Scum Gameplay – Zombie Apocalypse : Walking Dead Prison! Ep2

Scum Gameplay – Zombie Apocalypse : Walking Dead Prison! Ep2

let’s go right come on follow me run man
run they’re coming they’re coming they’re
coming just plow through them IRA ad but this is part two of our adventures in
scum hosted by G portal if you want to set up a great server discount link in
the description below I’m running out of ammo we can’t keep fighting the zombies
off man we can’t live off mushrooms you know that’s not gonna last as long is
that mmm when it’s a real food I think we need to go back to the prison we need
to loop the kitchens but there’s a fucking Sitwell they’re zombies they’re
men what she’ll fly I met 33% I’m probably gonna die you starving man we
need to get some food we don’t need to go back are you gonna starve to death
then aren’t you who knows how many zombies are at that the imprisonment
it’s like The Walking Dead or something you know listen will creep in get the
food and get out you know that’s not a we’re better off just stating here and
it’s not a good idea come the fires gonna was a fire lit before I got the
fire show out we’ll keep the fucking fire lit man it’s
not my fault the fucking fire went out Jesus you got a fucking choice man
unless you wanna live not mushrooms hush take cover don’t fire time fine
where we going ace what are we doing man I don’t wanna get shot aah get down cover get beyond come on oh
shit what is the uncover police vehicles yeah there are tours of
prison come on let’s go Oh hold on man what do you think oh shit
man hey you’re scaring the shit out of me
calm down oh man check this check this put a get out of there come on let’s go Calma gotta move why aren’t you gonna
take them out ace you’re gonna be the big hero don’t don’t shoot me don’t
shoot ain’t gonna be good now forget the
fucking prison idea we’re on a new mission now now it’s time to use your a
cake come on let’s move let’s just follow me get straight in straight back
out again no problem oh my god now plus another oculus like a
closer look I don’t think we’re gonna be getting him the base anytime soon
oh shit man let’s not the police cadets have arrived
geez seize him I see a whole horde of zombies like more than I’ve ever seen in
any game I’ve ever played mmm there’s no way we’re getting in
there man Jesus is a law place cause that we’re
gonna need a plan there must be an installation here I can
count one on the edge there 2 3 4 5 6 I don’t know but what are they doing
there it’s a bit too much man we need to relax I told you is a bad idea man you
want to go in there yeah yeah sure well you gotta get the
food man of course but I’m by the looks of it we’d probably be able to get a bit
more supplies and maybe even a car yeah that would be a good idea but I don’t
like it there’s too many there’s too much stuff in there would there’s no way
we’re going in there ace I am NOT going in there let’s say you plan you want to
go is there a plan well don’t panic about the zombies what’s gonna happen
then well plow through there arrow head straight for the zombies we’ll just run
in a straight direction to the gate yeah this sounds like a crazy plan
we need food fast we need fast food what if there’s people there what if there’s
actually police there they’re gonna shoot us so listen to what I’m saying
listen we plow through them zombies are ahead right use your shotgun straight to
the the cars Frank once we get to the cars we take cover
switch to a K okay if you see any bandits right let’s go okay right come
on follow me okay a follow me follow me follow me I’m
following you they’re coming they’re coming they’re
coming plow through them arahat run man run fucking oh shit he guarantee you jump on those cars all right
oh shit go fucking shut the gate quick all right
shut the gate ass okay I said it and said it come on we’re not coming at us
well then back up the front there oh shit once that kill the other
go get in the building
great come on what’s up oh thank you okay we’ll be going is shit we’re good
push are we going up – yeah alright so for me I’m a fam oh I got you let’s move
come on come over here I’ve got a weapon for you come on here right here right
here right here Oh got it got it got it all right okay which way they’re gonna
go mess we’re going in here okay shit I’m out of ammo
whoa double kill you don’t kill yeah yeah okay let’s move move move
we should be cautious dude I don’t wanna get shot cuz you could have got killed
right there man down them down the stairs all the way down very come on
come on we could be coming it’s real I do you know Don a man where’s the
refrigerator one man you got to find that just keep pushing man
shit kill them shit was a guy he’s a guy ah fucking it mean that hit me got him
you gotta be good yeah yeah ever get oh shit we good yeah you good yeah I’m good
I’m good yep hold me down the hatch God man
you’re already under it we’re clear here haha let’s move
yeah hi I’m really hungry there’s so many police in there dude
I don’t see any more of those guys whatever they were the blue guys know
it’s keep looking just probably everywhere shit
two-for-one special tonight nice one get your zombie meat while you’re at it oh I think it’s up here what do you think
where is it at ease I don’t remember stood on it
keep cafeterias there I left two doors on the right Claire okay yeah oh Claire
should be clear and looks locked up oh fuck man look at this oh my god
dammit man wasn’t yeah what’s a man about his neck don’t know you men why
would you have him do something’s happened a man um you better
better check the back man you free square meals a day and all the sex you
can handle a thing oh don’t even start that shit man that’s the yeah we’re
clear back here man there’s a lot of loot in here I’ll tell you that
I’ll check the shrimp we’re gonna loot up a sand suit up the cafeteria shit
spray laughs whoa you good yeah hell this guy come from dummy man never got
an indicia no backpack nice one nice we can loot the cafeteria mmm let’s
get on take his pistol take that pistol oh yeah mmm
veggie sausages uh-huh where’d you find oh you’re back in the cafeteria yeah I
got sausages moon mmm-mmm-mmm sausages cake my hydrations low I’m is your
hydration teats ah man they’ve got lot of food here
oh yeah drinking that milk man you got no backpack space I’ll just keep Lou you
know yeah I got like nothing because they did pick up everything I guess all right hey uh you veggie
Queen nice wool notes okay I don’t vomit and there are some vegetables cooked
right here men mmm just for you don’t nice you look pretty good look pretty
healthy ah very good very good boooooo Pizza another pizza no we’ve got
a plow for this place come come I need to move yeah I got
plenty of food for us right you want to check the back real quick hey come back
here no one vegetable is I mean you can make
stuff with it but I don’t why the Cape no I got everything all set
Oh alcohol I got a cake in the backpack damn it man we’ve got to get out of that
quick come on come on come on come on shit blue fuck oh yeah you good
you get come on let’s get out of it you’ll see any more of this police
we must lost them all at kill them where’s that coming from
I wasn’t I’m not it’s you hear that Saanich I don’t know don’t turn around you guys good we clear well your eye
then night yeah whoa put your clothes on men with some
clothes on sorry huh yeah be friendly yeah I’m currently it’s okay well you
sure yeah thanks for favoring me listen there’s a
lot of characters around we’re gonna need some l took up that gun loot in
anything you need off him okay there’s sports a zombies all out here I’m sure
you’ve already noticed we gotta get out of it
much off rewards like I said tons of them here yeah it’s like a walking dead
prison or something let’s get moving man the Sheep load it
up go on you right
we got vehicles door look at him tell me hey there’s a
let’s get out of it oh hey go whoa Kiko God look at the guy
look at the guys coming back to get his kit man where where’s the guy in the
field consume hello they are you doing are you doing come back to get you kit
huh is that the best you could do me if you
want you kick back the dildos not gonna work no what are
your guys my name’s ace this is doc come on let’s get out of it

100 Replies to “Scum Gameplay – Zombie Apocalypse : Walking Dead Prison! Ep2”

  1. Wanna Play Scum? : We are Looking for Roleplayers! —— ADDED Spanish/ French/ German/ Russian Subtitles?! ❣️??

  2. This is Make me so mad to see how noob you're .. I Mean this is a good Vids like we love to see the story ..
    But srsly stop zooming in when the enemy is close.. you keep asking your teammate to keep.going and mad when get hit .. but you don't want to lead the way .. y fckin bitch srsly

  3. Ur a crap gammer, y plough through??? Theres literally an east right arch flank to the gate through them that would have been 10000000x safer than what you did, coulda died there like 6 times

  4. Risk everything to get food. Plough through 300 zombies,20 players, and eat pizza and drink milk. (Would raid again)

  5. I would of got ace to go to the side and fire a few shots to draw them away then ran to a car when it was clear

  6. the plan was shit one of u should of distracted the herd through the fencewhile the other does shit

  7. Most frustrating thing ever: Looking down sights when the zombie is 2 inches from your face.

    Other than that… good stuff.

  8. Is the police real players or another AI??

    And the prison seems to be 1:1 like in TWD…specifically made imo.

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