Sesame Street: Bert And Ernie Water Sports

Sesame Street: Bert And Ernie Water Sports

[WATER RUNNING] BERT: Ah, there. Well, Brad, I think
we’re all ready. How about your bath now? BRAD: Take a bath. BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: Hi there, Bert. Hey, what are you doing? BERT: Oh, hi, Ernie. I’m just about to give my
nephew Brad here a bath. ERNIE: Is that right? BERT: Yeah. ERNIE: Hi there, Brad,
how are you? BRAD: [BABBLING] ERNIE: Is that right? [BERT LAUGHING] [BRAD LAUGHING] BERT: Isn’t he cute? ERNIE: Yeah, sure. Hey, listen. You got everything you need? BERT: Huh? ERNIE: I say, do you
have everything you need for the bath? BERT: Yeah, I got, um,
I got– let’s see. I got the towel over there. Got the washrag. Got soap in the tub there, and
the water’s nice and warm. Yeah, yeah. ERNIE: Bert! Bert, you’re not going to put
the baby in a tub like that! BERT: What’s wrong? What is it? ERNIE: What’s wrong? Do you realize that there’s
nothing in there for him to play with? Bert, do you call
that planning? I’ll be right back. BERT: Oh, Brad, I’m sorry. You want a little something
in the bath to play with? Oh, I’m sorry. Uh, Ernie, what is that? ERNIE: OK now, here we go. BERT: Ernie! ERNIE: OK, just a few of the
things that you really need. BERT: Just a few, huh? ERNIE: I mean, you can’t take a
bath without a rubber ducky. Right, rubber ducky? [SQUEAKING] ERNIE: OK. And then a sailboat for the
rubber ducky to play with. BERT: OK, that’s fine. That should do it. That’s fine. OK, in the bath. Here you go– ERNIE: See, what you can use
is two sailboats so you can have a race. BERT: No, no. There’s no reason for– ERNIE: There you go. BERT: All right, that’s fine. That’ll do it. ERNIE: And then, let’s see. How about a shark to swim? BERT: No, it’s OK. ERNIE: It’s OK, it’s
not a shark. BERT: Just a pretend. OK, Ernie, that’s all. Come on, that’s it, huh? ERNIE: How about this
thing here? I don’t know what it’s called. A ring. [BRAD GROWLING] ERNIE: And then you
need a beach ball! BRAD: Bouncy, bouncy! ERNIE: Yeah. BERT: No, no! Come on, now, Ernie! ERNIE: Hey, listen. Brad, do you likes swans? BRAD: Yeah. ERNIE: Here’s a swan. See there? Into the water, swan. BERT: Ernie! ERNIE: And then there’s a baby
swan to go with the mommy swan BERT: Ernie! ERNIE: Say, “baby swan.” BRAD: Baby, baby. BERT: ERNIE!!! ERNIE: What is it, Bert? BERT: That will just
about do it! I cannot give Brad a bath with
all those toys in there! ERNIE: You can’t, Bert? BERT: No, of course I can’t! ERNIE: Uh– oh, well, listen. Don’t worry, Bert. I know how to take care of it. BERT: What do you
mean you– what? What are you doing? Ernie, what are you doing? [WATER SPLASHING] ERNIE: Well, you said you
couldn’t bathe the baby with all these toys, and I didn’t
want to waste the water, Bert. [SQUEAKING] ERNIE: Right, rubber ducky? [LAUGHING]

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  1. Bert tells Bort that his name is short for abortion and he is a living joke. Bort doesn’t understand and shouts in an autistic fit of rage.

  2. That's all good and all, but to me, even though I myself, don't have my mind in the gutter, as most of ya'll do though, because the name water sports, can mean something, totally different, so I'd say, change the name ok, just in case anyone, is thinkin that ok, other then that it's a ok.

  3. Lesson Learned: Never trust Ernie to help plan a bath. He'll end up taking it anyway. But, who else but Ernie?

  4. I'm just shocked that you can apparently Google "Bert and Ernie Water Sports" and get something SFW.

  5. Am I the only one wondering who the kid's parents are? If he's Bert's nephew, then Bert must have a brother or sister.

  6. Bert really needs to work on his anger issues. Screaming at his best friend in front of his very young nephew? You can see how upset Brad was about that

  7. 1:50これ日本語に訳したら

  8. when i was 5 or 6 i loved ernie and bert now i'm 10 and watching them again it’s still fun to watch them ?

  9. What a great app I love you to come to my house and get your dad to come to my house today and get my house to come

  10. What makes this funny for me is that I actually do have an uncle Bert. My name's not Brad, and neither is anyone else in my family.

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  12. Bert tells bort that his name is short for abortion and he is a living joke. Bort doesn't understand and shouts in an autistic fit of rage

  13. Bert's nephew Brad, I like Ernie and Bert they were my favorite character on the show and I like them even today.

  14. 0:46 if you pause right when ernie finishes saying “planning” it will look like ernie’s grabbing brad and is about to eat him.

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