Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sports Lens (Telephoto) for Canon | 500mm Lens

Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sports Lens (Telephoto) for Canon | 500mm Lens

Well guess what, yep this is not a figment, this is the new Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM for Canon. This isn’t released yet, I stole it, no I didn’t, but they let me borrow it. If this video helps you out remember hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for sneak peeks, tutorials and unboxings such as this and also to share with your fellow photographers and videographers. And don’t forget, when Miami, come visit me at Digital Goja showrooms. Alright, so this guy’s a 500mm F4, of course it’s a DG, that means is for full frame. This one happens to be for Canon, that’s why I have a 5D Mark V attached to it right here. But remember you can also put it on a crop sensor and you’re now up to an 800mm equivalent. It’s a constant F4 but you can stop down all the way to 32 so you can guarantee your most amount of depth of field. It has of course one SLD lens, 2 FLD elements, super multi-layer coating, it has a hypersonic AF motor of course, but hey they gave you manual override, full manual override for us videographers. It is optical image stabilization, you have your image stabilization is anything over here and you also have your custom settings. You have your control for your focusing, whether you want full or you can limit it, and of course you have AF and manual focus and even for manual override, if you choose, to while you can still do autofocus. And here you have the capability of reset your AF functions and locking it in place here with this button for control and you can even turn off your beep, so… wow, hey thought of everything. Of course you have a built-in tripod collar which can be removed and clicked off really easily so you can take it off, you have a button here on the side, this guy right here, that allows you to remove it in a hurry, but I don’t know, I don’t think I would even though this only weighs a little bit over 7 pounds, I think I would want this on a monopod or a tripod. Of course it has a proprietary lens hood, why would it, It’s huge! So this guy is going to give you the protection that you need because this is going to be the way to protect your lens, this big giant lens hood, it is reversible course, like most of their series lenses are and it is their sports design, so it is a global vision lens. That means that you can use their particular docking stations for it so you can adjust image stabilization, focusing parameters, everything you see this giant front element you’re not going to find filters for that so they thought of that also. You have a 46mm drop in filter and you can also get an optional what they call an RCP 11 circular polarizer, which is meant to be rotated while it’s inserted in here. It’s very well constructed of course magnesium alloy barrel, you have a brass mount on the lens, dust proof, splash-proof, so it’s completely weather sealed and it is completely compatible with all their teleconverters out on the market, so if you put the 1.4 now have a 700mm 5.6 and if you put your 2x you’re all the way up to a 1,000 mm, which is an F8. And of course it weighs 7.30 pounds so it’s not as easy to carry as its baby brother 150-600 but you know what? I can see me going on the field and be prepared, I am going to be going out on the field and I’m going to be doing some videos and some test shots with this guy. They’re going to have to pry it from my cold dead hands before I turn it back to Sigma. No, I will return it, but I’m going to be going on the field so be prepared, that’s coming soon. So, this is a sneak peek, first view at the new Sigma 500mm F4.0 DG OS HSM lens for Canon. Happy shooting!

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  1. Hi .. if you can compare this sigma with the canon 500mm f4 for the sharpness and auto focus speed you will help us alot .. thanks

  2. hello Champ ,am about to get me 500f4 im not decided yet its gonna be canon one or sigma ,what do You think which one gonna be better for my 7d mark 2 ,its there any reason to pay extra for canon 500 f4 new version,im gonna use it for birds,thanks

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