Scum Gameplay – Zombie Apocalypse : The Horde! Ep1

Scum Gameplay – Zombie Apocalypse : The Horde! Ep1

Yeah, I got him just huh Oh ace Hold on reloading come here. Oh, damn it man What’s up guys welcome to the game scum today We are going to be playing in an online server testing out the new scum gameplay Shout out to G portal for providing us with the server hosting and yeah, you can get your own server, too And you also get ten percent out for playing this Let’s go ahead and create our character here and let’s get in the match. We have a lot of people joining us Okay, so appeared to be in a Cell, how do I get up shit? I don’t think he saw me Oh-ho, if it’s all I want that gear Don’t think you saw me maybe I can smoosh Shit he’s but this is crazy. Oh look at this You’re fighting each other That was quick Hope he doesn’t see me. Oh shit. Hey, uh, amen. Are you friendly Oh plan friendly. Oh you It’s me, man. It’s me. Doc. Come on out. Hey, I figured it was you. I recognized your voice. Oh, come on, man Glad to see you again. What did you just do Hey, look at this. I killed this guy man. What is where my Mamba? Oh my gosh. Yes, this is Colman. Welcome to welcome. Yeah. I almost thought I was the goner dude. Thanks for saving me. Yep So which one you want? We got a lot of loot here. I’m gonna split this care Do you you want to set the big backpack? It’s on the stairs. Okay, and Which gun you want a k47 or the shotgun techo ones the shotgun if that’s all right. Okay, I got a pizza You want a pizza Oh, we’ll save that We need that eat too much you you’ll vomit I got a couple of slices. I need something to put stuff in He’s got full mags of a K rounds. He’s even got a always got a Ras adapter. Look at this Oh nice on that nice one These shirts are all useful man. You can make them into bandages. So tear them up I’m just gonna put them in my inventory, okay? What the hell are we doing in here? We’re in the prison. We need to get out of here. You’re loaded Are you fully loaded man? Are you? He’s fully loaded. I’m good. We’re solid. Let’s get out of him and force anymore trouble To keep you look keep a lookout man. There’s people in there some what We need to loo up with there though, okay some boxes over here this acog is so sick. I Got night vision, so I’ve got a remix of one of those dude, it’s 13 degrees Celsius. The humidity is 21% Hmm What was that sound? Zombies zombies don’t worry about it loads of it. There’s always some busy. No, I Think we’re okay. The doors are closed. It sounds so creepy But just keep searching On tin scope, man. I mean, you know, I Got a shotgun 2/8 look. Oh Yeah, damn out getting that. I’m getting now and Cisco. There’s something seriously going on outside. We got to check outside real quick I’m gonna do up a little bit more. I Want to make sure these sir that m16 is so nice Got some rocks. All right, let’s go outside. Hey, yeah, I didn’t even well you made me out deny casue shocks. I Presumably gives you rocks. Yeah Useful, right. Hey, I think you can make an iPhone app All right. Well, let’s check outside real quick as if some suits are going on outside There’s one outside. Oh, damn it. Not too many too many What is going on out there Jem? It’s a holy first. There’s a couple of zombies outside. I can see that the window We can shoot this one at the door. I’ll shoot this method or a foot Good yeah, I got him just huh Oh ace Hold on reloading here. Oh, damn it man Let’s go back in I’m Way too many man, I’m kind of freaking you good you good you good you nearby? Yeah Yeah shut this door man. Are you good the check? You didn’t get hit by the zombie? Did you know fine coastal is enemy? All right, we need to get the hell out of here. What are we gonna do? Go this way Oh Oh canteen we need war Canteen, have you got a storage space for it? I do I drop and pick that up Yeah, Oh, I’ll eat the pizza. I see a bit please – man. It’s a food Yeah, you keep it a wallop. Oh fuck I don’t know I didn’t mean to do that Sorry, mmm. I was the pizza That is disgusting man feels like some water sir. Before we go on our voyage into the zombie outlook. No dumb, okay Well watch out, they’re jumping they’re jumping I’m shutting this door behind us. Oh god man look down in That is crazy, no, I’m not going out there just fun another way out Let’s loot these boxes. You can actually route them through the m16 mag Yes, some good magazine those Shit holes that don’t run this this way get out of the way. Look at the way Matthew. I see there’s shots of shots people out there Whoa, there’s a player Watch what’s she saying? Where’s he coming from? He’s the outside coach our Sound is echoing Whoa, that’s it that we need to keep our that’s why we shot earlier you can you see through the window shootin? we’re zombies check the ribosomes again time is An hour left shit this party must espadas get downstairs get downstairs, man. Oh I’m going I’m going Dude when we shot that zombie earlier go around the back around the back here. Let’s go Shit man good He’s moving on us let’s go We’re gonna do Just have to keep way out there now just comes out up front ways to minute zombies Come on of this way, I reckon this is this is a blood to the roof here Yeah this way If you want anything go there you gotta Shit I gotta drop my gun that will put this axe away and put the gun in their hands there’s some luke racer Someone’s shooting closer to us Someone’s in the building whether someone’s in the building with us Shake it. All right is that you shooting that’s easy to defend up in I don’t know we gotta shoot Because it’s oh there’s more than one of them and there’s more than one of them There’s more than one They’re all having a big gunfight out there, dude. I don’t know what’s going on, but someone’s getting killed That’s what we did. We messed up. We shot the gun when we tried to shoot that one zombie Right and they knew we were there. Yeah, they had us. Yeah must have come from the forest isn’t It sounds like two different guns going off there. We’re gonna have to find another way out of it. We don’t wanna get trapped cool Shit, we’re gonna have to come back down that ladder. So don’t be there. Alright, you open it. I’ll be ready with a good whoa Clear on that side. I’m gonna jump. Okay, I’m gonna jump and look this way and you jump and look from my wave Pretty much doesn’t what you mean. You mean left and right a jump? What straight forward you look that way? Okay, go go go go Clear. Oh Fuck a 5×10 Lee come loose He I don’t think he’s in the building I think they’re outside the way you lead the white don’t let’s go outside for it I’ll cover you guys play your play play play You just went out the door. He’s running away He’s running out. Okay, we gotta get out of here. Do you wanna go back up across the balcony? He went up that way. He just went up that way that clear did whoa zombies zombies Shit he’s gonna hear us Dude, what are we gonna do? He’s gonna come back this way. He went up this way Go back across the e go go back across the bridge. Yeah, there’s no way out This is all of the zombies man dead back across the bridge quick. Okay, let’s go All right. I’m right look where Blair Endorsment, oh I Don’t all right. Oh man G Sims Ombuds beyond us. Just chasing us. Just nice to get out of the way Come on, close shit play a player. Go go built this way this way. Our family needs to go on the ground, man We’re going underground. Okay. All right. Hello, we’re gonna have to go down the basements shouldn’t go. Okay. Let’s check it’s dead in Movie night is it? Shit like a scaredy cat though, but damn Have you got it you need because we can lose up we can kill him if we really want You have to lose upstairs Alright well in that case Let’s let’s just kill move in its just move this way cuz we’re dead in You go cross come in no, no. Yeah check out this way No one’s been in this place I can tell because the doors are all locked closed we should be good Yeah, continue going. We don’t really need to loot at all. They should show the doors behind us. You’re right I’ll fuck he’s gonna know we were in that one though Something he doesn’t think we went into that other door though. My family my yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, I don’t know yeah calm is described I think this way just takes us back I’m not sure If it does that’s good because he won’t know we came this way oh wait a minute no, no, no, it doesn’t Ready I’m ready on you. I’m on you ready when you are. Yeah. Yeah, I Was better. Yeah. We’re in the staff area. I think Thou should not all that. Sorry, I Got the door. I’m holding. He’s far away from us. Now. We’re good Lou these boxes they could have ammo in it for m1 rifles Partnering eight Come on auntie I eat I don’t need it about this old. Wait a minute means now don’t need you with this Hey, there’s some more over here. Oh, wait a minute a cow 30 bullets. No 30 caliber. No point play As two people just flying in each other What you like Don’t worry. We’re good. Just one or two Yeah, no, it’s so easy to take out the big guys. I’m not so easy Danny Take him out you Got a good oh shit ace. There’s two more. Okay, you gotta get out of here There’s only two though, we’re good I should be good. All right No Backing up backing up Shoot I reload reload Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re tossing Going on there Okay, which way we add in and we’re going through this way or we’re going down that way I don’t know There’s like there’s one other end. There you go this way There’s one coming without game Via You fire fire Most effective laughing only if there’s a horde we fire you fire if it’s no word than you And then I’ll shoot I’ll shoot after unique easy load. Let’s push it. Let’s go through this door pops This is the way out down there To the what you’ll eat the white lead the way bring your dog I Don’t see anything. I don’t hear in covering it too quiet. Good. We’ve got it. All right out this way All right, we’re gonna make a run for the You ready do it man go for it? Yeah, that’s to go Well chat beyond this Weird weird then we’re clear over here. We’re good. Let’s run outside get the fuck out of here Well some base shit Matt stop oh shit, let’s go Shut the gate Miami I’m gonna shut it. I can’t I can’t shut it Okay, we’re good. We’re good – don’t worry about it. We’re good. We’re good. They can’t come through that gate No, no, no. No, this is an oval in the fence. Oh shit all in the photo. Come on. You wrote really like fuchsia We’re loading. Whoa! Whoa, whoa Okay. Oh shoot shoot synchronization ready now Very light in London I Got you Jambi on you everybody Keep running wheel and they’re on my ass wait I’m trying to we got to get out of here. Just go just go go go up the hill ace up the hill come There fucking come and go up the hill the shit man They are coming close. This wire is a where over there Come on Up the hill you coming? Yeah, shit, let’s get out of the prison dude. This place is no fucking backpack. Run run run. Oh Shit, you get old man worry about you coming. Don’t worry about it. Okay? I got a bandage you I got you man. You get up to cover me. That’s you. I’m gonna bandage Hold them back in the net you can fucking home and so many of them well We gotta go dude. Keep going. Keep going when escape run run We gotta get out of this prison. This prison idea was a bad idea The prison guys just in case you place come don’t go to the prison. You’re not gonna survive with the hordes Is born a person of course and then? I’m trying to nail the time you Just run back. Don’t even don’t even look back. We got I got 80 health. What are your stamina? What’s your stamina? My cinema is sakes. It’s very bad. Alright, ready keep over to the back and I’m in Judas I got seasick enough to hold him back. I told him back We’re good, we’re good. We’re good. Okay, you’re clear you’re clear. Go ahead and a bandage bandage. I got him. I got him Wow, oh All right, oh come on keep holding them back come on I’ll come do it man. I’m gonna have to fucking get the gun back again. Let’s go You didn’t get songs about anybody so hard shoe don’t learn this One Move back step back trying to it back. It slows me down. It won’t let me move Beyond you you know, this is so hard it’s so hard to do I can’t do this anymore reload, man I can’t do this anymore. We got to go one molar. Okay, we could kill him the big guy though, we could Good night. Oh My F is really next to zero now I need to patch to I don’t even okay, yeah My gosh first sir. Okay first I’m totally red go back. Come on 97 there’s to death I’m not hurt. I’m just like suddenly heard. I got hit one time out of all of that. That was so crazy one time I got hit by the zombie one time Finally I get chance to patch you up, man whoa You get is he patched up? Mm? Not yet. No, man. The patching up is real slow. I know Can’t believe I saw bullets after all that a man first I follow their Soul Thank You Man. I Didn’t so welcome. Yeah. Yeah, but my elf is bad man, I’m 27% now I need you need to piss. Alright, how do you know need a purse you see me shaking? You

100 Replies to “Scum Gameplay – Zombie Apocalypse : The Horde! Ep1”

  1. Has an AK but uses a shotgun for long range
    This dude is so irritating to watch
    Watching this decreases your brain cells. My god hes so bad at the game.

  2. Watching this decreases your brain cells. My god hes so bad at the game.
    Lol 8 ads in under 20 minutes. Get your bag m8
    this is painful to watch because frankly, this is guy is bad at the game

  3. This is all over dramatic content creation. Just the rigged kill at the start followed by the very silly movement, shooting and overall prison escape felt totally fake. Nobody plays like that, which leads me to believe your trying to tell a story. If that's the case, sell the story. Feels like a bad rip off of Frankie on DAYZ. The big difference is Frankie goes to a massive massive extent to create the stories he does with both planning, some real game play, music and realistic scenarios both from a story and a game play perspective.

  4. No, you do not start off in a prison cell. Why are you faking this? Oh and a guy with guns whole thing is set up…yea ill pass on this video and channel.

  5. Why have I never seen anything about this game until now? Wait! I may have seen a trailer on this before, is this supposed to be a Triple A type of game? When does it come out and is this going to be a great game? Anyone who knows anything about it I would really appreciate a reply with some info. Thanks very much!

  6. Prisoner: Are you friendly?
    Prisoner with dildo who killed another guy: Yeaaaah, I'm so friendly…..
    To be continued

  7. As a big fan of zombies, i'm happy with this vid. Not so much that the zombies are well made, but the atmosphere is right. Huge number of zombies, getting swarmed, etc. I didn't know about that game.

  8. It's UE4, yet feels like Arma engine where zombie AI always suck ass.
    By the way guys, you seem to never have watched any zombie movie ever….shoot in the head!!… 😐

  9. who enjoy looking on dumb youtuber without brain? (long range use shotgun if have AK, if horde stop and dont move, and he is on hill, he must shoot to let them again know where he is, and infinitive ammo, thats really good waste of time when u look on this stupid video without logic)

  10. Fail gamer's
    1) If you close the 1st prison gate, Problem solve
    2) Run back and close the 1st prison gate?
    3) If a horde of zombie coming after you, RUN and don't look back
    4) Amount of bullets you wasted on the zombies…
    5) Heard of taking cover

  11. That intro was stupid staged. I know you attempted for a Frankie video here and i appreciate that but try to act lol.

  12. Theres a hole in the fence and the horde is going in 1 at a time, lets stay and shoot as there numbers get higher,
    yeh sounds good

  13. 14:17
    We're good we're good they can't come through that gate dude.

    No no no.. theres a hole in the fence there

    What you talking about?

    Zombies goes through the gate ???

  14. Fuck this is annoying to watch, there are no prison guards except for the mechs, you have to run around for hours to get a zombie horde chasing you, the acting might be a teeny tiny bit of xD, what is this? A Michael Bay movie trailer if all the budget was taken?

  15. I didnt undrestood why this stupid animal opened fire when hord of zobies stoped RUNING AND make them atack AGAIN

  16. Next time don't make to mutch nois because you attac thème with your shootgun and use knif or silence guns if you want to survive .
    I like your team work

  17. Don't do this in a survival/ fps game..
    1. Stand there like a statue, Aim, Shoot, Repeat (Without moving)
    2. Run straight, Glue your mouse in one position, Do not look left or right, Repeat
    3. See a zombie behind a door/ wall, Aim, Shoot the wall, Waste ammo, Repeat
    4. See 2 horde of zombies far away, 1 minding their own business, Shout run away, Random fire at the horde that is minding their own business, Lure both horde while shout run away
    5. See a horde chasing after you, Run straight to the zombie, Aim, Shoot, Trying to be Hero, Repeat


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