Shawn Michaels WRESTLING RETURN! Top Stars To WWE! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

Shawn Michaels WRESTLING RETURN! Top Stars To WWE! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk news
– I’m Oli Davis. Press the thumbs up. Shawn Michaels Returning To Wrestling? On this week’s Raw, Shawn Michaels cut a
promo on the Undertaker vs Triple H match at Su-su-super Showdown – which was eventually
interrupted by Taker’s massive dong for a great back-and-forth between the two. Michaels said he stayed retired out of respect
for the Undertaker – shade at the Big Dawg, while the Deadman accused Shawn of only staying
retired out of fear. This let speculationamania run wild, with
WWE rarely teasing matches they can’t pay off on – which Vince McMahon famously hates
to do, like when he reportedly flipped out at both Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock
Lesnar for cutting promos on each other when there was never any intention of putting on
a match between them. Following reports of local commercials in
Australia for Su-Su-Super Showdown advertising Michaels as the special guest referee for
Triple H vs Taker, it seems that might be the first step for a proper in-ring return,
as Dave Meltzer is reporting in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. “The working idea internally right now is
that Michaels is coming out of retirement. Right now it is not for a singles match, and
it is targeted, if not scheduled, for Saudi Arabia on November 2nd.” That’s right, HBK’s momentous coming out
of retirement first match in eight years… might possibly happen on a glorified house
show in the Middle East, because money! and the country’s Prince is a huge fan of 90s
WWF. I, for one, cannot wait for Greatest In Your
House. Speaking of Saudi Arabian returns… Segway. Rey Mysterio To WWE
Rey Mysterio looks to be coming back to WWE very soon. Speaking on a recent episode of the Ross Report
podcast with Jim Ross, Mysterio said he’s just waiting for WWE to confirm the date:
“[WWE and I have] been going back and forth, talking about possibly returning this month
and then this month, so the longer it extends, the more I get work outside. That’s my bread and butter. That’s what I do for a living. I’m just waiting for them to say, ‘now’. When they say, ‘now,’ if the time is right,
let’s go!” Rey’s performances at both New Japan’s
Dominion show and All In have made it seem he’s gotten even better in the ring since
his last WWE run – which Vince and Co are sure to exhibit once he’s back in their
promotion… and, more importantly, sell loads of his mask. But Rey isn’t the only luchador WWE have
their sights on… Pentagon Jr. & Fenix To WWE? As top independent wrestling brother stars
Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix are once again rumoured to be heading to WWE. There were reports leading up to All In that
WWE were trying to poach Mysterio, Fenix and Pentagon to stop them appearing on the Cody
and Young Bucks-run show, and now the subject is coming up again – with Major League Wrestling,
where the brothers are currently tag team champions, tweeting:
“It’s been an incredible 2018 for the #LuchaBros! And a monumental moment is on the horizon
for @ReyFenixMx and @PENTAELZEROM as we hear what 2019 holds for them. MLW fans may be shocked to see what’s nxt!” With the misspelling of the word ‘next’
either a massive tease for Pentagon and Fenix going to NXT, or Major League Wrestling needing
a new social media manager. PWInsider have added that both men have been
very elusive about taking dates for 2019, and Sports Illustrated are reporting the topic
of Pentagon going to WWE was a big talking point backstage at All In. WWE have apparently been “interested in
the lucha pair for more than a month now” – which Justin Barrasso notes isn’t just
because of their superb in-ring work, but also because they can sell loads of masks
too. My masks. Daniel Bryan’s WWE future has been leaked! Click the video onscreen now to find out more! And become a WrestleTalk Patreon today to
make weekly NXT reviews happen! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

100 Replies to “Shawn Michaels WRESTLING RETURN! Top Stars To WWE! | WrestleTalk News Sept. 2018”

  1. Yeah bring back Mysterio, Pentagon , and Fenix, only to make them loose against the roman reings… to get him over… and then they form a stable and they also loose against the shield…. and then disapear into obscurity… like the Authors of Pain and the Revival…. Mysterio is already there… but as for the other two… NO FENIX, PENTAGON IT´S A TRAP!!!

  2. if its for saudi arabia im going to stop watching WWE, they should have taker vs hbk at mania 35 and hbk should retire taker and finally beat him at mania

  3. Instead of trying to steal another companies top stars, why don't WWE get off their lazy asses and book the talent they already have? Their roster is bloated enough as it is, why do they need more guys?

  4. I'd much prefer a long build up to a match at wrestlemania 35 for HBK, ten years after his first stellar match with Taker. Would be awesome against someone like AJ styles. Preferably Not on some crappy house show to suck up to a Saudi King. I think that would take that special feeling and anticipation out of the match. But then again…. Money!!

  5. They really need to stop having legends taking wrestlemania card slots from deserving wrestlers if you do put them on the kick-off show so the younger wrestlers have more time to put on great matches. I get it put you'll still sale tickets with the kick-off that'll be a great kick-off just saying make sense no?

  6. if the lucha bros go to wwe (which would be a horrible career move), they need a manager since penta doesn't speak english

  7. If this is for what Shawn is returning please no. First of all I don't want HBK coming out of retirement out of the respect for stipulation. I like the dream matches for him but no

  8. Fenix and Penta going to wwe is a carrer suicide… make deals with the devil and you'll regret it, i really hope they don't go

  9. You're a pleb if you think that promo was anything other than hype for the match and, at best, teasing HBK interfering in the Taker vs HHH match or a similar role that he has done several times since retiring.

    Michaels won't be coming out retirement for a match. He declined to do so for GRR despite being asked, he's declined to do so for 8 years and nobody is going to leak credible information to Dave "uhhh plans change" Meltzer for one of the biggest draws the company would have if true that far in advance.

    Michaels isn't coming out of retirement for an actual match. It simply isn't going to happen. Not anywhere, least of all Saudi Arabia. It simply isn't going to happen.

  10. WWE has also been trying to sign Daga and Garza Jr. (His medical tests). They also just signed Ultimo Ninja and he debuted for NXT. But no coverage….the disrespect of the Mexican scene from Overseas wrestling media(Cultaholic, Whatculture, WrestletalkTV) is unreal 😔

  11. If pentagon and fenix join wwe they would own those characters its a bad move i hope they don't sign they'd be better off on impact with creative freedom!!

  12. The fact that it wouldn't be at a big ppv is a little bit of a shame, I guess. The fact that it's 'in the Middle-East' is of absolutely no consequence, Oli. As long as it's recorded, i'm happy.

  13. well… Let's hope they never go to the main roster instead… so its gonna be penta losing to roman and fenix in that Lucia party 205live shit or be with r truth doing comedy

  14. NOPE! Done w/Wrestle Talk, left the abysmally managed discord.

    "FUCK THIS SHIT I'M OUT." No longer relevant or valid.

  15. If there's no match, quit doing segments and cutting promos like there is going to be. Then again, WWE is idiotic, so I don't know why I'm bothering.

  16. I will quit watching WWE if my favorite wrestler returns in the fake "progressive" city of Jedda. That is such bullshit, fans have been dying for him to return for a big Wrestlemania match, not a Saudi Arabia tag match

  17. The Lucha brothers should just stay in the indies , the way that NJPW is growing and TNA finally seeming to have got there shit together the indies is where its at to be a wrestling fan and wrestler. Plus they would probably just turn them into the New Mexicools and have them jobbing in no time or out them on a show nobody watches like 205 Live.

  18. Faction with Rey Mysterio, Andrade “Cien” Almas (and Zelina Vega), Alberto Del Rio (and Ricardo Rodriguez), Pentagón Jr., Rey Fénix, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, Kalisto, and Sin Cara.

  19. i want rey fenix and pentagon jr to come to wwe but im just worried about what we happen to pentagon jr with his gimmick and the piledriver he does whats banned in wwe

  20. IMO I don’t think that’s a good idea for pentagon Jr. & Fenix to go to Wwe. They are doing really good in the indie wrestling. But not only that, wwe creative team on Raw and SmackDown honestly and I mean honestly do not know how to use some of these great and amazing WRESTLERS talent correctly. And even if they do come wwe I rather just have them stay in NXT. Since NXT is 1million times better than the main roster thanks to HHH.

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