Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman will battle at WWE Clash of Champions: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman will battle at WWE Clash of Champions: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

Congratulations on defeating
the OC last week at Raw and winning the tag team titles. But with that comes a bit of a quandary, because we are just three weeks away from
the Clash of Champions pay-per-view, where every championship will be
defended including both of yours, Seth.>>Ooh.
Quite a situation I’ve gotten myself into here? But you know what? That’s what we do we win titles,
we defend titles. So, any two men who want to step up and
take a crack at me and Braun’s Tag Team titles we’re ready,
right big guy? Something tells me you’re not thinking
about the tag titles right now.>>No, Seth, like you said, we’ll take
on anyone that wants to step up and challenge us for these tag titles,
but what I really want to know is, who you going to let step up and challenge
you for that Universal Championship?>>That is a good question man, there is
a long list on men who want to step up and challenge me for this. I mean we have the most
talented locker room. Something tells me you don’t
care about any of that. Braun are you challenging me for
my Universal Title right now?>>[LAUGH] Seth, come on we just
won the tag titles last week.>>I’m just wanting to make sure
we’re on the same page, partner.>>[LAUGH]
>>So of course, I’m challenging you for your Universal Championship.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s not gonna be any fun for me, I’m not gonna like it, but
I don’t back down from a fight. Challenge accepted.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You’re on. Partner.

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  1. If seth Rollins walks out of clash of champions as universal champion I will officially quit watching wwe. Unbelievable how wwe can push such an average wrestler that far and make them beat one of the best wrestlers we have today (brock Lesnar). If he walks out with the title from disqualification, brock Lesnar attacking him so he wins by default or even worse, he wins, then that's a sign to me that wwe is finished.

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  3. Who remembers the team of stone cold and undertaker. They were tag champions and stone cold was also the WWF champion.

  4. Seth has been 3 time double champion.1st time by winning the US and WWE championship .2nd time by winning the ICT and Raw tag team championship.3rd time by winning the Universel and Raw tag team championship

  5. This should be an awesome match, and Strowman should win to become Universal Champion. That being said, can someone explain to me WHY there is a "Universal" Championship AND a WWE Championship?? Seems to me a Universal Champion is a higher level than the WWE title, making that title really meaningless. So why doesn't the WWE have a championship unification match? We don't need two world champions!

  6. Mark my words The Fiend will interfere in the match and attack Rollins and/or Strowman. And face one of them at HIAC.

  7. Right after Seth got heel it became boring asf to watch him and cut the crappy background music at the end from WWE.?

  8. Y tf did they “get rid” of night of champions it’s a “retired ppv” or at least that’s what it says on the wwe network

  9. It's taken this long to give Braun a title…he's so not winning the universal!!!

    If he does, then that'll be the same night ec3 & Eric young are given something to do….


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  11. This is gunna be awesome seeing theese 2 pair up but I hope down the line braun turns on seth and beats him for universal title he deserves it after losing to roman and brock all those times

  12. Braun will turn on Seth just like he turn on Roman when him and Roman vs Ziggler and Mcintyre and start a feud just like him and Roman…but this time he will win the Universal Champion Title…

  13. This is a genius way to do a frenamy storyline while keeping the prestige of the universal championship viable AND building heat with the OC. I just hope Braun doesn't turn heel and they keep the titles for a little while

  14. I would like to see Roman reigns vs Seth Rollins for the universal championship but Roman reigns is on smack down

  15. After both times that Seth Rollins has defeated Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title they write him in to face the next absolute best guy on the Raw roster for the next PPV. After Wrestlemania it was AJ Styles and after SummerSlam it is Braun Strowman. After this I hope that Drew McIntyre gets a Universal Title opportunity.

  16. Wait this video says last week ok
    But the announcer said last week in last week so it's been 2 weeks since seth and braun won the tag team titles

  17. Seth rollins was beaten up by braun stroman when he was with the shield and now I see seth with braun

  18. U are saying braun a real beast slayer after losing 2 times to brock. Are you living in another planet. Seth is worlds best wrestler he defeated brock 2 times without losing. He defeated roman 4 times and loses only 1 time. He defeated aj styles without losing. Seth is real and. Best beast slayer as well as better than all other in roster. Just think practically what is happening in wwe dont say your thinking otherwise leave watching wwe. Seth is best…

  19. This is dumb, they should be building the O.C. as unstoppable by giving the Good Brothers a lengthy title reign as tag champs and making AJ duel champ by giving him the Universal title, so when the Undisputed Era arrives people will actually believe in the O.C.

  20. God damn I'm so sick of how Gallows and Anderson are treated in the WWE. Here's to hoping we'll see AJ and the boys in AEW someday.

  21. Braun strowman Vs Seth Rollins universal championship result
    1. Brock Lesnar will returns at championship time and beat Seth Rollins and Braun strowman with chairs
    So The match will be cancelled
    2- At Hell in a Cell there is a triple threat match
    Braun strowman Vs Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar universal championship
    Brock Lesnar will wins
    3- Brock Lesnar will reclaim his title that's final

  22. If I was Seth, I would say, "Braun, you're too strong for me to handle. Here, this Universal belt is yours. Take it!" It's your I don't want it anymore.

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