Siren First Look Clip & Trailer Season 1(2018) Freeform Series

Siren First Look Clip & Trailer Season 1(2018) Freeform Series

Come inside have a look the only real mermaid artifacts in town come inside have enough maybe buy something while your You Come inside hello yogi, we were made out of max in town Nor mate okay, that was a good one When I was a kid you tell me stories about the mermaids Your ancestor lost his mind he and his shipmates slaughtered these beautiful creatures in cold blood genocide What if there’s a new predator out there one that we hadn’t seen before nothing around here are you? You’re like a little girl I’m not gonna hurt you We knew something was out there, and you’re sure this is what you think it is This isn’t part of some huge cover-up, and it’s not because it’s a mythical creature. Dude. This is real What would it take for you to believe

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  1. Siren Season 2 episode 1 seems to throw more lights on mermaid and mermen features. So many mermaids are on Bristol cove. we can't wait to see what will happen next…...

  2. 0:00 I love the background music where the mermaid sings. I want to hear it over and over again. Is there any way?

  3. One of the best shows I've seen so far. Really different take on the mermaid genre. She's not here for to fall in love. The mermaid underwater scenes are a bit cartoonish but I love this show anyway

  4. While everyone's talking about the show I'm out here wondering if Ruelle works for them or something because Freeform uses her music a lot

  5. Imagine if every mythical creature imagined existed in real life along side us and normal animals. That would be a crazy world to live in.

  6. I just saw the preview of this when Matilda was finna go off now the whole movie that mermaid ugly as momo

  7. Just discovered this series on Hulu and I'm enjoying it. I think even if a siren or mer citizens kills a human, that can't count a proof that they are any more dangerous than land beings.

    Humans have destroyed more sea life than the reverse. I suppose that has already come up, but I have to catch up with the series. I thought it was just a movie, not a series.

    Thx everyone for trying to distinguish various mythological creatures. Just bear in mind that filmmakers rarely aim for accuracy and likely pull from various sources to tell the story they want to tell. So, don't be surprised when various mythologies come together courtesy of Hollywood.

  9. Do you what it’s funny about this is because the first 30 seconds of trailer play on tv. My parents said to me Ryan look it is it’s a mermaid and the end of trailer it is creepy 🙂

  10. Is funny how people keep confusing mermaids with Sirens I completely get it tho not everyone is a freak about this stuff like I am but basically

    Mermaids: cute, nice, friendly, doesn’t try to get close to human, is very kind likes to sing just because they like it, eats fishes and other sea animals but not really humans, some stories tell that mermaids are born from woman who died with a deep love to the ocean or who died in the ocean peacefully and willingly

    Sirens: they are very badass predators, many stories describe them as woman who were thrown off board from ships and drowned, not friendly, will drown you and eat you, sharp teeth, Grey-ish skin due to the fact that they’re normally in pretty deep water

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