SIM Racing Rig: Racing Simulator Setup Under $1500 – Sim Racing Cockpit: Playseat Revolution G29 PS4

SIM Racing Rig: Racing Simulator Setup Under $1500 – Sim Racing Cockpit: Playseat Revolution G29 PS4

There are simracing rigs for all tastes
racing chairs that you can build all by yourself
or racing simulators that may give you a place feel to a real race whether you
are a professional driver or simply a casual gamer we all look at cording to
our needs and requirements on how much to spend on a racing simulator with that
in mind this is how you can build a motorsport racing simulator under 1500
US dollars but you can lower the price tag under the $1,000 mark on refurbished
gear if you find this sim racing rig of your choice and want to buy or get more
info just follow the list toggle the equipment and the video description
below so let’s start by assembling the play seat one of the best value for the
money gaming seats to put your steering wheel and that’s how much you can spend on a
mid-range simracing rig but remember you can get one of these for almost half the
price on refurbished equipment as always thanks for watching and I see you in
next videos see you on the races Cheers

39 Replies to “SIM Racing Rig: Racing Simulator Setup Under $1500 – Sim Racing Cockpit: Playseat Revolution G29 PS4”

  1. As I'm on the mobile version the name was too long to fit so it got perfectly shortened into "SIM racing rig: racing setup under $150…" and I was like how is this so cheap?

  2. wow that wheel deadzone is hilarious. the game wheel was moving off and on the track , the g29 was staying straight LOOL. thank god i didnt buy that

  3. he is a liar at the end it didnt work for him so he did use the controller without letting us see busted! because the the steering wheel didnt move xD fuck you man

  4. how stable is the steering wheel or does it move a lot? because I find it better than the evolution because it does not have support between the legs.

  5. I'm wondering how you don't slide backward when pushing hard on the brake pedal or clutch pedal. Is the grey carpet preventing that plus your weight on the chair ? Apologize for these silly questions but I need to know that cause i'm getting crazy with my set lol. Thanks for your further reply

  6. My Simrig is like Vicotiran desk , my Fanatec mounted on a thick stone plate and a random chair …..i wish I had the space for a true simrig

  7. Just a tipp for the people who are thinking of buying Playseats – stay away from them like from the devil… Indeed, stay away from anything that has a center post between the legs… It's terrible and it eventually will make you hate it to the point where you will be forced to throw it away and start over by looking for alternatives, trust me on my experience… There are much better rigs available like those from raceroom and plenty others who have addressed this defect and created ergonomic rigs.

  8. I have evolution alcantara and g920 . not capabale of ordering from playseat if your in usa.. Has to be from another company on amazon or ebay …. And not always in stock at the other retailers. And not the same price everywhere . alcantara has a better stronger design than this . no bar mounted to the seat and the pedal base plate is far better supported ……this playseat realy looks like a clone etc i bet that pedal base is floppy …..

  9. All that effort to produce a good looking video to have it ruined by not even using the wheel to race, good ol’ ds4 saves (not) the day huh

  10. How to build: SIM Racing Simulator Rig Setup under 1500$. Cockpit: Playseat+Logitech G29+PS4 1TB+TV 1080p.

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