Simon Ammann Ski Jumping Sweeps Salt Lake City 2002 | Olympics on the Record

Simon Ammann Ski Jumping Sweeps Salt Lake City 2002 | Olympics on the Record

Switzerland’s Simon Ammann
made barely any impression at the 1998 Olympic Winter
Games in Nagano, Japan. But the Games made
a big impression on him. He was just 16 years old at the
time, finishing 35th in the Normal Hill, 39th in the Large Hill
competition. Switzerland has a rich
tradition of success in winter sports
but not in ski jumping. Just one bronze medal in their
entire history. Yet they saw something in this
sparky young lad. He had a gift,
a natural ability to fly. No wonder team-mates nicknamed
him Harry Potter. By Salt Lake City 2002,
Ammann was 20 years old and was still struggling
to control his talent. After four years
on the World Cup circuit, his best result was sixth and then he lined up
his first jump on the Normal Hill, a jump that
would change his life forever. You only get two goes
at the Olympics. If all goes well,
your first jump will give you a second jump with both distances
added together combined with style points
to establish the winner. Ammann didn’t just qualify
for a second jump. With a distance of 98 metres,
plus excellent style points, he was leading the competition. Out of nowhere, Switzerland had
a chance of a first gold medal
in the ski jump. On the second jump, Polish veteran and Muggle Adam
Malysz pulled out an enormous jump, but a small stumble on
landing hurt his prospects. He who SHALL be named,
Sven Hannawald of Germany, had never been beaten by
Ammann. He thought it might be good
enough for gold. So it all came down to the kid. 98.5 metres, half a metre further
than his first jump. Gold medal, and the Wizard
of Winter was born. One of the biggest upsets
in the history of ski jumping. It’s amazing the effect
a gold medal can have on overall
performance. Two days later,
on the Large Hill, Ammann once again took the lead on his first jump with some
serious wingardium leviosa. Given a chance at winning
a second gold medal, young Simon absolutely nailed
it. 132.5 metres. Magic! He became the first ski jumper
since the Great Matti Nykenen, the Professor Dumbledore
of Ski Jumping, to win both individual events
at the Olympic Winter Games. Four years later in Turin, Harry Potter misplaced his
magic wand. Ammann finished way down the
field. These were difficult years
for Ammann. He plunged down the world
rankings, and must have reflected
on Salt Lake City as an impossible dream. But Ammann is a hard worker.
He rebuilt his technique, he pushed himself. The Swiss jumper’s ability to
raise his game for the big events
was in evidence at the 2010 Olympic
Winter Games in Vancouver. Now aged 28, Amman
won the Normal Hill event, and then unleashed his biggest
ever leap in the Large Hill competition. 144 metres, the biggest single
jump in Olympic history. Another double gold medal
for Ammann. He is the most successful Swiss Olympic athlete
of all time.

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