Sekiro Full Gameplay (0 Deaths Run)

Sekiro Full Gameplay (0 Deaths Run)

C R Y B A B I E S Everyone is a bunch of CRYBABIES Oh Sekiro, its so difficult. It’s just like Dark Souls, But much HARDER Its like BloodBorne but much harder B A B I E S Pathetic children Pathetic beta males who don’t know how to play video games If you don’t even know how to use your fingers then don’t even bother playing video games.>:) I’ve been seeing this my entire life, ok? For those of you who are new to this channel, my name is PewDiePie and I’m a Professional Gamer I have never died in a video game EVER I bet no one who has played this game knew u could pick that letter up So feel free to keep watching, cause we gonna find literally all the INS and OUTS See, I know how to jump in, near jump wall? look at that. I figured out already- How you wall jump I bet no one, E V E R, figured out how to wall jump …so far. I’m doing extremely well ZERO DEATHS BABY Can we add a death counter up in the corner? deaths: Z E R O wall hug okay Look at that. See I don’t even need these patronising instructions Because I KNOW You see those scratches on the wall, that implies they put that there as a hint Even if there was no scratches I wouldn’t even need it Okay? Stealth. What do you think I don’t know about stealth I’m the stealthiest man alive Oh god I’m the stealthiest person on the gosh damn planet No one has ever seen me, That’s how stealthy I am nO oNe’S eVeR dOnE tHiS You see this? You hang from the ledge because there are scratches at the bottom Game developers put that in there. I DON’T EVEN NEED IT. So good at games (epic gamer, eh?) I’m so gosh damn good at games. ZERO DEATHS! Ye-uh! Ye-uh! ZERO DEATHS! Ye-uh! Look at that, look at these movess Look at these goddamn moves So good at games! (still zero deaths) Games is for children! (then you’re a child, too?) I’m playing just to prove a point. (oh) Games is for crybabies To think that- (?) Real life is too scary for them alright gimme the balls X2 just gimme the balls JUST GIVEME THE BALLS I ain’t got time Quick items. Healing gourd. Alright let’s do the ‘healing gourd’. EPIC (in Japanese) shinobi shinderu *warcry of the stealthiest man alive* Alright, alright, alright, watch this *watch him does epic style* watch this gamers aTtAcK A-TTACK OHH, MY GAAAAD!!! WOW! (bird call x2?) Charging- F*ck It’s fine, what that died? That’s it? That’s all there’s- Oh, I didn’t die Shinobi… G A M E R !!! Epic! Zero deaths everyone. Zero deaths, let’s have some juice. My god, this game is easy Oh god. Deflection. Oh okay, easy. (sword fight noises) Come on, come on guy. (more sword fight noises. how are you all today?) Don’t think so buddy (epic gamer felix moment) Zero deaths … I’m actually really low on health, I actually need- need some health. Watch this, watch this gamer E P I C stealth attack, coming right up OHHHH, YOU JUST GOT NINJA’D! lahlhlha you shut up when im talkin to you, you shut your mouth Real ninjas, travel on the rooftops Hiya! Barely made a sound Real shinobis… …they move in the darkness The darkness embraces th- (crash) (NICE ONE) F*ck, they put that there on purpose They put that there on purpose! Aw shoot… Gamers, this could be it. BYE Bye, gamers! Bye gamers! Zero deaths! (sword fight noises) Dozo! (more sword fight noises) Anotha one! What is he doing? *chuckle* What is he doing? hahahahahahahha death count : 1 death count : 2 death count : 3 death count : 4 death count : yep Honestly this game is a lot easier than Dark Souls and BloodBorne so far. I mean that genuinely (yea you do❤) Look how epic I am death count : 5 Pewdiepie Knee Slicing Champion since 2018 death count : 6 death count : 7 death count : 8 What is that move called? (goes into silent gamer mode) NOpe Don’t like this guy 🙁 Here have some ash. ”危“ is danger in chinese. *captain flies away* how you like that little orge (In Japanese) Oni i know Japanese (OAO) OOh you try to kick me now oh gawd he changed his style death count : 9 Are you kidding me 🙁 should we pretend we saw that or not 🤔 *contemplates life decisions* well 0 deaths it is 👏 👏 👏 alright let’s go for the 🍆 punches Ooh you scared >:D that did not even hit me QAQ who kicks more than once D:

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  1. This is the stupidest person I believe I've seen on youtube. How on earth does this igmo have so many people subscribed. Faith in humanity destroyed completely for me.

  2. Pewdipie: 0 deaths
    Me: ok
    Pewdipie dies for 20 minutes straight on chained ogre
    Me: gets given sekiro by uncle
    Also me: 10 minutes on chained ogre and finds firecracker flame vent and shurikan for arm

  3. This is the Dumbest game on earth, guess people with NO BRAINS LOVES THIS, it’s so awful, OMG I’m gonna die because I can’t stand up straight anymore, hell my grandmas 90 and has better posture than the samurai I guess!

  4. I just started this video after beating sekiro… Does pewds know theres a deflect button? Or a dodge/sprint button? Wheeeww…

  5. what the fuck?The last time i tried this game i died from the leader so many times and refunded the game.Didnt know it was this easy :/

  6. So sad that we won't see his reaction when he sees guardian ape standing up again i just want to see him do a let's play of sekiro

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