Sharing the Road with Cyclists – Road Safety Authority Ireland

Sharing the Road with Cyclists – Road Safety Authority Ireland

Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users So we have a responsibility to respect their right to the road On left turns, do not overtake a cyclist as you approach a junction they might be continuing straight ahead Always be aware of cyclists when getting out of your car use your mirrors and check your blind spots When overtaking, allow plenty of space Cyclists may need to avoid drains or other obstacles When overtaking large groups take particular care as they may travel two a breast When turning right a cyclist may move to the centre of the lane We all share the road, so respect cyclists and always expect the unexpected.

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  1. When's the video coming out for cyclists to respect other road users??they go through red lights,roundabouts cycle in the middle of busy roads,not looking behind them when passing an intersection with out a thought and the onus is put on car drivers to watch out for them it's a excuse the pun but respect is a two way street, I'm all For cyclists as I'm one but common sense and regard is throughly lacking by most cyclist,

  2. It depends on what individual accident your talking about some were caused by careless motorist others by careless cyclists,it can't all be one or the other

  3. Perhaps you like to make an apology for that libellous remark!
    I do stop at red lights everytime! Cyclists are allowed in the middle of the road, more so if busy due to drivers not giving space when passing & I look behind me often as I have to watch out for inconsiderate drivers and give more consideration to drivers than I get from them!
    So it is NOT all cyclists, if anything its a handful & I see more dangerous drivers on the roads than cyclists.

  4. some cyclists can do 20mph so no. bicycles are essential for lone-living 16 year olds. this is because these people cannot drive.
    also, riding on the pavement (sidewalk) will kill.
    let them use the roadway.
    think of how many lives would be saved by proper driver education.

  5. Well, if you are going to go that route. Why not restrict cars to 20mph. Think how many lives would be saved!


  6. So going over the speed limit & driving up the price of our usustainable fuel is saving billions?! Have you seen London congestion?!

  7. Put every one of those cyclist in their own car. Then talk to me about traffic congestion.

    Cyclists don't cause congestion. If it takes someone 20 minutes to cycle to work in the morning. Or 2 hours in a car, does that not tell you something?

  8. For you it might not be an "essential form of transport". But for a lot of people it is. A lot of people do rely on cycling for their day to day needs. Cycling allows them to get to work quickly. Keeps them fit. Gives them some endorphin's, due to it being a generally enjoyable way to get around. Oh and its easily affordable.


  9. Mostselfrighteous-
    Not many company drivers can take their van/truck home so there is a possibility they could be cycling to work before delivering the lifeblood of the nation. Apart from which we can't keep increasing traffic and oil dependency indefinately. Yes I also have a car.

  10. An educational video isn't complete without explaining explicitly that cyclists have good reason to occupy the whole lane even as a soloist for their and others safety.

  11. I am glad that they mentioned (and demonstrated) how much room to leave when overtaking, since most drivers leave bare minimum to scrape past. Treat us as if you're overtaking another vehicle!

  12. Luckily you're not in charge… and with your idiotic, self-righteous views, we're all glad you're not. Your arguments are so invalid without any consideration for the lifestyle or needs of a cyclist. Do some research and grow up.

  13. MostSelf spends all his youtube time abusing cyclists, it's something of a thrill for him. I can only imagine that he got banned from driving losing his job in the process which gave him all this free time to waste on a pursuit of hatred. Best to just down vote then ignore.

  14. I don't want to be treated like another vehicle because a careless tailgating for me approaches a lethal outcome, for another driver it is a minor nuisance. Drivers need to be told, in fact yelled at, that a cyclist in the middle of the lane has every right to be there and if anything is a courteous signal warning that it is not safe to overtake. Other myths that needs exploding is the "should be in the cycle lane" and "road tax".

  15. Motor tax revenue being syphoned off to subsidise RTE through unnecessary and expensive RSA adverts. This is a scam.

  16. Driving doesn't give you much exercise at all… However the suggestion that drivers are all fat and unhealthy is a stupid one… Remember without drivers we would all start to die in large numbers..

  17. You might start to die in large numbers trolly self righteous and your ilk but you are fat lazy and dependant upon supermarkets for your dinner. Those of us superior beings often besides owning bicycles also own firearms and hunt animals for food. Less people about us a good thing. Especially you. Please go back to shuffling one off in your bedroom you pathetic troll. The rest of us will carry on doing what we do best. Getting fuckwits like you banned from the road.

  18. Hi Rory, Firstly, vehicles do not have an automatic right of way on the road. The overriding rule is in all circumstances to proceed with caution. All drivers turning left must watch out for cyclists and motorcyclists going ahead, or turning and should only change direction when it is safe to do so. (cntd)

  19. On left turns watch out for cyclists and mopeds close to the kerb in front of you or coming up on your left. Do not overtake a cyclist as you approach a junction if you are turning left as the cyclist (possibly unaware of your intentions) might be continuing straight ahead.

  20. How can you hate on cyclists when in Dublin there are too many cars around? Have a look at the estates on Christmas Eve, nearly every house has more than one car. The actual space a cyclist takes up on the road is nothing compared to another car. Some motorists think that it is all cyclists getting in the way, at the same time, cyclists sometimes have to come out of the lane onto the road cause of cars parked in the bicycle lane, and sometimes, cyclists don't even get a lane, but never complain

  21. So uhm.. where's the video about cyclist that should be more aware in traffic? Why do I have the feeling that it's always the drivers of the vehicles that's at fault? It's bullshit really.. because it's mostly the opposite way imo.

  22. not many drivers die because of a cyclist but im not blaming anyone i think that they both need to be more aware i no someone that was killed by a motorist while cycling and the motorist just drove of and was never found i also no several people that have been servility injured by motorists while cycling i personly had a close expirence where i was going down an extreamly state road wich was exstreemly wide with verry little traffic yet pople still seem to overtake with verry little room and some how one of these people maniged to loose controal and cut me up and whent into a hedge so pritty much if he was going what less then 1 mph slower he would have killed me and it still hornts me tbh ps sorry for the bad spelling this is not aimed at anyone!

  23. And the thing is here is that the motorist isn't hindered in any way shape or form. They 'read' the road and 'see' the hazard and act accordingly as any good motorist should. There's no drama, just understanding and a little bit of forward thinking, nothing else. It shouldn't be seen as a courtesy, it should be seen as the minimum standard of driving..period!
    Now, how hard was that..not very. just a shame a large % of motorists can't or just won't do the same either through lack of driving skills, piss poor attitude, bad eyesight or just too fucking busy tossing around with whatever it is inside the metal cage..

  24. "Cyclists are entitled to road space as much as cars, vans, goods vehicles or indeed any other vehicle on the road. This commercial aims to educate drivers on sharing the roads safely with cyclists, and motorists' responsibility to cyclists as vulnerable road users."
    This would explain the increase in cycling in Ireland. Education, Legislation, Infrastructure. 

  25. I just think it's crazy allowing inexperienced people on bicycles onto the road. A 12 year old who never sat a driving test, doesn't know the rules of the road and doesn't pay tax or insurance, is totally fine. This can also apply to adults and it's an absolute disgrace. How on earth would a cyclist be entitled to be on the road? I seen 2 non-national children cycling down the street on the 1 bike on the wrong side of the street and neither wearing a helmet. If I knocked them cyclists down by accident, they can claim off my insurance. If them cyclists hit into my car and it's not my fault, they can still claim off my insurance. The car drivers are always in the wrong even though WE are paying and there's nothing for us to rightly claim off for damage. Introduce a bicycle licence to prove they've an understanding of the basic rules of the road and charge them tax and insurance if they want to be on the road, or else stick to the nature trails and parks.

  26. Cyclists may be helping to "save the planet" but their disregard to other road users, their arrogant sense of self-entitlement makes life hazardous on the roads for everyone else. They have absolutely NO cop on on the roads, no training in adequate road safety and seem to believe that road rules are optional for them. Isn't it time these parasites were made to hold licenses, take theory and practical tests as well as pay road tax and hold insurance? I personally believe over 75% + of accidents involving cyclists are caused by cyclists ignoring the safety protocols of the road, failing to signal and cycling three and four abreast on small secondary roads with utter disregard to other road users. Enough is enough, I am sick of them playing victims on the road when they're the cause of misery to those of us who PAY for our use of the roads. TWO DAYS AGO, SWORDS, CO. DUBLIN, A CYCLIST FLYING THROUGH A RED PEDESTRIAN LIGHT KNOCKS DOWN A 70YR OLD WOMAN, NEVER STOPS, KEEPS GOING AND DIDN'T GIVE A FUCK IF THE WOMAN DIED!

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