Sheffield United vs Liverpool | Wijnaldum volley wins it for the Reds

Sheffield United vs Liverpool | Wijnaldum volley wins it for the Reds

Two on two here. It’s Oliver McBurnie. And straight at Adrian. And it comes to Gini Wijnaldum. It was a horrible miscue anyway. That’s Fleck, and here’s Robinson! That’s perhaps a better chance
than he made of it in the end. But here’s Salah winning it back. He just almost tried to almost cushion it
and bend it round the goalkeeper. Maybe they will now,
it’s a brilliant ball for Sadio Mane. You would have put
everything on him scoring. And Salah will set off on the break. Wijnaldum is there, Salah’s still got it,
here’s Firmino for Liverpool, and now Mane! Back to Roberto Firmino,
and Sheffield United survive. Norwood. It has to be helped away by Adrian. Origi. Origi’s cross. Comes to Gini Wijnaldum! Oh, and the goalkeeper’s lost it!
He’s spilled it into the back of his own net. In goes Egan. Origi towering above Basham. And it breaks for Salah, and this could kill it. That’s an outstanding save. Fleck. Oh, it’s a lovely ball! And Clarke put everything into it. This is Divock Origi! I thought that was made for a little bend
into the far corner, and it probably was.

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  1. Each like i will add cookie????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. if we could get 150 to 160 million for salah , i would happily sell him and
    get Maddison and federico chiesa with that money because we have to accept the fact that salah has lost his swiftness, finishing , agility and what not.
    his selfishness will destroy our club internally

  3. In order to win the league you have to take matches even when your performance is poor, that was it. City did that a lot last year. Maybe the performance wasn't that poor but finishing was.

  4. Honestly the only thing you can be happy about after this match is the return of Origi..


  5. Didnt deserve to win Klopp doesnt know what hes on about, every team seems to go to sleep when they play Liverpool and the only reason Liverpool won today was bcos of a mistake.

  6. this has to be one of the worst perfomances i have ever seen from the boys poor perfomance but we bagged 3 points thats all that matters!

  7. Poor finishing from Salah. He really needs to step up his game a bit more. You can say all you want Abt his stats but he is just not living up to the potential we think he has.

  8. 21 Points out of 7 Games! Klopp out ?
    We re not gonna win the League if we pick only 3 Points a Game. Man City is taking it says Pep

  9. You have a very good player. Why do you put him under constant pressure? We must support him.

    What would you do if Salah, Mani, or any of the team left? There are big teams that have fallen with the departure of important players from them

  10. Anyone else noticed the guy with the white shirt standing whenever Liverpool missed a chance? This goes out to you mate,Hope you enjoyed our goal,That's called Karma! YNWA

  11. Please give credit for that goal for Origi. His cross is spin 20000 rpm. Anyone who valley from that cross can do 100% score and no goalkeeper can save that.

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  13. ในระยะช่วงนี้งานของฉันเยอะมากๆ?

  14. FIFA IX BEST ELEVEN STARTING NEXT YEARS 2020 = 1.Cortouis 2.Ramos 3.Marcelo 4.Pique 5.Perez 6.Kross 8.Modric 9.Suarez 10.Messi 11.Bale. GOOD LUCK FIFALONA feat FIFADRID.

    BEST MEN FIFA 2020 = messi

  15. Really dodgy win, but having to stick it out for the win goes to show how far we have come, 2-3 years ago we would have bottled this

  16. Durch quality for Liverpool's championship. Maybe Memphis Depay ( Olympique Lyon ) is the best player these days. He should move to Germany to the Bundesliga except Bayern and Dortmund. Maybe Leverkusen or Mönchengladbach? Hertha Berlin ?

  17. Jammy lucky boring scouse shits
    1 goal luck but BEWARE of being kicked out of the CARABOU CUP bkoz you are cheating scouse bastards

  18. Salah and Mane failed Liverpool this time. It is lucky that Shefield Keeper make a mistake. If not, it would be 0-0. They really need to be sharp as always.

  19. Getting all 3 points in a game like are where titles are won and lost. These extra 2 points will matter a lot come May; we all know they will…

  20. if you are a liverpool fan and happy how manchester united has fallen,make sure you give me a subscribe because we never walk alone

  21. Liverpool are great but today's game was a bit disappointing. If Salah and Mane's form doesn't come up again, they'll be caught by Man City.

    Pirmin is still huge

  22. Whoever keeps doing these highlights packages is clueless. Often when LFC have dominated a game it seems like it was a very 50:50 affair. Obviously Saturday was different and the chance when Robertson blocks from Fleck then VVD blocks the next effort was the pivotal moment in the game – it's not even shown here.

  23. As a true Sheffield Utd a fan I feel disgusted watching such a blatantly fabricated video. Anyone who actually watches the game would be aware of the actual result, it’s horrible watching Liverpool disgrace the club by posting propaganda. APPALLING!

  24. liverpool as I know it if there is the slightest chance of scoring a goal, but why is a golden opportunity so wasted … I don't understand

  25. same time against opponents napoli, if only the opportunity to score a goal is not wasted I'm sure we would win a landslide victory … I'm very very sure of that

  26. poor finishing by Salah and Mane, superb performance by Van Dijk, good goalkeeping by Adrian and very unselfish play as usual by Firmino

  27. In peado England Liverpool . They dont care for children. Gromming gang.. they only care for fotball shame om peado England Liverpool.

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