Hey guys! Welcome back to streaming nerds
and I’m back with another video and guys yes it has finally happened show box is
no more showbox has been taken down and it’s not working if you try to click on
any section inside show box it will show you an error server connection error or
any other error but the truth is it has been taken down and it was a really nice
app that we used quite a lot to watch movies and TV shows but it’s gone but
not to worry there are so many other applications that you can use instead of
showbox and they are exactly like showbox and I must say they are even better
than show box. Showbox was very famous but at the same time they used to show a
lot of ads so whenever you enter showbox you get pop-up banners ads on the
side as on the bottom so ads were everywhere but with the apps that I’m
gonna show you there are no ads and if there are as they are very very minimum
I will show you the replacement and a complete replacement to show box that
will fulfill all your movies and TV show needs so let’s get right into the
tutorial so right now as you can see I’m on the home screen of my Android box and
I’m gonna go on to my apps and I’m gonna show you the showbox replacement that
I’m talking about and it’s called as Cyberflix TV it’s a very good
application guys so first we’re gonna check it out together and after that I’m
gonna also show you how to install it on your Android devices there are other
applications as well that can replace show box quite well but I’m gonna show
you this one today and I’m gonna show you others in the coming up videos so
make sure that you are subscribed to my channel and now he’s giving me this
pop-up in I’m gonna click on OK and then it shows me choose default player and
I’m gonna click on VLC player I’m gonna click on accept so you can see right now
this is a home screen and it’s on trending and if we click on these three
bars right here it is the menu and right now we’re on TV shows so all these
things all these icons are TV shows and here is the search function
if you need to search any movie or any TV show use the search function and if
you want to mark any any TV show or any movie as your favorites you can click on
the star button here and right here you can see there is also the filters
various filters if you click on it you can choose which ear you want to display
first and then there is the three dots if you click on that so let me click on
settings and see what settings they have here so the default player here is VLC
Trakt TV you can you can log in to Trakt TV right here and here is RealDebrid as
well so if you want to log in into realdebrid I highly recommend using Real
Debrid with any app that sports it and you can join realdebrid from the link
that you can see on the screen or you can check the same link from the
description you want to change anything you want to set anything up you can do
that right here so I’m gonna go back to the left side here there is trending and
if I click on this I can also select all these options in here most popular and
then it will start displaying the most popular TV shows there you go the most
popular one is Game of Thrones of course my favorite as well Breaking Bad Wow you
can click on this and choose as per your choice , mystery, crime, drama, comedy family
whatever you want movies lets me click on movies and let’s
see what’s up there. There you go all the latest movies venom fantastic beasts all
the latest movies are right in here guys so and then you can see there is a
favorite section whatever movie whatever TV show you add as your favorite it will
appear in this section and now let me go ahead and play a movie from here because
you might be thinking whether this is working or not well I have thoroughly
checked it and it’s working really really well but let’s try Ralph breaks
the Internet you can see it showed me to verify and
then it opens up this verify window right here so I’m gonna click on I’m not
a robot so you might need to do the same so bus and this is
bus here is the bus let’s try to play this here is the play but on the top right
corner okay I’m gonna try the first link so let’s go ahead and then it gives me
this pop-up window and I’m gonna click on play so that was working great and in
the same manner if you go for TV shows it will work just fine so try this
application out and I’m sure you’re gonna like it this is one of the
applications that can completely replace Showbox and you won’t have any problems
using this because the interface is really similar to showbox and now let
me show you how to install this app Cyberflix TV on your Android devices
so let me go back and now I’m on the home screen of my Android device and in
order to install the Cyberflix TV on my Android device the first thing is to
go into your Android settings and I can see my COG my settings cog is right here
but if you don’t have a settings cog on your home screen check your apps and you
will find the settings option there so for example if I go into my apps here so
it will look like this the settings option I’m gonna click on it and it
displays the settings on my Android device and I’m gonna go down and then go
on to security and restrictions so inside your security and restrictions
options unknown sources option should be enabled and you can see right now my
unknown sources is showing Allow installation of apps from sources other
than the Play Store which in this case is true because I’m gonna install Cyberflix TV which is not in Play Store so I have enabled it and after that I’m
gonna go back with the home screen and then go on to my browser and you can see
Chrome browser is right here and you can go into your Chrome browser or any other
browser that you have on your device and then you need to go on to Cyberflix you can see the address right here Cyberflix I’m going to
click on it and or you can just type it in and click OK and then it displays the
website Cyberflix and in here you need to go on to download and in
case you have a fire stick they also have a fire stick version of the this
app and then in here you will see there is
the link one so I’m gonna click on Cyberflixtv.apk and it takes us to this
website may and in here I’m gonna click on open in browser and right
now it’s downloading it inside the browser so just we just need to wait a
little while I’m gonna click on save file now and then it gives us this
pop-up window click on download here Cyberflix TV apk downloaded and now I
need to browse to the download location and I can access the download location
through my Chrome browser as well so I’m gonna click on these three dots right
here at the top corner and then go on to the Downloads option here it will show
all of my downloads and then you can see right here there is Cyberflix TV APK that
I just downloaded I’m gonna click on it and then it shows me this window click
on the install button here and now it’s installing the Cyberflix TV app ok
now he’s showing app installed so I’m gonna click on done here and then I’m
gonna go back to the main home screen of my device and again go into apps Cyberflix TVAPK now should be in my apps and you can see right here Cyberflix has
appeared here I’m gonna click on it now it’s popping up all these TV shows and
everything and I can go ahead and watch them so we have successfully installed
the Cyberflix TV APK on this Android box and similarly you can install it on all
the Android devices out there you can also install it on a fire stick they
have the fire stick version on their website you can download it and install
it on your fire stick as well let me go back and before I end this video I would
like to show you other apps that can replace shoebox the other apps that I
use is so media box HD is another application that can replace show box
and then there is free felix HQ also and then there is Tea TV as well these three
applications as well and also the Cyberflix TV they are all very good
replacements to showbox whatever you like from these applications you can
install it on your android devices and you can enjoy movies and TV shows
without any problem and guys I’m gonna leave the
download links of these apps in the description of this video so do check
the description and you will find the download links in there so that’s it for
this video guys and I’ll be back with more awesome videos until next time take
care of yourself. Bye Bye!


  1. SHOWBOX IS BACK and yes Showbox was down a few months ago and that caused this whole panic in the community. That is what this video is all about. I also made a video when it came back and also showed the 5 Best Apps To Watch Movies and Tv Shows:

  2. Sorry, But showbox was never shutdown, I've had showbox for years I always update it, I use it everyday, And I can Say ShowBox is better than any streaming service I can think of 😂😂

  3. Dude I still got my Showbox and it still working LOL I'm just telling you I'm I still working even so that most doesn't may not seem like it but man I'm still watching on Showbox because I didn't get it on Google play or Alp I got it on something else I don't know what you see my friend bid he helped me get the app but I don't know where he got it from all I know is it still works for me it away

  4. I LOVED my Showbox. I had to unistall it and reinstall it and now it won't work because of a parse error…any suggestions?

  5. can you just email the instruction , i lost you some place in middle of download and watch i mean i am not straight in head and kids are little skitchey

  6. I just updated mine and it works again. But I can't watch Pet Sematary whyyy. My interview company sent me a email saying they will close my account if i use showbox to watch pet Sematary. Anyone else ???

  7. Showbox is working well who says it's been taken down still working good
    I guess these nerds didn't know something after all showbox still lives

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