Single Ski Sled Race in Slovenia – Red Bull Pležuh 4 Cross 2013

Single Ski Sled Race in Slovenia – Red Bull Pležuh 4 Cross 2013

My tactic is to let everyone else crash and then have a smooth ride to the finish line. The course is fantastic. Full throttle, that’s it! It was very icy in the morning, so we were all a little scared. The riders were all over the place. It softened up a bit during the race, so it became a little easier, but the bumps and holes were still quite a challenge. You can’t really choose your line. Every ride is different and you have to watch out for people crashing. You need to have a little luck as well, stay on your “pležuh” and carry on as fast as you can. I’m doing better every year. I was third on the first edition and hope to be victorious next year of course. I’ve been under a lot of pressure from my mates to at least repeat my previous success and I did it!

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  2. since seeing the art of flight, felix's jump/freefall and watching a lot of the back catalogue here my opinion of red bull has changed significantly. keep up the awesome work!

  3. I never had a free case of Red Bull in my life, but this is not why suscribed to this channel from its very beginning. It's about more than that.

  4. another awesome sport I see red bull promoting that looks funny yet awesome, like the flugtag, and soapbox car races, and the mini-series red bull has. Love seeing this stuff on my youtube account, damn glad I subscribed 🙂

  5. Btw, @Redbull, is there another Art of Flight, or something similar coming out anytime soon? Art of Flight was amazing.

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