athlete from our country received the MVP award. We struggled from the 1st set. Kim Yeonkoung was responsible for the offense. Kim Huijin’s serve was powerful. But the team wavered with the basics. Kim Yeonkoung worked hard to win the 3rd set. – Nice. / – Kim Yeonkoung! (Couldn’t reach the Olympic medals yet again) It was sad to lose the quarterfinals. How were you? I was really sad. I’m not the type to cry easily. We gathered around in like a little meeting. I said, “You guys worked really hard.” And at that moment, I remembered all the time we put in. I started to cry a little and all the members were shocked. And they started crying too. Sook is going to cry! – I’m not crying. / – Your eyes so teary. It’s because Yeonkoung got teary. Sook is very soft-hearted. – Oh, really? / – Yes. If you’re strong, I become really strong too. But if you show your soft side, I become soft. I should just not look at her. I can’t look at her either. There’s nowhere to look today. – Look at Jessi! / – I’ll just look up at the sky. I’d better just look up today. 4th place is really good though. Did you cry then too? – Yes, I cried then. / – You did? I cried alone then. She cries really easily. She’s like us! I cry every 4 years because of Olympics. After saving up all the tears. She’s really charismatic. She’s cool. We’re the same age. – You guys are friends. / – I was born early though! – She’s just normal. / – Early? She’s older then. – Even if I’m late, it’s still 1988! / – Yeah, same age. (Her dream began on this volleyball court) How did you fall for volleyball in the beginning? I didn’t really know volleyball, but I loved sports. My older sister played volleyball here first. – She started first? / – At this school… So I would come here often and play and I would pick up balls for them. Then I really wanted to play so I told my mom. Then I started playing at the elementary school. I feel like you would’ve grabbed everyone’s attention right from the start. Were you a rising star even then? I was short, which might sound weird. I wasn’t even 160cm tall in junior high. – Shorter than I was! / – You were my height. So I couldn’t play in many games. So you were short for a volleyball player? – Yes, totally short. / – Compared to your peers. I would just be a substitute. (Short athlete) Didn’t you want to quit at that point? Since you didn’t grow in junior high? I did think about it when I moved up to junior high. I was thinking whether I should play a different sport because I love sports. So I was thinking about soccer. I wanted to play in women’s soccer. But my former teachers told me not to. Coach Kim Dongyeol! He said I have big hands, feet and long legs so he thought I will grow. He recommended me to continue volleyball. – When your height was only 160cm? / – Yes. I must have shown potential then. The basic techniques were good apparently. If you quit then, our team couldn’t even dream of going to Olympics and say that 4th place is disappointing. If there was no coach who believed in your future, you wouldn’t be on this court today. – I’m grateful. / – He saw into the future. You didn’t grow until junior high, but in order to play volleyball… Don’t you have to be a certain height and have a certain level of skill? At the time at my school, my friends did really well. I wasn’t good but we went around winning many national competitions. Many high schools scouted my friends to come to their school. They made it so that if they have to go, I would have to go too. I would tag along with them. Who was the best player at the time? She’s on a team right now, and she went to the Olympics with me. – Her name is Kim Suji. / – We know her! She’s my alumni. We went to grade, junior and high school together. She was the ace during elementary school. She was the ace in junior high and in high school too. – She was always the ace. / – Yes, she was. The incredible Kim Yeonkoung made it to high school as an extra. It was virtually like that. The only thing that I could do was receive the ball. So I always practiced receiving. Park Jeonga serves. She scores! Park Jeonga! She was always targeted for being short when she was little. She practiced defending so much. That’s why, despite her physique, she’s able to play great defense. Here comes the spike… Kim Yeonkoung! Nice spike! Kim Yeonkoung! Fine play! In high school, I reached 170cm. It’s still short. But as I reached 170… A 12th grade senior got injured and the position became available. – You were in 10th grade? / – Yes, so I took her spot… And started participating in the games. – And I started growing more. / – You got taller. Then when did you start believing that you were good at volleyball? People started noticing when I was 11th grade. That’s when I made the junior national team. They saw how good you were. But I didn’t think I was good at that point. You didn’t know it yourself? But after I became a professional, I started winning all these awards… Now you think you are good, right? Right now, just a little. She’s the MVP, of course she knows. She’s ranked no. 1 in the world. (Just like her height, her skills increased quickly) (She really showed off after becoming a professional) (Volleyball prodigy, Kim Yeonkoung’s glory days) (She led the worst team to the first place!) As a rookie who led her team to victory, she was nominated for many awards. At the host’s request, she even showed off her dance. (Her volleyball and dance skills won over Korea) She was the first in Korean female volleyball player. I’ll return with success. The reason I wanted to go abroad… The system for foreign players formed and our country started having foreign players. I was wondering why our players couldn’t do that and I started dreaming about it. I was thinking about Europe at first, but I wanted to get acknowledged in Asia and then go farther out. Thus I went to Japan. It was tough at first, plus that stigma with Japan… Japan opposed against recruiting an Asian player. – They were against it. / – They could get… Americans, Brazilians or South Americans. What saddened you the most? In front of other players, what do you call it… Rebuking? Is that the word? – You were criticized. / – Yes, that’s right. They would criticize me a lot. – When you were doing fine! / – When I was doing fine. The coach would gather everyone just to criticize me. So I decided to show them what I’m made of. – Show them your skill. / – That’s right. I can show only during the games. So I went all out, and after that… They supported you. They would give company credit card for me to use and such. Since they started treating me differently, the way I sat changed too. “Coach, say something.” How was your record in the Japanese league? We won the championship. My team was ranked last. But we won the championship. You like the worst teams. Your hobby is building up the worst teams. It wasn’t easy, but I have to say it was luck too. Last season, JT was in last place. But thanks to Kim Yeonkoung, they are going towards victory. Then Japan must have not wanted to let you go. At first, they didn’t want to let me go. But I told them I want to compete on a bigger stage. They couldn’t say much more. Even now, they ask me to come. “Whenever it may be, just come.” “Come as a player or a coach, just come.” So cool. Then you went to Turkey. Europe is really good at volleyball. I heard they’re hostile towards foreigners. They tend to not greet first. Something like that. They don’t greet you? That as well and not setting the ball high enough. What? I think I would be hurt by that the most. They prevent you from a proper attack. They make it hard to score. – Bad setting. / – Even though you’re on same side? From their point of view, someone from Asia is taking one of their place with such a good deal to their country. I think they are being territorial. Somewhat bullying? – Similar. / – Something like that. Even if it wasn’t my fault, they would blame me. – Blaming you. / – Doing these actions. “What’s with her?” Back then, I wasn’t good at English or Turkish. I had such a tough time. I wasn’t sure if I should pack and go back home. I couldn’t take it any longer. So I decided to reach out to them first. From then on, I would say hi first even if they didn’t. During the practice, if they try to blame me, I would overreact. I overreacted like this. Overreacting. I would curse in Korean too. Right… So you tried not to be intimidated. Like, “What?” “Don’t kid me!” I’d kick the ball really hard and they’d get shocked. You intimidated them. Since then, they backed off a little. They saw that you are not so easy. Even in Turkey, Yeonkoung overcomes bullying and succeeds. (Talented co-workers from different countries) – Thank you. / – Hello. (Did her best on the world’s best stage!) (The result!) (Ascends to the title of MVP!) In terms of soccer, she’s like Ronaldo or Messi. I’m sure you hear that a lot. She’s that kind of MVP. Wow… You must have felt so happy. You went through all that to get the MVP. After winning the first Champions League and receiving MVP, I was ecstatic. (The Champions League hero) (The name that Europe chanted, MVP Kim!) In Europe, the winning celebration goes on for ages. They celebrate a long time. We would open a bottle of champagne and drink in the locker room. We would dance with music in the bus for a while. I was so tired though. – Like a tour bus. / – They like to party. Then they would rent a whole plane for us. A charter plane? They got it for our club, so we would go in and dance and hang out again. There would be cameras filming us dancing. We would arrive and there would be fans waiting. – So party again. / – So we go again… – We dance and party. / – It’s a celebration. That sounds more tiring than the actual game. Yes. I would get huge bags under my eyes. My eyeliners were all smudged. – You’d smell too. / – We did. Spill wine all over ourselves. But everyone else loved all that. There are so many praises over Kim Yeonkoung from different countries. Brazil’s Coach Roberto said, “Kim Yeonkoung is the world’s best, perfect attacker.” He put all the best words together! Perfect… – World’s best. / – Attacker. Japan’s mass media said, “She’s an athlete that comes around once a century.” And the Netherlands’ Coach Giovanni Guidetti said… Body like Russian. The technique like Japanese. The power like American. The quickness like Brazilian. You know, she’s incredible. – The best of the world… / – Kim Yeonkoung. If we have to compare to soccer, Kim Yeonkoung is at the level of Lionel Messi. (What is the world’s best volleyball player’s dream?) You have more dreams as… – A volleyball player? / – I have one more. – One? / – To win an Olympic medal. I wish to win just one Olympic medal. Will you prepare for another 4 years? It won’t be easy, but I will prepare. I want to try again very much. With another 4 years… All the other members will get better in skills, so I think you will be able to get the medal. Yes. We will go cheer you guys up next time. Please come. You have to come! (4 years of sweat and tears) (All for the awesome games at Rio) (Hope your dream comes true, Yeonkoung) 29-year-old non-volleyball-player Kim Yeonkoung’s dream. I’m really curious to know what it is. You are here as a dreamer. We’ve announced our dreams before too, and it’s the most nervous moment. You become really humble too. Did you have a list? Perhaps it’s something like dating, getting married? I honestly had a lot of dilemmas. (1 week earlier) The concept of this program is that everyone has to work together to fulfill one person’s dream. I gave it a lot of thought. Because I was short in junior high, I was thinking about doing soccer. – Really? / – Yes. I want to play as a striker. But that’d be impossible to do in 1 day. I also want to do skydiving. I really love singing. I’ve always wanted to go on an audition program like “Super Star K” or “K-pop Star.” My friends are going to laugh when they see this. What is 29-year-old girl, Kim Yeonkoung’s dream? Honestly… Honestly… I love to sing. I love singing and all… You know those audition programs, I’ve always wanted to go on one of them. – You want to do something like that? / – But! Unfortunately, I have vocal fold nodules. Because I can’t sing due to that… Because I can’t sing due to that… Rapper. Rapper. Rapper? (Kim Yeonkoung’s dream is to be a rapper!) (Charismatic on the volleyball court) (Kim Yeonkoung on top of the stage?) I feel like doing rap. I was going to say her voice is perfect for rapping! Oh, Jessi. I’ve watched a lot of audition programs. And you know… Program that asks to show you money. (Oh, that show?) I think it’ll suit her! She just needs a gold necklace. That doesn’t make you hip hop. You know the gold stuff they put on their teeth. They add those jewels. – Not gold teeth. / – No, no. They’re called grillz. Those are for people who want to flaunt. I don’t brag like that. Shouldn’t you get a hip-hop hat? There are no musts like that. Then would comedians… For basics, we do the snotty nose makeup. We do have basics. It’d be funny for her to do that. Jessi, show her how to rap. What… – What if I asked you to do comedy now? / – I can. (As soon as she’s told) I can do it right away. That’s rude to ask suddenly! Miran, do some acting. If you tell me to, I’ll take it all off! We can do it whenever. Jinkyung, you make kimchi all of a sudden. She can make it right away. This isn’t working. Show me your rap. (Jessi shows her skills for the dreamer) (“I Want To Be Me” by Jessi) (Feeling the beat) (Wow) (She shines when she raps) (Good job, Jessi!) (Dreamer Yeonkoung is impressed) Jessi, what was that growl? For people who do music, these kinds of improvisations are a trademark. – It’s like starting up the car. / – Yeah, like that. That’s right. (Like this?) You need your trademark. Did you see her copy you? Do it one more. – Try it. / – Show her. (This is Yeonkoung) She’s so cute! (Cutie god Yeonkoung) Kim Yeonkoung has to go back to Turkey in a few days. For 2 weeks, we came up with a system to turn Kim Yeonkoung into a rapper. We already have an excellent rapper with us. Jessi. So we’ll consider Jessi as our hip-hop family’s leader. Oh, Jessi… Leader. – Captain, captain. / – Leader. She was very quiet before but now… – So different. / – Did you just imitate Jessi? “Give me fun questions to answer.” But she changed after becoming a leader. She seems to have watched me on TV a lot. We figured we’d introduce you to a range of rappers. – We’ve prepared… / – Really? I’m getting all excited. We’ve prepared a course. You will go through 3 teams of rappers. To tell you the ending of Kim Yeonkoung’s dream, the final goal will be to perform at the club next week with the mentor rapper. What? (Who knew things would turn out this big…) Did you think we would let you go off so easy? You have to pick your dream wisely! This is getting big! – It’s like that. / – This is how it goes. Yeah. Just be glad you don’t have to go on “Music Bank.” We almost pooped our pants then. – Live broadcast… / – I did poop my pants. (You’d better prepare yourself) Do we need to perform together? Of course, because we are one team. We have to support her. The rapper we meet next week will be the main teacher. Dynamic Duo is going to come. For real? Really? (Representing Korean hip hop) (Kim Yeonkoung’s mentor, Dynamic Duo) Dynamic Duo… – Hardly come on TV. / – They’re the best in Korea. I perform with them? Oh, dear… I’m bad at memorizing lyrics. This is trouble. We’ll learn about the basics of rap, swag. When we see their face, are we going to laugh or be respectful? I think you will respect them. – Respect? / – Yes. (First mentor for Yeonkoung) (The first mentor is…) (Who are first two teachers for our future rappers?) (So much gold blings) (Outfits flowing with swag) (Impressive sunglasses) (Slanted snapbacks) (The rapper who prepared so much for the members) (He has his back to the camera) (His silhouette shows that he’s someone big) (Filling the empty studio with hip-hop swag) (The sound of the members from afar) Who is that? Speak up. Who is it? Show me the money! Someone’s here? Someone’s in a fur coat… – Can I look? / – He’s sitting there. – Only person who can pull off that fur… / – I know! Who is it? – Only one person has that fur coat! / – Sook. – I know. / – Sook! Who is it? You know, right? Oh, my God! I think I know who it is. – A god… / – I don’t know. I think I know who it is. You know? How do you feel? Really? I just have to say I am happy. How did you know? I’m happy. Where do I sit? Here. I’m happy. Where do I sit? Can we sit anywhere? He stood up. He’s not on the tall side. His height… – When will he turn around? / – If it is that person… I know this person well. – Are you close? / – Drunken Tiger. ZICO. BewhY. (The music god makes his entrance!) Sangmin? Sangmin! (First teacher is singer-producer, Lee Sangmin) (1990s influential group Roo’Ra’s leader!) (Successful planner and producer!) (Basics with 1st generation rapper, Lee Sangmin!) I knew it was Lee Sangmin the moment I saw him. He taught me how to drink. I’m not sure if it’ll turn out fine at this point. I don’t know what to do. Why are you wearing this when it’s boiling hot? You knew it was him? – Why would you wear this? / – I had no idea. When you see this coat, you think of him. Only one person wears this fur coat. It’s his trademark. The fur coat is his trademark. It’s like that… What’s going on? – Rap… / – Rap? Are you still working as a rapper? Well… The thing is… I thought it’d be like BewhY or someone… Me too. – Oh, him? / – But Sangmin is the original. That’s right. – He’s a legend. / – Want me to call them? Should I call BewhY and other rappers? – No, no. / – Pass me my phone. No, you don’t need to. You don’t even have their numbers. I have trust in him. But Kim Yeonkoung isn’t smiling anymore. What kind of rapper do you like? Rapper? (Gentle stare) (Hesitant) – I don’t think it’s you. / – ZICO. – She said ZICO… / – Not you. – ZICO… / – ZICO and Dynamic Duo. Dynamic Duo. I know them well. You like that kind of hip hop. I don’t think we should work with him… If you learn rapping from a rapper, you can’t learn. They don’t teach how to rap. Right, Jessi? I mentioned earlier. So it has to be someone who’s been a producer. Someone who’s planned a show. Someone who is considerate. Someone who can make weaknesses into strengths. That kind of person can teach how to rap. You kind of sound like a scam… Even if he’s from an older generation. – You mean 1st generation. / – 1st generation! That’s right. He knows a lot. Something you can’t ignore is that he did music for a very long time. He watched over all the new generations. Everything he said is right. So that we can put our trust in you… Can you tell us who you’ve produced? Me? C.I.V.A? C.I.V.A. Be careful. I haven’t been at KBS for too long. In the past, first was Sohodae. – Esther. / – Sohodae! – Sohodae? / – Yes. Oh, Sohodae. – I produced them… / – The best. And Sharp. – You produced Sharp? / – Yes. And Chakra. That’s right, Chakra. He casted each one of those members. And also… – That’s Roo’Ra’s song. / – That’s Roo’Ra! Goodness, Jinkyung. She danced Chakra but sang Roo’Ra. She’s so cute. – And Diva. / – Oh, Diva! – He produced so many. / – 3, 4. That’s by Roo’Ra too! That’s Roo’Ra. Isn’t that Diva? Then I made a hip-hop crew called Bros and performed with YG Family on stage. I wore a fur coat then. Show us your reggae rap. (Should I?) (Lee Sangmin’s reggae rap appreciation time) Sangmin… So cool. – But still… / – That’s cool. This is reggae rap style. The breathing style is very cool. The energy that he possesses… – It’s amazing. / – Amazing. That was really cool. You have to choose what voice, what tone you will use. That’s called flow. – In the past… / – Your individual beat. – You’re right. / – While listening to music. But she has the best tone. Her voice is the best. Her voice is like Lexy or Jin from Diva. Oh, like Lexy… I’ll teach you the most basic stuff. Sir, what shall we start with? You don’t have time. But I have my 15-minute method. We can master in 15 minutes! Except for Jessi. The rest of you need to do this. – Isn’t that too short? / – In 15 minutes. No. One thing I want to tell you about hip hop is swag. Swag has nothing to it. Swag is just everything about your life. (Volleyball player Kim Yeonkoung is swag itself) Just because you think G-Dragon is cool, if you try to imitate him, that’s not your own swag. Just like that… I think we’ve met the right teacher. First off… (Secret weapon that will give confidence!) (The teacher will pick out their outfits himself) It suits her. It looks good on you. (Jinkyung starts hip-hop baby talk) She’s so funny whatever she does. Isn’t he doing a great job? I feel the swag. – Jinkyung. / – It really suits you. – She looks good. / – It really suits her. It really suits you. We can feel it. But it makes me go like this… – You can’t control it. / – It makes you move like this. Just wear it the way he puts it on you. The cap is too big for her. Tighten it for her. He’s watching the overall picture. He looks like a professional. See? Did you see his hands? He’s like a designer. He’s picking out the fur coat. – Fur coat? / – It can’t be me. It’s fur coat. Who could it be for? – Who? / – It can’t be me. As if… Let’s try this. I told you to think it over. – It looks good. / – Done? Yo. It looks good. – What is this? / – Her face has gone red. It actually looks good. – What is this? / – It’s funny. The cap changes the look. – Her tone is seriously the best. / – Thank you. If you learn to rap properly with this voice… She’d kill it. When people hear my voice, they get shocked. They even ask why my voice is like this. But today, everyone tells me that my voice is cool. It made me think, “Maybe it is cool.” Only we are left now. – We all wore the same thing. / – Give us fur coats. – Have your eyes been blurred out? / – It looks good. Eyes blurred out? Actually, I… This is when you did Roo’Ra. Wear this. This is from Roo’Ra! I become kitchen lady with this. Cover her face. – Must we cover the eyes? / – We need to slightly. Okay, we’ll cover the eyes. She’s like… I saw someone like her at a shrine. I’ve seen it. My goodness. – Wait. / – I mean it. Back in the day. – They followed me. / – This is so… This is too much. (Cyborg cheetah) (Designer Lee) (Shrine person) – This needs to go. / – No? (Hip-hop rookies’ swag installation complete!) Everyone looks good. This is perfect. I think if your talents come out, Snoop Dogg will call. But it’s like that… Even her eyes. – He means it. / – I can’t go. I can’t go back to Turkey. He said he’ll scout me. Giving up Turkey for this? That’s not good. Everyone’s tone will be decided in 15 minutes. We have the basic consonants… To them we’ll add vowel sounds. (Jessi’s demonstration) (She pronounces each sound with a different style) (Choosing her best sounding voice) The reason we do this is to find your instinct tone. There is no beat so go at your pace. Let’s start from Jinkyung and come around. Should we? Come on. Come on. (Start bursting out in laughter) (Her tongue must hurt a lot) (Very serious) Okay. – That’s enough. / – I’ve got it. Jinkyung’s flow is that she stretches out the lyrics. – Stretch it out / – Stretch it. This is a very good flow. (She sounds kind of like Yang Donggeun) In this manner. It’s fine when you do it, but Jinkyung sounds like she’s drunk. So this style can be unique, and Jinkyung’s flow is stretching out the words. – Hyorin, your turn. / – Just do it comfortably. And I’ll find it for you. (More precise pronunciation than Jinkyung) (Clear pronunciation) So precise. This flow. This flow is really like… Yoon Jongshin’s style of flow. He pronounces the lyrics perfectly. In another words, BewhY of our time. – Very precise. / – I’m the hot one right now. Right on the beat. (Hyorin’s rap is on beat and precise) Tell us… – I haven’t thought of it. / – What kind of swag? Swag like an IV. – She does better than you think. / – I know. (How will Miran do this time?) Like getting an IV. – Miran. / – Like getting an IV. Miran, go. (My goodness) (The camera and members are all bouncing) (Middle age hip hop) (Finale with clear shouting!) Bravo. Wow… That’s life experience. IV. Experience. IV. What kind of rap should she do? This is the hardest to train as a producer. – Too arrogant? / – What I mean is… She has her own habit and style. This definitely is not a blank sheet. Her style is pushing down on her voice. When you push your voice down like this… Push down on your voice like this then… You need to put words that sound good with this style. It’s the hardest when writing lyrics. I want to do it again. (Miran’s rap pushes down on her voice, hard to train) He’s so professional. He didn’t seem like that in the beginning… Kim Sook. I’ll go strong. (Sounds like an egg vendor) (Eggs are here) (Reddened neck) (Explosive face) I think she’d sound good if she raps like me. – Shouting. / – They sound similar. Her breathing is reggae styled. That’s possible. (Sounds easy) (My goodness) – Watch your blood pressure. / – It’s hard to breathe. Not everyone can do this. You need some time to train. (My vocal cords!) It’s hard! It looks easy? But it’s not. (They start together!) (This person is doing it without realizing…) (Sook has reggae flow, breathing practice required) Let’s look at Kim Yeonkoung’s rapping style. Let’s listen to her voice! – I feel pressured. / – No pressure! Just read it. It’ll just come out. – I have to let myself go. / – Let it go. Let go. – Just… / – I’m a rapper. I’m a rapper. – I’m not a volleyball player. / – Here I go. – I’m a rapper. / – Here I go. – Here I go. / – I’m a rapper. – Go. / – Just let it out. Here I go. (Kim Yeonkoung wavers at the end) (But won’t give up till the end) (Yeonkoung’s very first rap) Your voice is really cool. The sound is coming from above. Doesn’t it resonate above here? I can’t do it because I feel embarrassed. This is embarrassing. We just have to push on with her husky voice. She’s being shy right now. She’s embarrassed. If she finds a way to follow the beat and just go in, her voice will come out. – Really? / – Yes. – It’ll just flow. / – Thank you. Be more confident and try it one more time. You dwindled down at the end earlier. – Just go. / – Go all out at the end. – That’s right. / – Just do it comfortably. – You can go slowly. / – Just up to there. Flow with the rhythm. (Oh, pretty good!) Okay, a little bit more. (That’s it) Okay! She changed. She’s getting better every time! It’s different after your teaching. She’s gaining confidence. Thank you so much. Wow… Are you trying to wrap him up? She has the best tone. She just needs confidence. She has potential. Why does Hyorin look like a little kid? Why are you standing between those two? I think it’ll be cool if the 6 of you make a rap album because you all have different flow and tone. I’m getting greedy now that I see you 6. You do? Will we make some money? We are icons of success. Actually, there is a song that Rhymer wrote. And it’s good. – It is? / – Rhymer wrote it. They always just give us existing songs. Now, shall we… What’s the next step? – Last step. / – Last step already? – It’s the last step? / – Yes, it is. Last step? We just started and we are ending? For 10 minutes, write lyrics that will introduce yourselves. – Don’t think about rhyming. / – Just lyrics? It doesn’t matter what they are about. This isn’t easy. Exactly 10 minutes! They’re busy writing already. I think we need at least some rhyme. Sook is writing whatever. Jinkyung is writing a diary right now. (Diary entries always begin with the weather) (Members compose their own rap) (Soon to be revealed) So you can be more comfortable, I’ll start off. ♪ Throw myself into the beat ♪ ♪ Give myself to someone who don’t know me ♪ (Embarrassed right in front) (Smile goes away) (Serious!) Drop the beat! So cool. It’s hard doing that at this hour. Jinkyung… (From today, my dream is to be a rap king!) ♪ Today is Friday, a day in September! ♪ ♪ I came to Yeouido to film Sister’s Slam Dunk ♪ ♪ Didn’t realize I’d wear extra small size clothes ♪ ♪ Now I regret eating two bowls of rice ♪ (Ah) ♪ I can’t breathe every time I talk ♪ (Ah) ♪ I can’t breathe every time I breathe ♪ ♪ Whenever I sit, I can’t breathe ♪ ♪ My style that I can’t give up ♪ ♪ I don’t want to lose my style ♪ Wow! Jinkyung! – She’s good. / – Her outfit… – Cool. / – The flow was good. This is a real rap. People think going all fancy is rap, but that’s not it. Jinkyung did it in her style. – She did well. / – That was great. If this was on “Show Me the Money…” – You would be eliminated. / – Exceeded expectation. – And would be praised. / – She’s good. Jinkyung got scolded so much by JYP. – This was her thing. / – Rapper. Jinkyung’s dream shouldn’t be a talk show. I should’ve dreamed for a hip-hop girl group. Next is Hyorin. – Let’s go, Hyorin. / – Hyorin? Drop the beat. Jinkyung did so well before me… (Transforms) ♪ My name is Min Hyorin ♪ ♪ Sister’s Slam Dunk’s chatterbox ♪ ♪ Sister’s Slam Dunk, keep your channel here ♪ ♪ If you watch 10 minutes, you all fall for me ♪ Cute. So cute. That was good. – You did well with your flow. / – She’s cute. Next… I didn’t think about rhyming at all. – I don’t know if it’s okay. / – That’s okay, Miran. You just need to do it. (Is she discouraged?) (The moment music turns on, the body reacts) Wow… Our oldest. ♪ While we do Sister’s Slam Dunk ♪ ♪ They keep telling me to think about myself ♪ ♪ But I never thought about that in my life ♪ ♪ Why do you keep telling me to do that? Huh? ♪ ♪ Everyone else knows me better than me ♪ ♪ They act like they know me even if they don’t ♪ ♪ Eh, eh, why do you talk so much? ♪ ♪ I’m just me, I am Miran! ♪ (Respect Miran) I told you. She’s been writing lyrics since the Unnies… – Right now… / – What is this hip hop? Why are you making Yeonkoung uncomfortable? Stop making Yeonkoung uncomfortable. – You said you wouldn’t do it. / – Come on… I think the viewers might think that we practiced for 2 hours… This is amazing. I can’t believe that you wrote this in 10 minutes. Was it too quick? I can’t stop laughing because she did so well. These people… Bros… You want to invest? I prepared a short one. I tried to rhyme too. – God Sook. / – Drop the beat. ♪ My name is Kim Sook ♪ ♪ Everyone calls me God Sook ♪ ♪ I sleep at the lodge ♪ ♪ I like soft-boiled egg ♪ ♪ What I’m doing now is confessing ♪ ♪ Everyone is inferior to me ♪ You focused on rhyming! – Why is this so cute? / – You rhymed. Everyone’s so different. I really think the 6 of you can make a rap album. – Kim Yeonkoung. / – What if we do? Comfortably. Be relaxed. – I’m going crazy. / – Drop the beat. Drop the beat. – She wrote a lot. / – No, not much. All the cameras are focused on her. This nothing. – Kim Yeonkoung. / – Just relax. ♪ Hello! I’m a volleyball player! ♪ ♪ Why did I say I want to do this? ♪ ♪ Even then, let’s perform together on the stage ♪ ♪ Miran, Jinkyung, Kim Sook, Hyorin, Jessi! ♪ ♪ Sister’s Slam Dunk, yo-yo! ♪ The yo-yo at the end. I want that tone. This isn’t easy. Even then, she goes up and does everything she’s told to. I’m proud of our Kim Yeonkoung. We do this kind of stuff all the time. – Don’t go to Turkey. / – I have to go in few days. I’m just chilling here in a gold necklace. She needs to win her gold medal. She found herself wearing gold chains. I’ll see you at 12 at the door. I’ll bring my contract. Sangmin’s going to invest his funds. The fact that we accomplished this much shows that you all have the basics down. This is nice. I see hope. They have the potential to be a hit. They have swag. Is the second teacher here? I will call him. Who could it be? San E? It could be ZICO. I see a guy there! It’s a guy. ZICO. (Perhaps, it’s really ZICO?) (Calm down, is it really him?) (The one that excites Yeonkoung!) It’s DinDin! – DinDin! / – Hello. Hello! Hey! – Jessi said she’s leaving. / – I’m leaving. I knew this would happen. (Second rap teacher is DinDin) (Don’t be disappointed!) (Newly rising rapper in hop hop, ranked 2nd) (Free-style training with popular teacher, DinDin) I think we should make nicknames for everyone. Before you start a career, you should make yourself a name. – Just like how Jeong Junha is MC Minji. / – Exactly. Hey, let’s go with something like axe or hammer. – Drill. / – It has to sound tough. Drill? I’ll go with MC Driver. Oh, Driver sounds nice! It’s really memorable. (God Sook is MC Driver) You should come out super strong. Let’s go with a Homi! Homi, Homi. (La Miran is MC Homi) And Hongsi? – Hongsi? / – MC Hongsi. (Hong Jinkyung is MC Hongsi) – I thought one for you! / – What is it? – MC Ajaeng. / – I like it. (Min Hyorin is MC Ajaeng) Isn’t it cool when you say, “It’s the MVP!” I think that’s good. (Kim Yeonkoung is the M.V.P) I always say this when I teach rapping. Just say what you need to say to the music. It’s whatever you want to say. ♪ If you do it just like talking ♪ – ♪ That’s rap ♪ / – ♪ DinDin? ♪ ♪ I met you for the first time today ♪ ♪ If I do it like this, is this the right way to go? ♪ That was good! That’s how you start. That was great. And there is this thing called rhyme. It’s easy to match up one word. For example… ♪ I ate watermelon, I ate my meal ♪ You just need to match few stuff. So… ♪ I went easy on you, so you think I’m easy-goer? ♪ ♪ Because I stay still, do you see me as straw bag? ♪ – Those work too! / – You’re a genius! – That’s it! / – You’re a genius! You’re so good! – We have a rap prodigy right here! / – That’s it! It’s something I say all the time. Because I stay still, do they see me as a straw bag? I always say that. You just do it like that. It’s not that hard. To brighten up the mood, you should show us your rap! – Yeah, show us! / – Stand up. – You guys have a beat here? / – Of course! We do. Drop the beat. MC DinDin. (Looking forward to DinDin’s freestyle rap!) ♪ Jessi, you always say sexy ♪ ♪ One day you can become a new bride ♪ Like this, you continue on the rhyme. Okay. We will turn on the beat and go around like this. This one again? Go, Hongsi! Go, Hongsi! Go, Hongsi! ♪ Once again it’s Friday ♪ ♪ Came to KBS to record Sister’s Slam Dunk ♪ ♪ Yet again, my stylist brought… ♪ ♪ XS, small size ♪ ♪ My anti, my anti ♪ ♪ Yours and my anti ♪ ♪ Kim Yeonkoung joined us today ♪ ♪ I’m so thankful ♪ It’s so embarrassing that I can’t bear to watch her! You’re all not very supportive! – Support her a little. / – We can’t. Wait a minute. There’s one reason why we aren’t supportive. Because we’re worrying about what we should do. Oh, me too! (Whenever MC Hongsi starts to rap) (What should I rap about?) (Actual rapper is just amused by everything!) I guess everyone’s thinking the same thing. Then compliment us. Pass on the compliments to the next person. – She just did. / – Alright, I’ll do it again. After that… Jinkyung has been the only one rapping. I think I’ll get into it if I wear this. – But she still has things to rap about. / – It’s just her. – But she’s so good! / – Jinkyung’s the only one. ♪ MC Hongsi in the building ♪ – ♪ Let’s get it ♪ / – Oh, my God! ♪ Once again it’s Friday night ♪ (Relaxed enough to rest one beat) – Oh, I like it. / – ♪ Sorry ♪ (Sorry?) ♪ It’s Friday afternoon, not night ♪ – What did she say? / – I don’t know. Why are you just dancing? Because she likes clubbing. ♪ Give me, give me, give me the time ♪ ♪ Give me more time to think ♪ (New rapper who’s begging through rap) ♪ The name of the person I’m introducing next is! ♪ ♪ Kim to the Yeon ♪ ♪ Yeon to the Koung ♪ What is up with Kim to the Yeon? – Me? / – Just let it out. M.V.P. ♪ After filming the opening today ♪ ♪ Jinkyung asked for my number ♪ ♪ After getting my number ♪ ♪ She gave me kimchi and dumplings! ♪ ♪ Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings! ♪ That was very good! They make good collaboration. – ♪ Kimchi ♪ / – ♪ Dumplings! ♪ I’m glad I did volleyball. I was glad again that I chose volleyball. I realized once again that volleyball is my path. I really think rapping is not easy. I think I set my heart on rapping. – Really? / – Yes. With real rappers. I totally like it. – ♪ Next person, next person ♪ / – She’s an MC. Next person? I can’t do this! ♪ Homi, Homi, Homi! ♪ ♪ Homi! Call me? ♪ The really funny thing is she’s relaxed. ♪ Call me, baby. Call me, baby ♪ ♪ Homi! Call me, baby ♪ ♪ Homi! ♪ ♪ Is everyone sleepy today? ♪ ♪ Is everyone dying from tiredness? ♪ ♪1, 2. People are dropping out ♪ ♪ Everybody’s dropping out of their chairs ♪ Everybody’s dropping out of their chairs. (Alerted) ♪ The mood’s down ♪ ♪ When are we going to feel up? ♪ ♪ Let’s feel up right away! ♪ She’s good. Miran, you just made a hook. – Oh, this is a hook? / – Yes. – She doesn’t even know what a hook is. / – I know. I thought a hook was this. You actually need some guts to rap. If she polishes up a little bit… If she’s tries a little more, then I think she can be a better rapper than me. It was just fun to spend time together. I was praised for my voice a lot. I wondered whether I should shout more and make it hoarser. I really loved it. ♪ It’s time for us to say good-bye ♪ ♪ See you again next time ♪ ♪ It’s time for us to say good-bye ♪ ♪ See you again next time ♪ ♪ Thank you, DinDin ♪ ♪ Good-bye, DinDin ♪ ♪ See you again next time ♪ ♪ I love you, DinDin ♪ ♪ Thank you, DinDin ♪ ♪ You did well today ♪ I’m sure we can… Oh, I can’t easily answer this question. I was able to answer other questions easily. I can do very well! It’s not very difficult. I can do everything well except for my dream! I do think if Dynamic Duo comes to help, then it will work out somehow. I’m worried about whether I’ll do well or not. I think volleyball is easier. I think it’s easier to play a hard game of volleyball. – Because it’s familiar… / – Volleyball’s easier? It’s easier to play volleyball. But the thing I love about Kim Yeonkoung is… I don’t know if it’s because she’s an athlete. When we were briefly waiting outside, she said, “Cheer up, Sook!” She was cheering me up! “Sook, hang in there! You can do it!” You like me! Let’s just say that I do. Alright! – She’s an excellent teammate. / – Yeah. “Sook, are you very tired? Hang in there!” Even though it’s her first time here! (Yeonkoung’s performance takes place in a week) (Now’s the time to practice as if it’s the real thing) (Karaoke) Should we sing “To My Mother?” Isn’t it so funny that Kim Yeonkoung is so casually putting that around her neck? She’s so casual about it now! I should wear something that stands out, like this. I’ll go with this. Kim Yeonkoung is wearing a sparkly jacket. Let’s go, let’s go. – What’s this? / – Put on a hip-hop hat. If you get drunk… No, it’s okay! No, it’s okay! (The staff have been dreaming of this scene) It looks like you gave up on everything. – You gave up. / – I gave up on everything. (Once you empty yourself, you become entertaining) Let’s start with Yeonkoung first. – Me first? / – Okay! We gave you the best part in the beginning! – Thank you. / – We gave you something precious. (“You In My Vague Memory” by Hyun Jinyoung) ♪ The foggy lights ♪ Wait a second! Wait, wait! I’m sorry! ♪ The lights… ♪ I think she started on the wrong pitch. Wait a second. Stop! Stop for a second! I think she’s kind of tone deaf. Do it confidently! Yeonkoung, don’t swear. I’m sorry. She hasn’t fully cursed yet, right? Let’s go! (Retry) (Shaking) (Is this a mannequin challenge?) Let’s go! (It’s fun to shake crazy like this!) (Have a fun holiday) (Sound from her innards) (She’s so good) (This is why people say Miran is talented) Jinkyung, get ready! Jinkyung, Jinkyung! (Bam!) (Air 0, sound 100) – Jessi. / – Let’s go! (Get ready) The high note! The high note! (I said my dream is to be a rapper…) Bread! As a volleyball player, I’m also impressed by her sometimes. As always, Kim Yeonkoung is doing well today. (Even teaching her how to do variety shows) (Volleyball player who’s teaching stage manners) (Laughing) (Anyway, the problem is rap…) I really love this song. (Artist walking out in modest manner) (Shall we see how good she is?) (She starts the first verse…) So cool. (After briefly learning and trying to rap) (It helps them to appreciate) (Just how good of a rapper Jessi is) (From a rapper to a vocalist!) (My goodness) You’re really cool! You’re really cool! (Wow) (From a soulful vocalist…) (Back to a rapper!) (This is amazing!) (So this is rap…) (Fascinated) (And another person) (Seems like she’s shocked) (Who is she?) (Dazed) Respect! She’s so cool! You’re so good! You seem different! Actually, after seeing Jessi rap, I think we can do this! It’s no joke! I see you differently now. Oh, no. – I can’t help being awed. / – No, no. – Our future’s bright! / – It is. If I sing one line, she can sing the rest! Let’s say a cheer! All of a sudden? It’s totally random! – It’s for your dream so… / – Yes, let’s do it! – Let’s do it as you do in volleyball! / – Yes! How? She’s gathering us already. – Why are we doing this all of a sudden? / – Like this. Normally… Let’s all cheer up. – We can do it. / – We can do it! Ready? Clap 3 times to the left. Clap 3 times to the right. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Let’s go, okay? – Yes. / – Start with the left. (Can’t believe they are doing this cheer) (For the actual performance! Let’s go!) She’s so cute when you watch her. You can tell how young she is. Jinkyung, how old are you? – 40. / – 40? We just started talking casually to Yeonkoung. – She’s 29 years old… / – I’m fine. At first, we were addressing her so formally. When you’re not in Turkey and you’re resting, it would be nice to have a drink together. – And talk about life. / – Yeah. – I’d love that. / – Let’s stay close. Then you’re not coming back to Korea for a year? I’m coming back briefly in December and after May, I’m moving back for good. I’ll be resting for a few months. We should meet when you come back for good. Yes, let’s do that. (They’re moving to their evening location, Itaewon) Aren’t you tired? This? – Today. / – I am tired today. What was the hardest? When I was told to do freestyle rap. How am I supposed to do freestyle rap? She had nothing to say so she suddenly brought up kimchi and dumplings. ♪ Kimchi, dumplings, radish kimchi ♪ – What was I doing? / – She rapped about kimchi. (Average height of 186cm, kimchi dumpling duo) ♪ Young radish kimchi ♪ Now that I think about it, it was quite fun. That’s right! It was cheesy though. Yes, it was cheesy. Jessi, when Yeonkoung sings again, you have to do chorus. Yes, you’re the leader! Cancel all your functions before then. She wants her to cancel her functions. For me. How much do you get paid to sing at a function? (Laughing) Oh! – That’s pretty good! Work hard! / – I know. Hey, you don’t have to whisper “Work hard.” She told me to just go to my function next week. It seems better to just go. She says that’d be better. That’s better. I have a question. You know how you bounce the ball once before you serve in volleyball? (They slap the ball like this before they serve) Why do you do that? It’s for the rhythm. For example, some rappers might grunt twice before they start to rap. It’s like that. We bounce the ball before serving to get the feel of it. But don’t your hands hurt? We bruise here when we practice after a long break. Of course. Last time, I heard Oh Manseok received her serve. (“Cool Kiz On the Block,” volleyball episode) (He managed to receive the serve but…) I got bruised with just one blow! Wow, did this happen just now? – It happened just now. / – With just one serve? I heard he got bruised black and blue. He just received the serve. Yeonkoung, can’t you do beach volleyball later too? – It does seem fun to do it in pairs. / – Yeah. – In pairs. / – You could team up with Yang Hyojin. Her? No, she’s bad at defense. Is that okay? The cameras are filming right now? You won’t do! (Joking) We’re close. What about Suji? She’s no good either! She can’t defend! – She can’t defend? / – You’re no good either! What about the player who’s older than you? – You mean Hwang Younjoo? / – Say it. She’s no good at defense either! Are they all on the offense? They’re all no good. You insulted three people while sitting still. There’s no one to pair up with! I have to play alone. Then just pair up with Jinkyung. (Unexpected replacement, Hong Jinkyung) Jinkyung could be doing the Eurodance next to me. She’ll probably do the Eurodance with her chin… Look at my arm. I don’t work out and it’s slim but I still have muscles. – Oh, you do. / – She has high metabolism. I’m strong too. It’s weird. I think you would’ve been a good athlete. – When I was young, my mom… / – You’re dark too. What does being dark have to do with anything? (Joking) But Jessi is all muscle. You should control your temper and work out now. Oh, seriously! Before it’s too late. She’s a Jessi killer! It’s because there are cameras around right now. Let’s turn it off for a bit. – Just for a second. / – She’s a national hero. – It’s scary! Your face is red! / – An Olympic hero. But even if they fight… I’ll get stepped on. (Laughing) Oh, I wish you would stay in Turkey for a long time. – Why? / – So I could visit you there later. I’m lonely so please visit me if you’re bored. – I know. / – I’m most jealous of people on a trip. Sook, should I just change my dream? – Turkey, Turkey! / – Turkey! – Let’s do a photoshoot in Turkey. / – Yeah. Just put Turkey in the show name. Hong Jinkyung Turkey Show! It’s not talk show! It’s Turkey Show! – Turkey Show! / – Change to Turkey Show. – Turkey! / – Let’s do it. (They’re getting hungry after laughing so much) It’s been a while since you came here, right? It’s been a while. Do you remember this place? – Of course! / – We decided to do “Coyote Ugly” here. We do what Hyorin wants. I don’t know if this is right… This is a movie from 16 years ago. It’s called “Coyote Ugly.” I remember it. This place seemed like a good place to eat and talk. So if you have any questions for Yeonkoung, ask her and vice versa. We became so close right now! I love her! – In the car, we… / – She feels like one of us! I didn’t expect us to bond like this when we were filming in the beginning. I’ve appeared on other TV shows before. But things never turned out like this. People went their separate ways after filming… Even after we’re done, we linger around. We say we’re busy but once we sit, we stay! It feels like a gathering of loyal women. No, we don’t have loyalty. We just linger around. We all don’t like going home. There’s a lot to do around here today. – After this… / – You want to go somewhere else? You can go home if you’re tired. You’re seriously clingy! She said to go if she’s tired. Hurry up and eat. (For Yeonkoung who represented Korea) (We selected fusion food to strengthen her body) What’s your favorite food? Spicy chicken stew. – What else? / – I love everything with chicken in it. I like chicken. Let’s go to Hyorin’s house to eat spicy chicken stew. Sook called me at 2 a.m. But I couldn’t answer because I was sleeping. I talked to her the next day and she told me that she and Miran were going to raid my house with beer. I had a drink with Miran. – I drank about 3 glasses, right? / – Yes. – I was drunk. / – You drank a lot. Oh, I’m better at drinking these days! 3 glasses of beer! I drank to my limit and… – “Shall we go to Hyorin’s house?” / – You know how… You think of someone when you’re in a great mood? We both said, “Hyorin!” – Let’s go to Hyorin’s! / – Hurry up and call her! Hyorin has a strange appeal. She’s very serious. When I want to have a drink, I think of Hyorin too! She’s a great listener and… Jessi, now do you realize how you’ve lived your life? You live alone but they don’t think of you. Why don’t you call me? Seriously… Join our show! We finally have someone who can control Jessi. No, that’s not it. It’s because there are cameras! She’s marking Jessi right now. What? Jinkyung. You and I should talk after Yeonkoung leaves. Oh, no. I’m sorry. I was too rash. (I got too excited and I…) So cute! – You’re really great. / – I’m so sad to say good-bye. We’re not saying good-bye! We have to see each other next week! I think she’s trying to depart the country soon! If only it wasn’t for rapping… She looked totally lost as she sat with the gold necklace on earlier! She put on the sparkly jacket too! Why did you put on the sparkly jacket on your own? You didn’t have to. I suddenly felt like I had to do it. It was the pressure! Before we started filming, everyone was worried about rapping. But as soon as the cameras turned on, you all… Yo! Yo! You! And Miran too! Everybody! They put on sunglasses and suddenly… I was like, “What’s with them?” (If they give us the opportunity, we should seize it) Which celebrities are you close with? I know a few. I’m very close to Park Kyunglim. – Oh, I know! / – Who, who? – She’s friends with everyone! / – Park Kyunglim! I met Zo Insung through Kyunglim. – Oh, Zo Insung! / – How does she know him? – They were on “Nonstop” together. / – Who? – Zo Insung. / – Oh, “Nonstop.” How was it meeting him? He was my ideal type since I was young. Kyunglim knew that so she introduced me to him. He’s like a work of art. Your standards are too high! He was very handsome. He was sitting with a hat on. I’m curious about this. Everybody’s famous here. When people take interest in you, isn’t it kind of like a burden? It’s different for everyone. People are very comfortable with comedians. – Me too! / – They say, “Oh, what?” “What do you mean?” When my apartment neighbors see me, they say, “You make so much money! Why live here?” “I made money and moved to this apartment!” “Oh, really?” “I thought you were rich.” When I go out looking shabby with just slippers on… They ask for a picture. I say, “Look at my face.” And they respond, “Oh, I guess not. Not today.” “Take a picture with us next time.” I’m not uncomfortable with people recognizing me. I’m sure Jinkyung understands this. When you debut at an early age, you go beyond caring about people’s interests. When my daughter was young and she didn’t know what my job was… She asked, “Mom, why does everybody know you?” “Why do people come up to you?” People remember that I had snaggletooth. And they all know I removed them too! They know I’m married. They know everything! They all seem like my relatives. When you think of it like that, it does seem true. Yeah, they’re just like close relatives. Just enjoy it. When you meet people, just enjoy it! – Plus, we cheered you on so much! / – Yeah! Rather than no one knowing that you play volleyball, it’s better that people recognize you. Be grateful. Are you going to try little bit of these desserts? Okay, I’ll cut it up. Use your hands. It won’t work with that! Go ahead. (As expected from the goddess of destruction) She doesn’t listen to others. Oh, Jessi. They told you to use your hands. Oh, Jessi, grow up. It’s been a while since I was treated like this. She’s steaming up. It’s the first time after my mom! Oh, Jessi… (When it comes to scolding people…) She’s acting as the eldest in the national team. Kim Yeonkoung is the captain. (Yeonkoung is busier on court) (Nag here) (Nag there) Even if you don’t want to get mad, don’t you have to scold them sometimes? I get angry a lot. What do you do when you’re angry? I even got angry at members older than me. “You should’ve done that. Do it properly. Get that.” “That’s not right. You should’ve done this.” What about to the younger players? I swear at them. There were many young players who cried because of me. I spoke very harshly to them. You didn’t mean that though. It was only to do well in the game. I might mean it at times. Is there anyone who said they were hurt by you? It’s not that bad because they accept my position. They recognize me as captain. – Usually, you’re… / – Yes, we usually get along. We have fun together rest of the time. Shouldn’t we call other players to check her story? This is what she thinks. – Other players may… / – That’s right. But they say nice things. Do you think they’ll really say nice things? Why don’t we call them? Would you still be confident after we call them? If they’re very close to me, then they might joke around. Who will you call? Let’s call them now. – Oh, they’re already on the phone. / – They’re on. – Hello? / – Hello. What? Wait, wait. You can’t tell. – Did you disguise her voice? / – Yes. She said people think of her as a very scary person. Is this true? Her presence alone is scary. The way she speaks is familiar. – Do you know who it is? / – I don’t but… Her dialect is familiar. Oh, you can hear it. Please distort her voice more! If she finds out who you are, you’re dead meat! You’re dead meat! Say just positive things about me! She clenched her fists right now! I’m curious of what she scolds you about. She criticizes my looks a lot. – What? / – Criticizes her looks! I think I know who it is! I think I know who it is! I think I know who it is! How does she criticize your looks? There is one who looks terrible. Does she say, “You’re ugly?” She thinks she’s pretty. It’s not that I think I am! I am pretty! What else does she criticize besides your looks? I’m older than Yeonkoung. Oh, you’re her senior? – She’s older than you? / – You’re her senior? Why would I… – You criticized a senior? / – About her looks? She doesn’t just criticize my looks. She teases me a lot. – I tease? / – She does? To someone older? I want to hear Kim Yeonkoung’s good points. Let’s hear about her faults rather than her merits! – We already… / – We already know of her merits! Please continue on with her faults. Please list some of Kim Yeonkoung’s faults. When she celebrates after scoring, she can just do it by herself far away but she keeps demanding her teammates to do it. She makes everybody do it even though she can do it by herself. She demands it from people. Do you have to celebrate together? I just like it when we do it together… – But the other players are also in a zone… / – Right. But I thought that was so cool though. – Me too! / – You always gathered around. This person is very thoughtless. She just said her senior is thoughtless. What should we do? That’s why I want to hit her. Who is it? Is it someone older than me? Is there someone you suspect? I think I know who it is. – It’s a junior. / – Who, who? The only one who can speak this way to me… It’s someone I mentioned earlier. – It’s either Yang Hyojin. / – Oh, Yang Hyojin. Or Kim Suji. Those are the only two. They could put their lives on the line to say these? Yes. The only one junior who would say these things. Only Yang Hyojin would. Are you Yang Hyojin? That’s not me. It is her! By any chance, are you scared? I want to get out fast. (She wants to go out?) – Then… / – She wants to get out? Go out where? – Then here… / – Just tell me who it is later. (She’s coming out from here?) Oh, seriously! They do this to me every day! But nobody comes out. Who would be able to come out from there? – All the time. / – In just a minute… They will join us! What? – Are they going to… / – Are you ready? It’d be better for you if you don’t come out. Let’s invite them out here. Please come out! What? (Witnesses pour out from a corner right next to them) How many are there? (Stands up as soon as she sees their faces) I knew it was you! I knew it was you two! Oh, it’s so nice to meet you! – Oh, nice to meet you! / – Hello. When the toss goes up to Hwang Younjoo, she hit the corner of the court every time. Kim Suji’s quick attack… Kim Suji’s blocking helped to win the 1st set. Yang Hyojin in the center. She scores. The game is over. (30 minutes earlier…) (Listening to everything she was saying) We’re great. We really get along. We have lots of fun. We have lots of fun. (We will expose everything) Why are you here? – See? She’s like this. / – Seriously? – She’s older than you? / – Yes. You look really young. She looks young. She’s the original hot volleyball player. She really does look pretty. She’s aged a lot now. Since you’re here, please introduce yourselves. Please say hello to the viewers. Hello! I’m Hwang Younjoo of HDEC. Hello! I’m Yang Hyojin of HDEC. Hello! I’m Kim Suji of Heungkuk Life Insurance. Of the three, who are you the closest to? I went to grade, junior and high school with Suji. – We heard a lot about you. / – The ace I talked about. It’s her. She’s your best friend then! A really old friend! We know everything about each other! We know too much. I heard she’s your junior high coach’s daughter. Yes, that’s right. Coach Kim Dongyeol? – Yes. / – Oh, that’s your father? Wow! She’s the only one that speaks freely to Yeonkoung. That’s right. Because they’re friends. I felt like only good things about her were being aired. – Right. / – Geez. – She’s a friend and a rival… / – She dissed your face? Yes, her. She’s my roommate. She’s always been my national team roommate. Lifelong slave contract. – She’s pretty though. / – As your roommate… Does she make you run a lot of errands? Not these days. But she scolds me if I’m lying down… She scolds me if I’m sitting down. What’s wrong with you? – She’s mischievous. / – Yes, she is. She’s the captain of her team right now. She’s the captain of HDEC and she’s the one with the highest income! So now, she got cocky. When I used to tell her to do things, she would say, “Yes, Yeonkoung!” Now she says, “Why do I need to do that?” She’s changed. She got cocky. She’s not afraid of anything now. She gets paid the most? She gets paid the most within the country. It seems like you don’t want to be her roommate. Not at all… I love… I love being her roommate. She didn’t mean that one bit. Kim Yeonkoung said she wants to be a rapper. Yes, I agreed to be her manager. She dreams of being a rapper. Does she usually rap well? When we’re walking down the street, she reads out the billboards in rap. She says, “This is the trend these days.” She uses the signs to rap. Is that called freestyle rap? ♪ Pork barbeque ♪ ♪ Buckwheat noodles ♪ They totally exposed me today. I came here and they made me do everything! – They told me to freestyle… / – Everything? So I was like, “Hello! Yo!” ♪ I’m a volleyball player ♪ Do you know what my rap name is? M.V.P. Tell them about that. When Yeonkoung was a potential candidate back in junior high school… Was she very lacking? I mean… Her skills! I meant her skills! Was she lacking in her skills? She wasn’t lacking in skills but she was very small. I’ve always been tall. She only reached my shoulder. But she kept growing. Even if she was a backup player, you always knew she wasn’t less talented. She always had great foundation. So her skills made up for her height. When your father sees you both as volleyball players, aren’t you a little disappointed that he shows more love for Yeonkoung? Like my dad, I don’t really express my emotions so I don’t feel that way. But Yeonkoung comes back from Turkey sometimes. Then he’s so happy to see her. He smiles so bright. He doesn’t even smile often… – He smiles like… / – Yes. She brought a signed ball and he wanted to take a photo. Then he wanted to retake the photo because he looked bad in it. At times like that you’re a bit… It’s useless being a daughter. – Because he missed her a lot. / – But for me… Just listening to these stories is so fascinating. I’m fascinated by athletes. We’re fascinated because we only saw you playing volleyball. Just doing stuff like that. All we ever hear is… That’s all we’ve heard you say. But now that you’re chatting away… – It’s really fascinating. / – It is. After only seeing you on TV for the Olympics, it’s so strange to see you up close. I feel like I’m part of this team. It feels like I should be answering these questions. Hello, I’m the youngest who recently joined this team. What do you mean the youngest? You look like their coach! Let’s go with coach. Who mentioned the celebration earlier? That she insists on doing it together. Rather than doing it together… I’m less expressive than her. When she blocks a spike, she does the plane thing and all this. (I got 1 point) (Full of showmanship) If I succeed in something, I just do this and finish. Then she says, “Why do you do that? Do this!” She tells you to do stuff. She tells me to try this. She has a tendency to kind of annoy people! Why do you instruct about their celebration style? She can just do what she wants. But I have a reason. People forget you scored if you don’t celebrate. Without the celebration… The camera doesn’t focus on her. Then people don’t know that she did well. I always tell her to express how well she did. If you just look at the celebrations, then people may think you did everything. That’s right. When I celebrate, she kneels! She blocks the center attack! She scores! Kim Suji! That was a perfect block. Kim Suji has blocked 3 spikes today. Most importantly, I do better when I act like that. I feel more energetic. But the player next to you might get surprised though. When we’re doing high-fives, she hits so hard that I’m like this… When I do high-fives people say, “That hurts!” Or she says, “If you block this one, I’ll lift you up to celebrate.” – “Get ready.” / – She tells you in advance. From that point on I’m thinking, “What should I do if I block this? Do I stay still?” “Am I supposed to jump?” Basically, Yeonkoung has a lot of energy. She has a lot of energy. You fight sometimes too, right? – Among friends? / – Did you ever fight with fists? Never. I did see her fight before though. I did see her fight before though. – At what age? / – In senior high school. – In the same team? / – Yes. They were showering when they started to fight. – While they were showering? / – Yes. They were fighting naked? But… Where would you grab each other? Where would you grab each other though? They were trying to grab each other so they… No, you would grab here. They can grab somewhere else. This is funny. – Miran… / – But… – You’re all very strong. / – Yes. I think if you grab an average man’s collar… If they hit a man as if he’s a volleyball… – What about a slap? / – Volleyball players must not… Slap each other on the back. – We do! / – You do? – On your birthday! / – Some hit really hard. Let me get a slap from you all just once. – Sook… / – Why? Go get hit once! Slap my back just once. Go over there. – Just once. / – When else would I be able… To get slapped by national representatives? – Do you want to sit here? / – Like this. – Wait a second! / – Wait? How many hands were on me? Eight. My back felt crowded. I thought somebody covered my back. It’s going to hurt. – I can’t do it. / – I can’t. Do it once. – For real? / – Do it for real? They’re really worried. How bad could it be? Just remember she has work tomorrow. We’re going to do it really hard. Ready, set, go! That was so funny. – The sound… / – That sound… You became a ball. – That slapping noise… / – Miran! You said you were sleepy, right? – It doesn’t hurt. / – I’m wide awake now. It’s incredible. – Really? / – Hey, it feels so refreshing! Since they’re sitting down I thought… It’s really refreshing. Does it feel like a massage? Hit her right. 1, 2, 3, 4! (I don’t think I’ll ever feel sleepy again…) Can you help me up? Doesn’t it feel kind of refreshing? That felt like a reiki treatment. – Seriously! / – But I think they went easy on me. – Because I might die. / – Of course, they would. Go try it once. How can it be so powerful when they’re sitting? It’s more refreshing than any other massage. – I like massages. / – Her sweater is very thick. – It’s nice at the end. / – You can hit her very hard. – What if she gets mad? / – You need to hit her hard. She’s scared. – Get hit and grow up. / – Jessi, it’s okay. I can’t bear it any longer! – Jessi, it ends quickly. / – Jessi, Jessi. Jessi, it’s not that bad. – I’m sure you’ve been hit before. / – I’m serious. Your hand is too big! It’s okay. I really love it. – All your fat will burn away. / – Ready, go! (Full power reiki treatment) – It’s refreshing, right? / – Right? It feels strange… (Laughing) – It’s not bad. / – It’s not. But I’m kind of dizzy. It really isn’t bad. Jinkyung, I strongly recommend it. – But Sook, I… / – I feel great though. – It’s okay, right? / – It feels good? There’s no need to eat things like wild ginseng. Your body is already giving off heat right now. You don’t have to eat expensive things. I’ve never lost arm wrestling to a woman. – That’s right. She’s very strong. / – I want to try. – Oh, sounds good! / – She beats guys. – I can beat most guys. / – Let’s do it. – Let’s try it once. / – So confident. Who’s the strongest? – Only the weakest are gathered here. / – We’re bad. How is that possible? Your hands are this big! Only those bad at arm wrestling are here. Who’s the weakest among you? – I think I’m the weakest. / – Her. Come here! Let’s do it with a weak person! – Come here! / – Let’s do it with a weak person! Let’s just try it once! I’m weak with this though. Volleyball is a sport where you’re hitting the ball so maybe they’re weak with pulling. Right, it’s this muscle. – Should I try? / – Yes, try it! The muscle we use is different. Am I going to beat a national athlete? I’ll sit here. With her… But her hands are so big. Can’t you feel the energy here? I can feel the energy. – Here we go. / – Right here. – Okay, please start us. / – I’ll do it. – Relax. / – Don’t go easy on her! – Ready… / – No going easy. Set. Go! (Yelp!) Yes! – Yes. / – She protected our pride. Good job! Regardless, they are athletes. Jessi, I think you’re up. Jessi, Jessi. With me? I can’t. You can do this. Jessi, you have a chance! What do you mean she has a chance? (The only hope for the members) But I’m slightly tired right now so… Don’t go easy. I think I’m going to lose right away. Jessi, relax your hand. – Jessi’s competitive. / – Ready, set, go… Set, go. Make sure she doesn’t get hurt! Make sure she doesn’t get hurt! No, you can’t! Hang in there! Hang in there! Put some strength into it! No, no. Jessi used her body. You cheated. Let’s ask the referee. Let’s try it with Kim Yeonkoung! Do it with Kim Yeonkoung! – But… / – It hurts a little. Hey, you kind of cheated. Seriously… If only you were slightly shorter, I’d just… (Pipe down and sit) (Full of anticipation) How is this so important that they’re so focused. I’m going to beat a national athlete. What’s wrong with you? No cheating! – No cheating. / – Fair and square. Okay, the match of the century! A match between the 29-year-olds! Ready… Ready… Go! Go! Hang in there! Hang in there! (Jessi’s starting to be pushed back) (Tries to resist until the end) (Presses down) I won! (Yeonkoung wins!) Ya, Jessi! One more time. I was in a bad position. – Jessi. / – One more round. (Why you) Who were the men that lost to you? Geez! See that? She said she beats guys so I was like… Geez. Jessi’s angry. No, no, no. No, Jessi! – Fine! / – She’s an international player. Yeah… – Sook, please massage me. / – Yes, yes. Tell us a secret! – There’s one secret… / – What is it this time? She’s uneasy! When we were in junior high, the World Cup took place in Korea. You’re going to talk about that? In 2002. It was a weekend, so we wanted to cheer in the streets. So the six of us went out. When we were younger, we all had short hair. So people often mistook us for guys. We were talking loudly and I guess some boys weren’t too happy about that. They started to follow us and we didn’t realize it. There were six of us but we were scared so we split up into two groups of three. Yeonkoung and I were following a senior. But we ended up in a grass field. So the boys naturally followed us. So scary. They followed us and the other girl was scared too. So she called her friend and told her to come to us. But as the boys followed us, they said, “Hey! Hang up that phone!” Oh, so scary! But she didn’t so they started beating her up. – What? The guys were beating her? / – Yes. Why would they do that? – We seemed like boys. / – They just wanted to fight. – For being too loud. / – So what happened? I had to do something but I couldn’t hit them. So I yelled, “Don’t hit us!” They said, “What are you?” And kicked me. I had a footprint here. Why would they hit you for no reason? Meanwhile, Yeonkoung… She stood up straight silently like this. – Like this. / – She didn’t say a word. Stand up and show us what you did just once! She asked me later where I was. I said, “In the back…” That’s why she didn’t get hit at all. You go around scolding your seniors and juniors… If you stay still, you will go at least half way. Just stay silent. In the meantime… The other three girls brought college guys from the Red Devils organization. They tried to stop fights from happening. The college guys came and the bullies ran away. From that point, Yeonkoung started talking again. She was saying how handsome that college boy was. So you couldn’t catch the bullies? We caught them. Since my dad was a school teacher, we were able to track them down. – But they were already pretty beaten up. / – By who? Somewhere else probably. A junior in our team, her older brother beat them up. And we tracked them down after that! One of them had an eyepatch. The other had a cast. The coach was going to tell them off but they were like, “We’re victims too…” Oh, my God! Guys like them would mess around somewhere else and get beaten up. They said, “We’re victims too.” But it would be different now, right? If you’re in the same situation again. The four of you are walking and you fall into a similar situation again. Then what will you do? What will you do? Very polite. (She’s a captain who’s always humorous like this) (The story behind the day when she cried a lot) I heard that you prepared so much… But things didn’t go well in the match against the Netherlands. How did you all feel then? Before we competed against the Netherlands, we had a practice game with them. It was an unofficial game. We did very well then. That’s why we were even more frustrated and sad. Because we thought we had a chance of winning… Against the Netherlands… – Korea scored 11. / – That’s right. We believe we’ll see those serves again. There are a lot of balls that are hitting off their arms. – We hope they bounce back. / – It has to end here. – They can catch up. / – We can. Korea can create a miracle. (But the reality overcame the miracle) This could be match point. Netherlands attack from the right! That’s the end of the game. Korea was a surprise in this Olympics… But they couldn’t overcome the Netherlands… After the game, it didn’t seem real that we lost. When it ended I thought, “Is it really over?” It didn’t seem like it was the end. I felt like there was another game coming up just like the preliminaries. I came back to the locker room without thinking. When Yeonkoung gathered us around after, she suddenly started crying when she was saying, “Good job, everyone.” To be honest, I’ve never seen her cry before. I heard she cried 4 years ago, when she was texting her mom alone. But no one saw her. She told us she cries every 4 years. Every 4 years. But this was the first time she cried in front of us. She doesn’t even cry when she watches sad movies. Even when we win, she doesn’t cry from joy. Because it’s a given to her. – Right. / – M.V.P. Why did you cry so much this time? I don’t know. I just couldn’t help crying. I can’t say that I’m old in front of you but… I think I’m more emotional because I’m older now. I don’t know. I just thought of everything we went through… Because I know what they all went through. I was there through all the hardships. We worked so hard with just one thing in mind. With just a medal as our goal. But despite our hard work, we couldn’t get it. I thought of the coach and staff… That’s why I cried. Did everybody cry? Because she cried… – Because of me. / – Since she never cries… (Everybody was crying in the locker room) – You all did so well. / – Seriously. Great job! Thank you for your hard work… Thank you. You’re so cheerful. – She is. / – She’s cheerful. Finally, is there a moment when you thought she was cool as a fellow player? On the outside, Yeonkoung’s very cold and… – She’s chic. / – Yes, she really is. So I mentioned earlier that she made others cry. All the new players always cried because of her. She didn’t really say anything but the kids suddenly start crying. Then she says, “Hyojin, go take care of it.” You’re the one who clean up her mess. “Go there and teach them what to do.” She’d joke around like that. There was one time when I was moved by her. While we had a get-together during the Asian Games, I had a stomachache. So I couldn’t practice that day. I woke up after a nap and I noticed a heat pack on my stomach. I assumed someone brought it for me. Hyohee later told me, “Hey, Yeonkoung went searching for that for you.” Even if she comes off cold, she takes care of you. She seems cold but actually she’s not. Yes, I could tell that she really cared for me. What about you? She was always a junior to me. She has always been a junior… But she was quite unwell this time round… She had a torn thigh muscle and was in a lot of pain. It was due to too much exercise. She could have rested a little. But since the other players were practicing, she just endured the pain and practiced because she was the captain. She could’ve just played the matches. After seeing that I thought, “Yeonkoung seems to have grown up now.” It felt like she was on another level. What part of your thigh did you tear? I didn’t tear it, but both my thighs are injured. – Your muscles… / – It was an ongoing problem. We had preliminaries in May and I was in pain from then until the Olympics. Then you should have rested a little… Why did you keep practicing? The practices don’t go well if I don’t participate. So I tried to practice as much as I can. It’s a lot better now because I’ve rested. It’s a lot better. Wow, seriously… During this one day, we really… Learned too much about me, right? – I think we know everything. / – You know too much. The more I get to know you, the more I think you’re an amazing athlete. I think your loyalty for each other is amazing! Despite their busy schedules, they appeared without any complaints! Imagine how suffocating it must’ve been for them when they’re so tall! (These tall individuals were in a corner like this) – Please say a word to them. / – Me? I can never hear stories like this unless it’s on air. I can never ask them if they were ever moved by what I did. Since we don’t talk about these things, I had no idea. I had no idea that they were touched. So after hearing what Younjoo said… I thought that I shouldn’t ever rest from now on… I don’t think I can ever rest from now on! That’s right! Because she said it on air. I have to play even if I’m in pain. That’s probably how the junior players see it… I’m sure the other players are watching this too. I’m a little worried but I’m grateful that she thinks of me that way. (Everyone was thrilled this summer…) (These girls excited the world) (Their story continues in the fall) I heard the V-League is starting too. Please say something to our viewers. You took great interest in us during the Olympics. Please take interest in the V-League too. If many of you come to the games, the players will be encouraged and do well. Please come to the games! (See you at the games) – She talks so well! / – Say a word, Hyojin. (Should I look here?) V-League… Ready? Just do it. V-League… You’re trying to look pretty on camera… (You’re doing this) She’s made for variety shows. We can’t let her go to Turkey. After Turkey, let’s take the comedian exam. – I really want you. / – Yeah. V-League will be fun too. So I hope many of you come to the games and cheer us on. – So cute. / – Hwang Younjoo. Kim Yeonkoung is playing abroad so please take interest in her performance. Yes! Thank you so much for coming today. Thank you so much. Then shall we all do this once? – I taught them! / – Really? We have to do that again? We can do it! We’re doing this again? Again? Goodness, look at them. They’re so tall! – Jinkyung, you look so small. / – You look so cute! You look totally cute right now! You really look like a baby next to them! From the left? Captain, start us off. Ready, go. Let’s go! We can stand confidently. Even if we all stand up, we’re not in the way, right? Wow! They’re so cool! 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. (Next time) Oh, my God! These clothes don’t exist. M.V.P! (We are the hip-hop family) Dynamic Duo! Give me the beat. It’s a mess but I’m not worried. (Special training for Yeonkoung begins!) (However) This is a big problem. (Their effort for the moment that will never return!) (Her first stage as a rapper) I’m ruined. What will I do? (Will they be able to fulfill her dream?) (Yeonkoung and the Unnies’ final story) – She started “If.” / – I don’t know this. I’m going to sit down. – I’ll sit down. / – Sit down. We can sit down. This is going to be edited out anyway. – Rest time. / – Totally edited out. Why are you spraying this? Don’t do it. Stop. Stop that.

100 Replies to “Sister’s Slam Dunk | 언니들의 슬램덩크 – Ep.22 [ENG/2016.12.02]”

  1. I stunk with hyorin bigbang taeyang 's 'wife VIP sister in law what I gonna to do big bang theory big bang and sister slam dunk

  2. I just wanted to say that at 4:35 I appreciate them not comparing Yeonkoung as being the Messi or Ronaldo of volleyball but saying that she is her own person, and deserves praise and respect in her own regard for her own accomplishments. It's probably not that deep but for some reason for me it was really great and important they said that. She's faced a lot of challenges and achieved so much, she doesn't need to be compared to someone else to show how well she's done. Not only is she a great sportswoman, but she's funny and has a great easy going personality – Kim Yeonkoung you have a new fan!

  3. Usually, I hate when people wink but this girl captivate me with her wink. Like, I know KYk is yeoja but her wink just make me blown away. Is it just me?

  4. I love how Kim Yeon Koung was trying to praise their teamwork but they were all like "Nope, we just don't want to go home". HAHAHAHA

  5. shes beautiful .. tho she confused me sometimes ❤❤❤ jessi and miran ??❤❤❤ cute hyorin ??? sook jikyung ?

  6. Daebak! YeonKoung's height is ?but it should be Tiffany's dream you're fulfilling ? don't misunderstand me, I'm not hating her, but atleast tiffany had her dream fulfilled before she left, she had busy schedule but she helped sook and hyorin on their dreams.

  7. I don't know why… But I'm scared of tall people. People taller than me. Like a head taller. I'm really just scared of them because I think they're titans here to eat me… I'm excluding my parents btw

  8. This is strange for me because I’m going to volleyball camp really soon like 2 hours and I didn’t notice this was about volleyball..what an inspiration!

  9. Lol I love how everyone is just having a gay panic over Kim Yeon Koung in the comment section ? ? ? ??. Don’t worry I am too ?

    KimYeonKoung is the best ♥️???

  10. I'm loving Kim Yeonkoung every second. The girl crush syndrome is real. She's cool af, chill af, sassy af, somewhat innocent too. I love her.

  11. Kim Yeonkoung has a winner attitude. Oozing with confidence and strength. I love it when people are confident instead of insecure. Ah, I'm jealous of her. She's so cool.

  12. Jessi and yeonkoung!!?? I thought I was the only one who noticed! They look so cute together! Ilovethemboth so much!! ??? she's the only one who can handle jessi hahahhaa yeonkoung should join the show as regular ????

  13. People who likes to share food has really big heart and Jinkyung unni gave everyone she knows even just met kimchi and dumpling. Big heart my unni big heart ❤❤❤❤

  14. Dude Jinkyoung is actually SO GOOD at freestyling!!! I was surprised like damn, even her delivery is good. At first when she did the practice rap it was kind of a joke but when she wrote her own she really did a great job damn

  15. Been 2 years (?) now! Does anyone know if they’re still friends? Especially Yeonkoung and Jessi haha i love their dynamic

  16. I cant stop laughing when they showed the footage of Kim Yeon Koung doing a wink! She looks like Kwang Soo. So cute.

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