Singaporeans Try: World Cup Trivia

Singaporeans Try: World Cup Trivia

But he looks handsome though That’s all that matters right, Gwen Right! Hi guys Hi! Do you enjoy watching soccer? I used to watch a lot when I was like young Cause my dad force me to watch World Cup with him I used to have a super huge crush on Fernando Torres Two weeks ago, I went to watch the Championship Finals Cause I’m a Liverpool fan How were the results, Nicholas? That was not a very enjoyable experience… After Liverpool broke my heart right I stopped watching because I cannot bear to watch Liverpool screw up anymore Do you have a soccer team that you support and if yes, who? I’m a third generation Liverpool fan My grandfather was a Liverpool fan, my father was a Liverpool fan, and I’m a Liverpool fan My dog also supports Liverpool Chris supports Chelsea What’s wrong with Chelsea? I used to be a huge fan of Torres right. So used to be Liverpool. Then when he shifted to Chelsea then I like Chelsea. So like, I jump around Hardcore Man United fan, since Beckham was still like a backstreet boy Have you been following this year’s FIFA World Cup? I have been following a bit lah. I do that there are some teams that always are in the World Cup that are not in the World Cup I feel that this is years publicity isn’t as much as compared to Brazil like four years ago I still remember the time when like Waka Waka was the theme song. Oh my gosh man, the hype was – Waving flag bro Just like a waving flag~ then it goes back~ So today, we’ll be doing like a World Cup trivia So it’s gonna be a competition between you two to see who can get more correct answers Confirm Mars one what, walao Still need to play meh? I am gonna dominate this episode Wait, what’s caps? Caps is basically the number of times that he’s asked to play for the England squad He was a great Man United captain A bit sad cause he paid a lot of money for a hair transplant, but now he’s balding again I only know Fernando Torres! Wayne Rooney?! So close! I know Rashford and Lallana lah I don’t know any of them… How… It’s not Adam Lallana Because he’s a Liverpool player Cause he’s a Liverpool player He’s a midfielder, so he’s not even a striker And also, he was injured for a large part of 2017 Thank you for telling me that There you go Okay, Harry Kane is the obvious choice For sure, he’s a pace monster I’ll take the most passionate person there Can you see, can you see there’s one Jamie Harry Kane Lallana?! B! Oh B, heng ah But he looks handsome though That’s all that matters right Gwen Supreme clap. The most hypebeast post-match celebration I know this, but I forgot what it’s called What does it even sound like? Look at the picture! I know that it’s thunder, but now I see “roar” then I’m a little bit confused They’re clapping! Thunderclap! Oh my god, same! That’s right! I told you they’re chilling and clapping! Easy, cause my daddy taught me all this It’s every 4 years so the number has to be even I think they might have stopped a year or two cause of the war This year is the 21st World Cup 2018 minus 76 equals… NONE OF IT It doesn’t align! 1945? PD: Chris are you confident? Yeah, they’re famous for being the best and they are my pick for this year’s World Cup What some teams do is that every World Cup they win, they put a star on their badge Yeah, Brazil has 5 I remember betting a lot for Argentina Do you always win your bets? Don’t tell you~ Spain FLASHBACK: Don’t tell you~ Yes I know one of the Fs stand for Football lah Maybe the other F is FIFA Is like what does ATM stand for? ATM Tomated Machine I know the last word Establishment? Eh nevermind nevermind, I mean – Establishment, wow… Orh! I know, I know, I know She seems very confident now Final in Football Arena Are you serious Gwen?! The first word right, the second letter is E Wa, I give extra sia this one What’s the person called? The block balls one Ball blocker Don’t give me that kinda name! Wait, what’s that called? I give formation some more! Okay, so this is the 4-4-2 formation He never spell anything out, he never spell anything out over Then over here you have the manager GOALKEEPER! ARGH Runner is not a position Is called the centreback No, it’s not. Centreback is your last man PD: What is the first thought at the top of your head? Spain x2 PD: This place is somewhere in Asia Singapore My gosh, Singapore Indoor Stadium. Singapore Indoor Stadium, that’s right Is this country in Asia? Yes! Cause they always so excessive they get all their military people to go and watch the football matches So they will need a big stadium So how did you all find the quiz? General knowledge about football okay, but like the international football trivia – that one a bit harder I roughly know the general outline of football, like the history until Liverpool broke my heart But other than that, I don’t really know like the small small things I think for me, history-wise those questions I can, because I used to watch But because I don’t up with soccer anymore right, I realize I don’t really know much about soccer right now Do you think you learnt anything new or interesting? I didn’t really pay attention to what FIFA stood for, even though the logo is in our face all the time North Korea I thought is like China, like China will do the most excessive stuff the most like “for what?” things What do you like about soccer? 22 guys trying to put the ball into one net right That’s really the most beautiful part about soccer The fact that you need 11 players to create like a goal it And then even when you’re not playing like watching, right It’s just that you have something to talk about even though you support different teams It’s very accessible to everyone, I can show it to my mom right and she will understand She doesn’t need to know the rules It’s really called the beautiful game for a reason So thanks for watching this episode of Singaporeans Try If you liked this video don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe and watch our other videos over there. Bye

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  1. Other countries are changing work times to allow ppl to not miss world cup. We leh? Team also cannot win any regional stuff alr

  2. Buto la that so called Liverpool fan. Want step put formation all, can’t even put correctly. 442 with 10 players? Don’t tell people you watch Football.

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